AP:. It’s OFFICIAL – Trump Supporters Are #1. It wasn’t even close!

Number one
May16/ 2018






Trump Supporters ARE #1.  It wasn’t even close!


It was inevitable.  It became O-FFICAL this week.

Trump Supporters are now THE #1 MOST DESPISED GROUP OF PEOPLE in Recorded History… by every beady-eyed bile-spewing liberal lunatic slithering around America.

Non liberal human beings probably hate other stuff more… like cancer… crib death… alzheimers… traffic… wildfires… tornados… root canals… and technical problems with their computers.

But for The Left… its’ us damn Trump Supporters.  We’re #1!  The Alpha & The Omega.

That should be Revisionist History rather than Recorded History.  Liberals prefer their own version of “how it shoulda oughta have been” versus how it actually was. Reality indeed sucks… for liberals.

For Example… “Socialism has always worked wherever it has been implemented… except for all the places it HAS been implemented and failed… which is, of course, all those places” … and that all-time classic –

“Abortion is NOT murder if we say it’s not… no, those millions of irrelevant tissue masses do NOT get a say-so…” … practicing “safe sex” and using any of the dozens of readily available birth control methods is simply too inconvenient. … and “just saying no I have a headache” or Abstinance… don’t be silly.”

NOTE:  I have a question… If, as Hollywood keeps telling us, heterosexuals are a doomed species; when all the heteros are gone… will there be a need for abortions?  Why?  If “Mr Sperm & Ms Egg” never get together there will be no irrelevant tissue masses to suck out of wombs… right?  The proliferation of single gender sex means the planned obsolescence of Planned Parenthood ??   I digress. This is about MOST HATED GROUPS.

They loath us so much they can’t find the words.  It’s Pentecostal Hatred.  They babble in unknown tongues and their heads start spinning around like Linda Blair in The Exorcist… spitting the pea soup. Zombies

Votes cast at CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, WRAL, The Charlotte Observer and The News & Observer exceeded the number of employees still employed there… but when it comes to voting and liberals… what difference does that make.

There is a YouTube showing Nicolle Wallace, Ana Navarro, Jennifer Rubin, George Will and Bill Kristol standing outside voting locations screaming obscenities at anything that moved.  George Will’s were all at least four-syllables.

There was, of course, no Voter ID.   But each voter was asked two questions – (1) Do you think CNN’s Brian Stelter is whip-smart … and (2) If you had a not-aborted daughter would you want her to grow up to look like “Auntie Maxine” … Ron Perlman … or Rosie O’Donnell … or rethink your decision to not abort her?


Q:  WHY do they DESPISE us so?

A:  Oh, I don’t know.  We are responsible.. strive to be self-sufficient… family-oriented… many of us are committed Christians… if not, we still obey The Golden Rule… for the most part we feel good about ourselves… we think two sets of public restrooms are a good number… we do NOT view any politicians as messianic deities… we realize America never has been, or ever will be, “perfect” but its various imperfections are fewer than anywhere else… we tend to limit our obscenities to when we hit our thumbs with a hammer… and a bunch of other silly stuff like that.  If one is looking to HATE I suppose there’s a lot of choices in that list.


Observers of the events leading up to the big announcement credit President Donald Trump’s calling MS13 “animals” as the latest bit of Fake News that cinched the Top Spot for Trump and his 63,000,000+ supporters.

Trump & His Supporters lapped the field of all other “Most Hated Groups”. In no particular order they were…

The Dallas Cowboys… Stalin’s KGB… Hitler’s SS & Gestapo… El Chapo’s & Pablo Escobar’s Cartels (they were combined for purposes of this poll)… The Guards at Auschwitz… ISIS… The Taliban… The Bader Meinhoff Gang… Genghis Khan’s Mongol Horde… Charlie Finley’s A’s of the 70s…

Plus:  those rats that caused Europe’s Black Plague… The Duke Blue Devils Basketball Program… Chairman Mao’s Death Squads… Geronimo’s Apaches… The inventors of Tab and Diet-Rite sodas… and “those really pretty ladies on Fox News”.

Dana Loesch & The NRA came on strong towards the end but ended up being counted as “Trump Supporters”.

Yes… “Damn Dan” Kane got a lot of Most Hated votes from a 27514 zip code but this was “group” not “individual”. Sorry DDK.

A formal presentation of a really big trophy and a fancy calligraphied certificate is supposed to take place… but they can’t find one single beady-eyed, bile-spewing liberal lunatic brave enough to enter The Trump White House.

Maxine Waters was the first choice but “Auntie Maxie” refuses to enter any place called “The White House”.

The Washington DC Chapter of MS13 was not considered as a presenter. Even though they are “just regular folks who are misunderstood… and unfortunate victims of capitalist oppression”.

In order to enter MS13 DC headquarters, one must bring a recently severed human head… and a copy of Helter Skelter signed by Charlie Manson himself. Nancy Pelosi thought she had one, but she didn’t.

Officially Dubbed “#1 Most Hated Group of People Ever…” will dismay some of you who still think “this is all just politics as usual” and in the end it will be OK… blah blah yadda yadda.

Anyone thinking about reaching out a hand of friendship to The Left can kiss those fingers good-by… cause you’re going to draw back a bloody stump.

This crap passed the point-of-no-return 8-9 months ago and there ain’t no going back for a century or two. “Getting along in America” has been nuked.

The chasm between Us and Them is now A LOT wider than Evil Knieval could jump.  Hellfire… it’s wider than Reverend “Bully” Barber.  WHOA!

I thought Duke Basketball would be our closest competitor…or El Chapo & Pablo Escobar; but we blew’em all away.

I can’t speak for the other 63,000,000+ but I think this is pretty cool considering who the voters were.

When it comes to pure-tee gut-level, 24/7, vomit-up bile HATRED in 2018 nobody does it better than The American Left.

To all those other HATE-worthy groups who didn’t win this go-round… all I can say is…

Better Luck in 2020 …. MAGA!



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