AP:. What About Q Anon The Great Awakening ?

June24/ 2018



AP:. IF 50% of Conspiracy Theories are bogus. What about the other 50%? … What about Q Anon – The Great Awakening ???

What I am going to offer you today is simply Food For Thought. I am NOT endorsing it, nor am I debunking it.

It is: Q Anon – The Great Awakening

I am pretty much aware of the major “conspiracy theories” of the past 50 years going back to The John Birchers… thru Tri-Lateral Commission… Bilderburgers… One World Government… and all other variations on that World Domination theme.

As popularized by novelist Robert Ludlum and others of his ilk

… a cabal of ego-maniacal Bond-like Mr Bigs sit in a castle high in the Austrian Alps. They gleefully play global puppetmasters via $$$$ manipulation thru a massive network of dedicated multi-generational foot soldiers in every country on Earth… likely including someone in your own neighborhood…

I am not qualified to endorse nor debunk any of those or any other variation of them.

Any legitimate historical research shows how easy it is to convince large numbers of people to do one’s bidding.  Continually promising “LOTS of Free Stuff” is usually part of that convincing process.

My research reveals that…

EVERYONE believes in “Conspiracy Theories”.

The rub comes in with WHICH ONES we choose to swear are valid. Such validity ALWAYS breaks down along the usual ideological lines.  Q ANON kinda overlaps into all ideologies…

Those gullible enough to believes in those Conspiracy Theories we choose NOT to believe are, of course, KOOKs.

Ergo, EVERYONE is someone’s KOOK.

As with Political Polls… we only believe the Conspiracies that confirm our pre-existing personal opinions.  Regardless of how little we actually know about global manipulations.  So there we are…

Here is your primer on Q The Great Awakening…

With America teetering on the brink of National Unhingement – i.e. “Going Thelma & Louise”… this should add to your heebie jeebies.


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