BL: Obvious Solution for All Sports Scandals is

NCAA Basketball
April17/ 2018

BL: Obvious Solution for All Sports Scandals is

Gosh… without that picture to connect to the title one could speculate this column might be about any number of Socio-Cultural Conundrums that plague our planet and its bewildered inhabitants… from ever-rising tides to mutually assured annihilation to “one & dones”. Not necessarily in that order of magnitude.

Contemplating “what to write about this week” ranges from the overtly absurd to the almost serious – Man’s basic inhumanity to both his fellow man and to himself.

The Only Obvious Solution to resolving the “inhumanity” and accompanying “incivility” one to another is, of course, to drag “them” kicking and screaming over to your point-of-view. After countless millennia of trying to do just that we seem to have gained little if any progress.

My theory of “why” that should gain favor with societal observers concerns the advent of social media in its half-dozen or so popular applications.

Can the effect of Twitter / Facebook on Humankind be equated to losing our opposable thumbs… what once separated us from the rest of the animals, vegetables and minerals.

A plausible theory that borders on sheer brilliance if I do say so myself.

While you contemplate this brilliantly insightful theory… lets ratchet back to the more mundane issues of the day…


The latest “OH MY” FBI revelations as regards Big Time College Basketball… specifically as concerns NC State University… I’m sure my insightful analysis is eagerly awaited. Yeah, right!

Let’s assume all who care about “this crap” know all the relevant details as reported. Let’s further assume that one’s appraisal is sorta kinda 110% affected by one’s overt partisanship as relates to “hated sports rivalries”. Overt partisanship is always the first culling mechanism in determining opinions of pretty much anything.

I DO NOT believe… NCSU AD Frau Yow and her staff of innumerable Assistant Associates and Associate Assistants was aware of the skullduggery that Mark Gottfried and his henchmen resorted to in a desperate attempt to keep their jobs as NCSU Mens Basketball Coaches.  SHOULD they have been aware ???

I DO believe… Gottfried et al DID indeed resort to skullduggery. Mark Gottfried arrived at NCSU with, shall we say, “baggage”. His personal life was a “hot mess” from a fidelity standpoint. His “mentor” – Jim Harrick – has enough “scarlet letter” tatts for nefariousness to challenge UNCCH’s very own Larry “Suitcase” Brown for the most nefarious college basketball coaches of the modern era.

That Gottfried’s “zipper issues” supposedly manifested themselves in Raleigh might lead one to assume his “Harrick issues” might have too.

Desperate men are prone to desperate measures and Gottfried’s seat was very hot as he recruited Dennis Smith Jr.


NOTE: What has sparked this latest trend in young AfAm athletes to add “Jr” and “III” to the backs of their jerseys? I’m not opposed to acknowledging one’s paternal heritage… simply curious how such trends evolve. The same with haircuts, tatts and how one wears one’s socks.


Gottfried’s successor – Coach KK – despite his initial impact as a Hoop Messiah, likewise has a notoriously shady mentor in “Tricky Ricky” Pitino. That fact seems to be of no more concern than was Gottfried’s “baggage” at a comparable time in his ill-fated tenure in West Raleigh.

I have an “I told you so” chip in a mayonnaise jar buried in my back yard just in case.


Would comparing frustrated NCSU BB fans to Khloe Kardashian vainly seeking everlasting love from an endless succession of very large black men in The NBA be unfair… and likely to generate a few nastygrams?  Probably, so I won’t write that.

Did you know… one of Khloe’s first “NBA bedpost notches” was none other than UNCCH’s own wayward son – Rashad McCants.  There was a brief tete a tete with Rick Fox too.  Khloe knows The NBA more intimately than all the Van Gundys combined..

Blondie assured me the fact I have just written two paragraphs about Khloe Kardashian will NOT be in my obituary.

If Frau Yow along with Chancellor Randy were NOT aware that Gott’s Gang was resorting to desperate (and apparently illegal) measures to bring a savior to their marginally successful program… it is very conceivable that Gott thought he could hide what he was doing… should NCSU as an NCAA/ACC member institution be held liable and accountable for “what Gott did”?.

Cal State Northridge certainly could care less.  Go Matadors!

Yes… UNCCH loyalists could likewise claim “institutional plausible deniability” for The Greatest Eligibility Scam in NCAA History. That every UNC BBer over an 18-20 year period knew all about it along with “staff” and their partners in crime within the AfAm Studies Den of Iniquity… does not automatically prove that anyone in the Academic Hierarchy and/or “DDome Lower Level” knew about it.

Millennials probably never heard of UNC’s AfAm-Scam?  Apparently “they” have not heard of Auschwitz or Chappaquiddick either (until two weeks ago).

It stands to “reason” (??) that if NCSU can afford to hire as shifty a team of legal weasels as UNCCH assembled, then NCSU should likewise get off scot-free… if $30,000,000 in legal and PR fees can be considered “free”.

Assuming NCSU does extricate itself from this current “Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Us” dilemma, and I am confident they will… what might The NCAA do going forward?

Whatever that answer is it is certain to lack common sense and plausibility… and be doomed to abject bureaucratic incompetence.

The NCAA is America’s most ineffective and least respected institutional entity NOT counting school boards … city councils … county commissioners … state legislatures … The Catholic Church and, of course, any/all branches of the Federal Government. Oh… and 92% of all colleges and universities including “the one you hold sacred” for whatever undefendable reason. … Oh again… and all forms of “the mainstream media”.ChickFilA

Is Chick-fil-A the only well-run organization in America?  NOT if one asks liberal media terrorists in NYC… who seem worried that the slice of pickle atop their chicken sandwich is part of a giant Christian conspiracy to topple Gotham City… Yeeeee HA!

Is this a great time in America OR WHAT!  …And all tied back to “social media” i.e. The Black Plague of technological advances !!

The Only Obvious Solution:  900 words to finally get to my title subject. I think that’s a record.

The best way to “reduce crime” is to simply:

Decriminalize whatever activity is being inconveniently “pesky”.

Hey, it worked with Abortion. Some states are doing it with Marijuana. BLM wants us to “decriminalize” pretty much anything a black man might do which could resolve this pesky NCAA Basketball issue as well. The number of “white guys” receiving illegal shoe money is statistically zero.

Hellfire, The FBI / DOJ has thus far decriminalized anything / everything “The Clintons” have ever done because… (insert your own creative partisan “because” here).

Let’s have a ceremonial Burning of The NCAA Rulebook. There can’t be rule-breakers if there are no rules to break. DUH! No college FB / MBB fan wants their school charged with any rule violations even if they are blatantly doing so… they only want “hated rivals” flogged and de-bannered… whether the hated rival is doing so or not. “Probably” = probable cause, right?

If THAT reasoning makes sense… welcome to the Upside Down The Rabbit Hole World of Big Time Sports… and/or Politics.



This past week I binge-watched the Netflix series Troy: The Fall of a City … and Amazon Prime’s Bosch: Season Four. That answers your concern for why I haven’t posted a column in over a week…

I love stuff about The Trojan War. I’ve watched Brad Pitt’s “Troy” a number of times.

In this latest version, Zeus – Father of All Gods – is a black guy (but NOT Morgan Freeman). Who knows, maybe he (Zeus) was / is?


This version’s Achilles (the Brad Pitt character) is also not only black but also bi-sexual… HOLY COW! Who knew Homer was so sensitive about 21st century political correctness?  FWIW… There is a bi-racial menage a trois scene that was NOT in the original Homeric version.   Alas, even black bi-sexual Achilles still has that “heel issue”.

If you are a fan of the Trojans, King Priam, Hector, Paris, Helen et al… this latest recounting, alas, doesn’t end well. Actually there is aplenty of blame and shame to go round among Greeks and Trojans… Or Homer simply made it all up.

Bosch: Season Four is EXCELLENT but requires you to have seen Seasons One-Three or at least read Michael Connolly’s acclaimed Harry Bosch novels. Harry is a gritty rogue LA homicide cop. He has a very cool house and a Life overflowing with angst.




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