AP: The Irrelevant C-list Comedienne &… The Very Dangerous Valerie Jarrett

Roseanne Valerie
May27/ 2018



AP:..The Irrelevant C-list comedienne

& The Very Dangerous Valerie Jarrett…

Gun Control… Climate Control… Immigration… and Stormy Daniels have disappeared from the scripts of the We Hate Trump & All His Supporters Media (AKA WHT&AHS Media) because…

A C-list comedienne – Roseanne Barr – made an insulting remark about someone named Valerie Jarrett.

Roseanne Barr is NOT a “hero / martyr” for Trump supporters…

Roseanne Barr  was self-promoting herself as a provocative spokesperson for TrumpNation. … What she ended up doing was another embarrassing botch of the National Anthem that Barr committed in 2009 before a Padres baseball game. 

Roseanne Barr IS NO MARTYR.  She should NOT become “the face of Trump supporters”; but the media will try to make her that.

The story is (1) ABC …and (2) this “Valerie Jarrett” person most of America has never heard of.

Try to find a rank/file liberal who had ever heard of “Valerie Jarrett” a week ago…. can tell you anything about this “Valerie Jarrett” other than Roseanne Barr tweeted that she “… is a Muslim and she looks like an ape”.

Roseanne Barr’s latest TV show has now been cancelled by ABC. The TV show although only on for several months was ABC’s Top-rated show.

Of course… THIS means THE END of the Trump Presidency… trumpets the WHT&AHS Media… ???  …. This Week’s “Now Trump Is Surely Going Down”.

Roseanne Barr was a stand-up comedienne specializing in insult comedy back in the late 80s who had a TV show called “Roseanne” in which she played a snarky blue-collar housewife.  Roseanne was the same snarky persona on/off the show.

She reemerged several months ago with this updated version of the same show that had worn out its welcome 20 years ago. The difference (other than the cosmetic surgery) was her character – Roseanne – was scripted to be an outspoken Trump-supporter.

NOTE: I never saw an episode of the New Roseanne but read enough to know the premise. 

Roseanne liked all the new attention the popular show was getting so she started playing the character – an over-the-top Trump supporter – in “real life” with provocative personal tweets and media interviews. Uh Oh…

i.e. Roseanne Barr became a ticking time bomb… a loose hand grenade. That she would sooner than later “cross the line” and KABOOM was inevitable.

That led to the comment “Valerie Jarrett is a Muslim who looks like an ape”… which led to ABC cancelling the show… which brings us to This Column.

NOTHING that has happened this week came as any surprise.  It was a Thelma & Louise Over-The-Cliff Situation.

This Hullabaloo has two parts:

Part #1: Did saying “…Valerie Jarrett looks like an ape” merit “Roseanne” being cancelled by ABC?… and

Part #2: Who in the Hell is Valerie Jarrett?

The answer to Part #1 is a moot point. ABC has “the right” to cancel any show it airs. That would include, of course, The View featuring potty-mouthed Trump-hater Joy “Maude” Behar which is not in any danger whatsoever of being cancelled.

ABC is also owned by Disney which also owns ESPN which, earlier this week, announced it has rehired notorious profane Trump-hater Keith Obermann for a 4th, or 5th time. ESPN also still employs notorious out-spoken Trump-hater Jemele Hill.

To compare “what Roseanne said” to 100s of obscene remarks that ABC/Disney employees Behar, Hill, Obermann among dozens of others have made and will continue making on-air is pointless.

Comparison to 24/7 obscene comments made on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC are irrelevant.  This is about ABC /  DISNEY.

The Liberal Media is biased… There IS a Double Standard & There will be a Double Standard 5-10-20 years from now… They(the liberal media) ARE raging hypocrites… Accept It… Deal With It!

ABC/Disney has “the right” to be ludicrous. … It may not “be right”… but ABC/Disney has “The Right” to control what they air on their network.  You still have “The Right” to what you choose to watch.

Disney CEO Robert Iger has applauded the canceling of “Roseanne”. Robert Iger is also giving consideration to running for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020.  If THAT freaks you out, you really are clueless about all this.

Whether “what Roseanne said” is any worse than what Joy “Maude” Behar says each/every day about President Trump or what Keith Obermann and Jemele Hill say about President Trump is a fun question to ask but will only emphasize the obvious… ABC / ESPN/ Disney will NOT cancel The View or fire Joy “Maude” Behar or Jemele Hill or Keith Obermann for one simple reason …

ABC / ESPN/ Disney suits despise Donald Trump and Trump-supporters every bit as much as Behar, Hill and Obermann do.

Why fire/cancel employees who express opinions you totally agree with? 

If you are AGHAST at this blatant hypocrisy you really have not been paying attention the past two years?


AgentPierce… isn’t this a parallel to the NFL / National Anthem Brouhaha? Not really despite the obvious knee-jerk reaction that it is.


The future of Roseanne’s show doesn’t matter. It was never more than proof that “a pro-Trump TV show” WILL draw a large audience.

Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing” IS coming back.  Having ONE pro-Trump situation comedy in the vast cable universe is hardly cause to celebrate.

If you are a Trump supporter you hopefully realize how much utter contempt ABC / Disney have for you. That you continue to support their overtly-Trump hating programming – assuming you do – is your decision.


Now… Who The Heck is Valerie Jarrett???

Leave Valerie Jarrett’s simian appearance alone. Whether she “looks like an ape” is far down the list of what you should know about this dangerous and horrible woman.

Observers of the Obama White House agree which three individuals had the most access and influence to what Barack Hussein Obama said and did during the 8-years of The Obama Regime.

Those three individuals were Michelle Obama … Eric Holder… and VALERIE JARRETT.

John Brennan is an incredible Eeeevil SOB running Obama’s CIA along with the hoodlums and thugs within Holder’s Dept of Justice but Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett were in BHO’s ear 24/7.

I know all about George Soros et al… that’s a whole other column for another day.

Back in December 2016, I had breakfast with one of my few Democrat acquaintances. A “yellow-dog Democrat” who is MENSA-smart … aren’t they all?.

I mentioned “Valerie Jarrett”. He said “Who is that?” Smart guy who follow politics…

BINGO… A smart well-read Lib/Democrat had never heard of Valerie Jarrett… The #1 / #2 most influential human being in the Obama White House for eight years. WHOA!

Lib/Dem rank&file only know what the WHDT&AHS Media tells them. There are very strategic reasons that liberal media never talked about Valerie Jarrett… Here’s why…

I’m simply going to provide the links to what you might find interesting about “Valerie Jarrett” beyond whether she “…looks like an ape”.




Think about the 24/7 OMG Media Firestorm being waged for two years over whether Ivanka Trump likes Beluga caviar… or whether Melania has ever seen Doctor Zhivago… etc. etc.

Compare this current Trump-hating Mania to Valerie Jarrett’s resume being The #1 / #2 most influential human being in the Obama White House for eight years.  Obama’s Most Trusted Adviser… the self-proclaimed Radical Muslim who literally RAN THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE for Eight Years.

THIS is Who Valerie Jarrett is…

You DO know that “Valerie” is now living with Barack & Michelle Obama in their Georgetown Mega-Mansion. That’s “cozy”!  WHAT! You didn’t know that?

There is a full-scale WAR going on with The Trump-hating Media being the point-of-the-spear by The American Left.

What is going on in America today is NOT “just politics as usual”.



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