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Red Hen
June24/ 2018

This Commentary Contains Excessive Anti-Liberal Humor


THE Sarah Sanders & The Red Hen Restaurant.

AKA… WE GOT TRUMP NOW, BY GOLLY #157… or is it #158


In case you lived under a rock this weekend, here are the LINKS…

LINK #1… Sarah Says

LINK #2… Red Hen Owner Says

Red Hen

Forget “babies in cages”… Forget “Melania’s Jacket” …  America has done moved on to The Right Wing’s Wonder Woman – THE Sarah Sanders – being told she had to leave a now-quite-notorious little restaurant in Lexington Virginia…

“…because you (THE Sarah) work for Donald Trump and he is Hitler’s Bastard Child and he (Trump) eats live Mexican babies and he skins LGQBT people alive and feeds them to wolves and…”…. yadda yadda blah blah..

Q: BobLee, why do these media-manufactured atrocities only last a week?
A: Their target audience has a very short attention span… among a host of other deficiencies.

So… when the little snowflake wait staff at The Red Hen realized THE Sarah Sanders had entered their littlerestaurant, they panicked and called “the owner”. “The owner” rushed over in either a Prius or a Subaru and informed White House Press Secretary THE Sarah Sanders that…

“Your kind” ain’t welcome around c’here… so git!


FLASHBACK:  Greensboro’s Woolworth lunch counter in Feb 1960… HELLO!


THE Sarah and her several very well-mannered friends left politely without yelling any “F-words or C-words” or giving anyone “a one-finger salute”.  These are crazy right-wingers not rank&file liberal lunatics.


I WONDER IF…  “Damn Dan” Kane were asked to leave  Top of The Hill on Franklin Street because … “his kind” definitely ain’t welcome there… would that be “news-worthy”? … If I owned BobLee’s Diner could I refuse “unwanted kinds” such as “Bully” Barber’s bodyguards or WRAL’s Jim Goodmon’s minions… or Ray/Roy Cooper ??  Just wondering…


THE Sarah used her official federal government Twitter account to report the incident.  Her report fecklessly contained zero F-words or C-words… just a brief account of what happened.

After sending that tweet THE Sarah did not “bleach” her account or beat her hard drive with a hammer like “you know who” did. … just sayin’.

NOTE:  Lib Lunatics are tweeting that Sarah should be impeached and/or keelhauled for “using her official twitter account to destroy an innocent little restaurant owner”…  Yes, they really are saying that.

Then Twitter BLEW UP as Twitter does 6-7 times/day these days. All the usual whacky twitter monkeys did what whacky twitter monkeys always do 6-7 times/day these days.

My incredibly insightful tweets re: WE GOT TRUMP NOW #157 quickly garnered in excess of 100 “Likes” and Retweets. If you think I’m an amazing columnist, you oughta see me tweet.  You can at @BobLeeSays

What do I think of all this?

I think any private business should have The Right TO REFUSE SERVICE TO Anyone they choose regardless of the refusee’s race… gender preference(s)… number of prison tatts… if they work for, or voted for, Donald Trump… or if they want a giant cupcake to celebrate Ken Marrying Bruce.

THE Sarah being told to leave private property works fine for me.  No clue where Sarah and her friends eventually dined Friday night. Does Lexington VA have a Chick-fil-A?

This sort of Awkward Atrocity could easily be avoided if…

Every retail establishment in America will simply post a list out front of Personas Non Grata.

That was common prior to the Civil Rights Act in the late 60s…. as noted in that reference above to the Greensboro Woolworth’s lunch counter in Feb 1960.  YIKES!

NO Trump Supporters… NO Kaeper-Kneelers… NO One From The View…  NO MS-13 Savage KillersNO Spics, Beaners, Injuns or Coloreds..etc. etc.   Another YIKES! … and include a braille version to keep away blind people.

Every business can have its own list of We don’t want “your kind” around here… so git … Passover

I envision something akin to The Passover in Egypt with lamb’s blood over the doors of Israelites so the Angel of Death would “Passover” those families.

The Red Hen (TRH) will not need to.  63,000,000+ Americans now know to avoid that place like the plague.  “Crazy right-wingers” tip A LOT better than liberal lunatics ergo the TRH wait staff might suffer but how much $$$ does a snowflake waiter need… really?


GUARANTEED:  There will be AT LEAST a dozen copycats of this over the next few weeks.  CNN and MSNBC will convene engrossing panel discussions about each one of course.  Each aggrieved liberal restaurant owner will be applauded for being incredibly brave SJWs ?? StelterX

Brian Stelter will want to smell their hair.  Brian is strange even for a lib loonie. 

“Maude” Behar & Whoopie will have The Incredibly Brave Red Hen owner on The View no later than Tuesday.  Kamala Harris will DEMAND a postage stamp be issued in her honor immediately.  “Maxine” will “be Maxine”.


I have no problem whatsoever if my name  appears as Persona Non Grata in front of every liberal owned retail establishment in America.

I already avoid overtly liberal retail establishments and have for several years. The key is “overt”.

Let me know you really really despise “people like me”.   It will save us both an awkward encounter.  Have your employees wear We (heart) Abortions or F*** Trump buttons.   If you have TVs, keep them set on CNN or MSNBC.  I get the message and gladly take my business elsewhere.

I don’t “call them out” on social media.  I don’t stand outside their business and yell obscenities at them or their customers.  I simply don’t do business with them.  Try it… it’s as simple and painless as canceling a subscription to The N&O.

I do business with people who LIKE “people like me”. Because they ARE “people like me”. My attorney… my accountant… my auto mechanic… both of my ophthalmologists… my optometrist… my barber… my shoe repair guy… our favorite “fancy restaurant”… my dry cleaners (a really neat little Korean lady who always has Rush on the radio in her store… been doing business with her for over 25 years).  I have no problem finding these fine service providers.

NO… I never ask their politics up front. The litmus test just seems to happen in the course of our doing business. That they all (1) look me in the eye… (2) have firm handshakes and (3) don’t appear terminally constipated is probably just a coincidence. Ya reckon?

I asked several “right-leaning” small business owners if they flaunt their politics or permitted their employees to do so. Like wear NRA t-shirts…. Absolutely not they all said.

We are in business to do business. Why would we risk running off customers? (Why Indeed?) … Liberals spend money too.  We simply add a 5% a**hole fee to their bill. …Hehehehehehe

Can they do that?  Apparently. Cool!

THE Sarah Sanders will be back at her podium Monday morning giving CNN’s Jim Acosta verbal wedgies and rolling her eyes when CNN’s April Ryan (ain’t she “a hoot”) complains that “having watermelon in the WH press cafeteria” is RACIST.

I give THE Sarah & The Red Hen media-manufactured atrocity about a 3-4 day run… to be replaced by something even more ridiculous.

WE GOT TRUMP NOW, BY GOLLY -#158… or will it be #159.


Q: BobLee, are all your commentaries going to be political crap from now on?

A:  Definitely Not… just when liberals do something so ridiculous I can’t NOT write about it.

Q:  If you get too political, can I go away?

A:  Certainly.  I will understand.  But “your kind” will always be welcome here.



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