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David Tepper
May19/ 2018

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New Panthers’ Owner REALLY “Hates Trump”

                                     … and I’m “a Peckerwood” – YEE HAA!

I’m having lots of very good days in a row… some REALLY good but all good.  It’s not like I needed that legendary goose to lay a Golden Egg on my front porch but by golly she sure did…

(1) I’ve got a KILLER Golden Oldie column about Sports Gambling & ACC Basketball that you can ONLY get right’cher at BobLeeSays … but that has to wait..

(2) There are “… at least 80,000 maybe more” (wink, wink) red-t-shirted teachers rompin’ & stompin’ on Jones Street in Raleigh. The N&O and Jim Goodmon’s WRAL are The Official Media Sponsors of this Yeeeee Haa Fandango so you know their reporting is going to be an hilarious insult to every principle of Journalism … but that has to wait… too.

Those “Golden Eggs” must wait because there is yet another Golden Egg even Goldener.

You knew the NFL’s Carolina Panthers were for sale by founder / owner Jerry Richardson because Jerry’s overt good ol boy misogyny and racism finally got too overt.

You probably heard that various “famous rappers” and a former Davidson basketball player named “Steph” were interested in buying the Panthers from Jerry. Surely you knew that was never going to happen. Surely it never did.

Assorted other filthy rich guys’ names popped up over the past six months but nobody “famous” so no one paid any attention.

VOILA… Meet David Tepper. …“a billionaire hedge fund guy”.

He is NOT Bobby “Axe” Axelrod

Neither you, me or 99% of PantherNation had heard of him.

“Billionaire hedge fund guys” do not have the celebrity cache of “NBA guys hooking up with a Kardashian”… or “NC State QBs in The NFL” or “C-list Hollywood Whozits who tweets every hour how much they hate Donald Trump”… or even “Native Americans claiming to be related to Elizabeth Warren”.

“Billionaire hedge fund guys” are only well-known to Real Estate Divas in The Hamptons… Maybach and Lambo mechanics… and VERY high-priced “Madams”.

All that changed yesterday – May 15, 2018. David Tepper AKA “Formerly Anonymous Billionaire Hedge Fund Guy” is now known throughout The Great State of Mecklenburg and surrounding 200 miles as …

The New Owner of The Panthers Who Thinks Donald Trump is “a Demented Scumbag”

NOTE: For a detailed account of yesterday Blondie has it posted on her page.

Check it out … LINK.

Thinking Donald Trump is (insert the most obscene comparison you think you can get away with) is no biggie. Chelsea Handler, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Ron “Hellboy” Perlman, Robert DeNiro, Crazy George Takai, and, of course, “Auntie Maxine” Waters among numerous others even less famous (… than Chelsea Handler ???) scream obscenities about President Trump on a daily basis. … BUT

None of them are paying $2.2 Billion for an entertainment entity that will depend on the discretionary spending of a populace within a concentric geographic region that, based on reliable data, contain A LOT of folks who do NOT think “Donald Trump is a demented scumbag”… at least 50% or so do not.

David Tepper has stated his strong opinion PUBLICLY – REPEATEDLY – EMPHATICALLY.  This was NOT a side comment said to close associates in a private or even semi-private situation (like on a campaign bus or in a closed-door WH staff meeting).

“The economy’s really good right now, despite different things,” Tepper told a first-year business school student at Carnegie Mellon University (the business school is named after Tepper following his $55 million donation in 2004). “…Whether I like the person or not I’m not going to get into that—although I did call him a demented, narcissistic scumbag. And if you look up demented, narcissistic scumbag, you’ll see my name calling Trump that. Just Google those three words.”

“Some” certainly do agree; and many of that “some” live in “the City of Charlotte” proper. That “some” birthed The HB2 Controversy… control Charlotte’s Municipal Government and absolutely share David Tepper’s toxic hatred of Donald Trump.  Several of that “some” have also been incarcerated for assorted malfeasances.   I don’t know how many of that “some” are Panther season ticket holders. Maybe David Tepper does know.

Maybe Charlotte’s quite infamous LGBTQ community are all avid Panthers fans and season ticket holders. If so, Mr Tepper can convert half the existing BOA restrooms to more VIP suites because everyone can use the same ones. Don’t laugh… I’m serious.

My guess, and it’s just a guess, is that A LOT of Panthers season ticket holders live in various corporate / gated suburban enclaves around Charlotte and have political opinions contrary to that “some” who live “IN Charlotte”.

Does David Tepper “have a right” to his provocative opinions?  Absolutely. 

Does he “have a right” to express them however whenever he chooses?  Absolutely. 

Might such provocativeness have a negative effect with “some” Panthers fans?  … Maybe.

For sake of a few laughs… lets say, arbitrarily, that 40% of Panther fans might agree with David Tepper on “Trump”… and 40% will disagree … and the remaining 20% are NASCAR fans and don’t care. I’m being generous with those %s.

David Tepper toxic comments (which he reiterated just a month ago in a Commencement speech at Carneige-Mellon) were the primary focus of Meet The New Panthers’ Owner” news stories.

Regardless, whatever % of Panthers fans that have Internet access now know that The New Panthers Owner REALLY REALLY HATES Donald Trump.   They do not know his opinion on Cam Newton’s yoga pants… yet.

I’ve never managed a “hedge fund” or sold “hedge trimmers” or even had “a hedge”… so who am I to tell David Tepper what his public image should be? He did not become a Billionaire taking advice from some peckerwood on a website.

I wrote 800 freakin’ words just to set up “the I’m a Peckerwood” story.


I told you earlier this week that I am The World’s 2nd Cleverest Tweeter.  Everyone else who tweets is tied for #1… just ask them. I am content to be The Avis of tweeters… I “try harder”.

Earlier this morning (Wed) I tweeted a 250-character version of the above… It got passed around “a certain faction” of PantherNation somehow.   Lordy Lordy … the spiders, snakes and creepy crawlies poured out of the baseboards in a very angry fury.

“BobLee is a demented scumbag” would have ranked around 17-18th in “most toxic” response.

My favorite was some “dude” who accused me of … coming from some peckerwood affirmative action program.

I confess I used “effect” instead of “affect”. Cuzzin MaryLynn has warned me about just that for years.

I’ve always thought “peckerwood” was a fun word to say. Connotation is rural backwoods / redneck.  It does not directly insult my Mamma so what the heck. I keep a list of “insults I get on Twitter” and “peckerwood” was not on it. Now it is.

I have been to ONE Panthers game in my life… an exhibition game vs Buffalo 15+ years ago.  I have NEVER been to a Hornets/Bobcats game EVER. I have attended quite a few NASCAR races at CMS … being a “peckerwood” that should not surprise you. … What happens to The Panthers in The David Tepper Era only interests me as “column fodder”.

Based on his first 36 hours I have a notion what kind of owner David Tepper might be. The journalistic term is “good copy”. I could be more specific but I will wait… and whatever happens I will say that’s just what I thought would happen.

That’s an “OPWT” …. “Old PeckerWood Trick”.



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