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June22/ 2018

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NO… The Time has NOT come to pull the plug.

Have you missed me …. really really missed me?  It’s been almost two weeks…

Where have I been?

  • At wherever The NBA Draft was held? It was recently held somewhere wasn’t it… this week, last week?
  • NCAA Czar Mark Emmert asked me to head a Blue-Ribbon Panel to determine the maximum height of a student-athlete’s hair.
  • Roger Goodell wanted my advice on “presentation skills”.
  • Rob Manfred (raise your hand if you have a clue who he is) flew me up to NYC to discuss “moving the pitcher’s mound back 3’ and eliminating “the shift”.
  • After Tiger missed the cut at Shinnecock, The USGA wanted me to supply eight hours of “snappy repartee” to fill two days of “dead air”.
  • Fill in the blank with something about Mike Fox’s Moochies playing “The Beavers” in Omaha. OUCH!

No… No… No… to all of the above.

I have been occupied with intense navel-gazing and introspection as to the impact, lack of, of this website relative to the Future of Western Civilization. The Thinker

I have determined that this website circa 2018 is every bit as impactful on Western Civilization as it has ever been over twenty years… 2,000+ incredibly insightful columns plus a 100 or so that weren’t especially insightful.

My introspection DID include The Doomsday Option AKA “pulling the plug”… where I simply don’t ever post another column and see how long it takes you all to notice.

My ego quickly convinced me not to do that.  Spending the rest of my rapidly-dwindling days saying “I used to be BobLee” wasn’t appealing.

That thought only lasted about 30 seconds which is a much shorter time than Robert Wuhl’s character – Larry – in Bull Durham spent “selling Lady Kenemores at Sears” before he came back to “baseball”.

I’ve done more than a few eulogies where I’ve actually had funeral homes and churches laughing; but finding humor in America’s Self-destruction is a whole ‘nuther thing.

My lasting impact on Western Civ has been marginal for those 20 years… explaining the current Train wreck we find ourselves in. It stands to reason, whether I stay or go is not going to matter much except to me… and to “you” and you know who “you” are… I hope.

I firmly believe “America”, as we have known it for ever how long each of us has been of awareness age, is on an unalterable Thelma & Louise Path of National Destruction.Thelma Louise

NOTE: I have used the “Thelma & Louise” analogy probably 20-30 times over the years. If you have never bothered to Google it, you won’t now.

The exact moment America will go over the cliff to crash on the jagged trash heap of many other failed civilizations is above my pay grade… but the brakes have failed and the accelerator is stuck.

America has gone Humpty Dumpty…

You may not agree with me.  If you DO agree on the eventual outcome, we might “blame” different events or individuals as to “why”.

You are not going to change my mind and I’m not interested in changing yours. No one visiting this website is capable of altering the course of human history.

“They say” History is always written by the Winners. Who writes the history if there are no winners?

If anyone is around to chronicle “what happened” I offer the following as a seminal moment in the whole mess…

When F*** and C*** first appeared in headlines in mainstream media … print and electronic – will deserve mention as “significant”.

That pretty much did it for me.

NOTE: … F*** and C*** becoming acceptable in public conversation is a Rubicon I did not want us to cross… but we have. Sure, its symbolic. Maybe no one but me decries this… but that’s OK.


EVERY time we as a nation have compromised our religious convictions and erased moral “lines in the sand” our Handbasket to Hell has taken another precipitous drop downward.  It’s in free-fall these days.


You think you know where I stand “politically”. You know I am aggressively Anti-Liberal which is absolutely true. As aggressively Anti-Liberal as I can be. What I mean by “Anti-Liberal” is undefined but it doesn’t really matter.

I am more aggressively Anti Liberal now than ever before. I will be even more so this time next week… and the next.

Hey… I’m a dues-paying bitter, clinging deplorable who, they say, is a member of one or more cults. By next week I’ll have 4-5 more labels. Bring’em on…

IMO… what has happened to America is not “political” but I don’t have another word for it. Saying it is “politics” makes it easy to blame “politicians”… who deserve A LOT of blame for whatever you want to blame them for.

Socio-cultural termites have eaten away the foundation of this country. It is rotten.  It certainly did NOT start on Nov 8, 2016… or 8 years before then.

I do not believe Humpty Dumpty America can be put back together again… sorry about that. Unless you want to physically split the country into two separate entities.


What does any of the above have to do with this website?
My purpose here has always been to “entertain you”… “educate you”? … maybe… but most of you are pretty set in your ways as to what you think about what you know.

I simply endeavor “to entertain you” for 500-1,000 hastily transcribed words about something.

I have always enjoyed doing that whether I actually have or not. So… I have rejected The Doomsday Option. “The plug” will NOT be pulled.

As The USA Titanic sinks not so slowly into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic… I shall be the Titanic’s orchestra.  That orchestra could not save the ship but they could dutifully play Nearer My God To Thee.

OK… Maybe I’m more of a smart aleck with a harmonica playing Froggy Went ACourtin or Mammy’s Little Baby Loves Shortnin’ Bread.

I WILL do an “occasional” high octane rant expressing my Aggressive Anti-Liberal opinions… I promise you I WILL. I will WARN you up top when I do.

If you are offended that’s your problem… not mine. Go watch CNN or MSNBC or read The N&O… plenty of available options tailored to your preferred version of Truth (??).

I WILL, on occasion, talk about Baseball because I like Baseball. … I WILL NOT talk about “Recruiting”. … I WILL talk about overly-caffeinated sports fans and Fat Cats seeking vicarious reflective glory. … I WILL hope another TGU comes along in some form or another… which is highly likely.  I WILL discuss my hometown and “my generation”.  I will inject Humor wherever possible which will be often.

Every nook and cranny of American Life has been infected with toxic levels of Political Correctness so discussion of any / all absurd vagaries of the human condition will surely set off alarms with some alphabet organization somewhere. I don’t care …

OH… and you will NOT see the F-word or the C-word on this website.  An occasional “damn” or even “Hellfire” but that’s about it. I PROMISE YOU THAT!




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