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BobLee's Favorite Movies
April19/ 2018

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April 19, 2020


BobLee’s Favorite Movies


Last week Reader “Dick” asked for a List of My Favorite Movies.  Like all of us… with way too much discretionary time on our hands these days… he was looking for entertainment suggestions.

I obliged … giving it about ten minutes thought … and in no particular 1st 2nd 3rd order.   Just “a bunch of” movies that come to my mind that I have enjoyed over the years.

My Litmus Test is…

“if I am channel-surfing and see that ______ is coming up.  I stop to watch it or hit RECORD to watch it later regardless of how many times I’ve seen it.   

I stopped counting  “# times” a long time ago with Road House and The Green Berets.  I’m up to 9/10 with Casino and Clear Present Danger


I am sure I left out one or more of Your Favorites.  Thats OK… Your Favorites are every bit as legitimate as My Favorites … so long as your list also includes Road House of course.

Mine is THE Only Favorite Movie List that does NOT includes Shawshank Redemption.  What can I say?

A lot of testosterone in this list.  “Kid” learned early the term “It’s a Dad-will-like Movie”.

Here It Is.


The Outlaw Josey Wales




Road House


A Clear & Present Danger


Life & Times of Judge Roy BeanBobLee's Favorite Movies



Green Berets – (w/ John Wayne)


The Vikings – (w/ Kirk Douglas & Tony Curtis)


Godfather One


Where Eagles Dare


Entrapment – (Heist movie w/ Sean Connery & Catherine Zeta-Jones)


A Field of Dreams


The Bishop’s Wife – (Blondie’s All-Time Favorite Movie)


Princess Bride


Dirty Harry


Last of The Mohicans


Shenandoah – (w/ Jimmy Stewart)




Die Hard – One

BobLee's Favorite Movies


Gone With The Wind


Oceans 11 – The Clooney / Pitt version


Young Frankenstein


Lara Croft 1 & 2 – (NOT #3.  Different Lara… It was awful!)


Raising Arizona


The Dirty Dozen


Pretty Woman – HA, surpised you didn’t I!




Paint Your Wagon


Lonesome Dove – (technically a TV mini-series)


O Brother Where Art Thou


Magnificent Seven – (original w/ Yul Brynner)


John Wick 1-2 & 3




Delta Force One – (w/ Chuck Norris)


Watership Down – (on Every BobLee’s Favorite Books list)


Rambo – (The Viet Nam one)


The Patriot


Inglorious Bastards



If you asked for this list a month from now, I might come up with 5-6 more.

Feel free to add your choices to the list... for the common good.


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