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Silent Sam
July31/ 2018

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Political Temperature of this column is… “about a 6 or 7 on a 10 scale”


I am sooooo OVER The Silent Sam Thing … plus more

If “Sam” wasn’t “silent” where would HE say he prefers to be? If he’s like me… Chapelboro / UNCCH would be about the LAST PLACE Sam would want to be.


NOTE: For anyone not aware, I estranged myself from my alma mater for various reasons 6-8 years ago. Their overt political bias became unbearable… and the whole TGU crap. I knew they were running a scam for years. Their arrogant refusal to ‘fess up was IT for me.


Keeping Silent Sam prominently on the UNC campus simply to piss off the permanently pissed-off local mangy mob of human hairballs seems a cruel thing to do to “Sam”. He deserves better.  On the hallowed ground at Bentonville Battlefield or wherever.

Between Governor Ray/Roy “Chicken” Cooper… a “feckless” UNC Board of Trustees… and a gaggle of Alfred E. Neumans pretending to be a Board of Governors… and, of course, Chancellor Chihuahua… there is not a teaspoon of common sense and leadership in the whole kit and kaboodle.

Among the 40 or so “Board members” there’s is a handful I actually respect. The rest bought their way on those boards as “obituary fodder”.

By the end of August, The Siege of Silent Sam will have passed The Trojan War in duration… with no end in sight.

And then there’s the rabid mob of goggle-eyed Franklin Street dimwits posing for media B-roll once a month. ….“SSam” deserves better.

My hometown – Kinston – has it’s own “Sam”. For many many decades he stood in Emma Webb Park at the top of Queen Street Hill with the inscription …

Not For Wages…

Not For Glory… 

Twas for Home & Right They Fell.

In the very very early days of “the Internet” (early 2000s) the #1 topic of hot daily debate was The Real Cause of The Civil War… blah blah blah yadda freakin’ yadda until around 3 AM each morning. The self-declared “winner” was whoever got in the last “gotcha” when his opponent fell asleep at his keyboard. Humanity has NOT advanced much further since those days… sigh.

About ten years ago he was moved out on the Hwy 70 By-Pass about a ¼ mile from Neuse Sport Shop where everyone headed to “da Beach” can ride by and say “Hey look there’s a Confederate soldier statue.”

I’m surprised the local activists haven’t targeted him yet.  Most of Kinston’s “activists” are mules for Jamaican drug cartels.  Guess they don’t give a flip about Confederate soldier statues.

I am not insensitive to monuments and memorials. Being reminded of history is supposed to prevent us from repeating historical blunders. But with liberals controlling public & higher education and revising history to fit their goofy agenda sort of negates history’s value.


Q: But BobLee, what will the whiney Franklin Street motley mob do without “SSam” to whine about?

A: Not to worry. That bunch can find stoopid crap to whine about like a pig roots out truffles. I figure they’ll go after the Choo Choo Justice statue outside of Kenan Stadium. It could help if someone can discover Charlie “Choo Choo” was a pedophile. That might spare him. … Then they’ll go after “the holy banners in the rafters”. All the ones for “straight white guys” are DOOMED.


My simple solution is to set off a suitcase nuke at The Old Water Fountain. Pack enough plutonium in that sucker to obliterate about a seven mile radius.

I know about 25-30 folks over yonder worth saving. Allow for maybe another 30 decent human beings I haven’t met yet. Give me two hours to evacuate all of them THEN…



“SSam” will be happy with his Johnny Reb buddies down at Bentonville.  Orange County might be safe enough to re-inhabitate in 40-50 years.   If not… who cares?


Whatever happened to A.J. “Tony” Tata?

…. Brigadier General (Ret) A.J. “Tony” Tata arrived in Raleigh in 2010 as Superintendent of Wake County Tony TataSchools. The News & Observer painted a bullseye on him from the get-go as did Raleigh’s notorious ITB “inner circle” of liberal hard-liners, trust funders and assorted silver spoons. General Tata was a Republican. Uh Oh!

From 2010 to 2012 The Great Wake County School Board War waged 24/7/365 fueled by carpet-bombing hit pieces byThe N&O & its Lib/Dem Cartel.

Tata’s survival odds were slim & none.  He helped by having a few kinda kinky “character flaws”. Those “flaws” did not keep Governor PatMc from appointing him Secretary of Transportation.

Alas… Those “flaws” did resurface and General Tata’s career as a government bureaucrat was toe-tagged. … BUT WAIT… There’s More…

Tony” became A.J. Tata and began a career as an action-adventure novelist… and a pretty damn good one too.

He has completed a dozen or so books in two series. I am through the first three of his Jake Mahegan series. Retired Army Ranger “Jake” is a “Jack Reacher-kick ass & take names-type”… and a mighty fine “Reacher-type” he is.

If you like “Reacher” and novels by Brad Thor and the late Vince Flynn and by Stephen Hunter, I recommend Tata’s Jake Mahegan series of four novels.

Jake (a half-breed descendant of Manteo’s Croatan tribe!) saves America from assorted global terrorists plots in each book…

BUT… each of, at least, the first three all take place in/around Eastern North Carolina… VERY cool!

The first one – Foreign & Domestic – takes place on The Outer Banks.

The second one – Three Minutes to Midnight – takes place right ‘cher in Wake / Chatham County. … a terrorist plot to blow up Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant via a bogus fracking operation.

OH … OH… Jake gets picked up hitch hiking by a guy FROM KINSTON named “Bernie”. “Bernie” tells him about all the crooked politicians in Raleigh. No, my infamous cuzzin is not named.

Scenes include a brothel operating on Raleigh’s Ridge Road… Jake’s barn apartment in Apex… crooked politicians (duh!)… a crooked Raleigh PD detective… and four kick-ass lesbians from Chapel Hill of course who hate “fracking”. Tata named one of the kick-ass lesbians after a notorious NCGA lobbyist (YIKES!).

The third book – Besieged – takes place in Wilmington (where Tata now lives) as Middle Eastern Terrorists plot to Nuke the Eastern Seaboard using an autistic girl who is a computer savant.

There is always a winsome hottie with toned arms and abs who often “surfs”. There is sexual tension twixt Jake and said hottie; but, like with Reacher, Jake moves on when the terrorists are thwarted… usually involving slitting throats or breaking necks.

I suspect Book Four is locally-based too. Tata’s books really are great reads (or listens) if you are into that genre. The local settings make them especially fun to read. I will jump into Tata’s other similar series next week. … A.J. Tata … check him out.



Trea Turner – A former NC State baseball star … Trea Turner

…now starting shortstop for the Washington Nationals is in Hot Water.

The latest gimmick to destroy personal reputations of athletes, entertainers, politicians, ministers and pretty much anyone IS… dig up old tweets that are of a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist nature… and/or indicate support of President Trump.

Expose whoever can be linked to said tweets regardless of how old the tweets are or how old the tweeter was when he tweeted them, assuming he really did… and hopefully destroy his life.

With Trea Turner the tweets are from 2011-2012 when he was 17-18 and leaving high school for NC State… LINK. … They are dumb stoopid crap that 17-18 y/os guys have said for hundreds of years… long before Twitter came along.

That Trea Turner is NC State’s Trea Turner is irrelevant. He could just as easily be Ryan Switzer or Mitch Trebisky or the UNC Basketball guy with the eyebrows or Duke’s Grayson Allen Grayson or a Plumlee brother. It could be them next week. “White guys” are especially vulnerable because… well. They ARE “white guys” and it is 2018 and…

The story “broke” on Sunday. Turner immediately issued the obligatory “I’m sorry… I was dumb and stupid and I … (wish you had not found those tweets).”

His employer – The Washington Nationals -issued the standard “We didn’t know about this… and we don’t hate faggots and gays and stuff like that… and we don’t think Trea does any more either.”

This incident is the 4th or 5th one involving pro athletes… there will be others… maybe many others. Turner will be required to take – drumroll please – “sensitivity training” – which likely won’t change his socio-cultural opinions at all but will emphasize the very real dangers of tweeting.

What’s puzzling about all this is… whereas all these uncovered tweets are from 6-8-10 years ago, there are knuckleheads RIGHT NOW posting equally damaging stuff on Twitter totally oblivious to how danger it is / will be to their futures.

If you insist on going on twitter and spewing hateful toxic obscenities you better be a goggle-eyed rabid liberal screaming about Donald Trump (or John Kavanaugh) and their families… or else you could get in real trouble.

We are living in very very dangerous troubling times.


Next Time.

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