AP:… No Fort Sumter Moment but WE ARE AT WAR!

Ft Sumter
April10/ 2018




AP: Stop waiting for a Fort Sumter Moment… WE ARE AT WAR!

Are you waiting for a cannon to fire on a modern-day Fort Sumter… or someone to assassinate The Archduke Ferdinand… or for Minutemen to take a stand on Concord Green? An equivalent moment / event to parallel those historical “war starters” may still occur; but, regardless…

WE ARE AT WAR right here In America… For America.  If you don’t agree then you are either kidding yourself or simply not paying attention.

There are still those among us convinced what is going on in America these days is just the usual political yadda yadda blah blah.

… more concerned with who won / lost a big game or their favorite reality TV show.

… convinced that all politicians are crooked and it really doesn’t matter who is in power because it’s all a bunch of crap.

That “all politicians are…” assessment may be too close to true.  Not all “are” but enough are squishy self-serving experts in situational ethics to not care about “us” except for our vote. And “it” IS “a bunch of crap”. Alas, that “bunch of crap” determines a great deal about my and your daily life and the Future of America to merit your attention.

Many of our current elected officials who are “not worth a thimble-full of warm spit” were elected to replace previous elected officials who, alas, were also judged to be “not worth a thimble-full of warm spit”.

How / where do we find elected officials who ARE indeed “worth a thimble-full of warm spit”? And, is that the highest standard we can hope for? … I don’t have that answer.

For those who naively believe This is all about Donald Trump and his assorted eccentricities?

… IF ONLY Trump would resign and retire in exile to Mar-A-Lago as his “Elba”… a less combative Mike Pence POTUS will calm the Liberal Mob/Media … ??

… America will revert back to “harmless political nerf combat” of 20-30 years ago. Everything will “be OK”…

Are you among that truly NAÏVE?

When Liberal leadership celebrates by burning The Constitution on the steps of The Capitol… it will simply be to roast marshmallows?  Right?

Muslim / Islamo-fascists are not really bloodthirsty butchers… simply very enthusiastic about their religion… i.e. “Baptists in burkas… and suicide vests”. Yeah right… you keep believing that Bunky.

For anyone that naïve nothing I say will change minds.  … comfortable in a naïve fantasy.

Are you one of those Kumbaya singers wringing your hands and clucking your tongue about “the loss of civility in our society”?  We are so far beyond that silly pissing contest.  It officially died on Nov 9, 2016 but it had been on life support for quite a while before then.

Who the hell am I?  Just some galoot with a website.   For those who see themselves as paragons of common sense and reason this is all going to be OK because it always sorta kinda has been… despite a zillion instances in recorded history when “…it always has been so” was not the outcome.  Uh Oh…

Why is History’s Dumpster filled with the carcasses of dozens of once-great civilizations?

Go back to following the basketball recruiting of a favorite college team… the latest Hollywood “red carpet” divorce… WHATEVER IT TAKES to ignore the grim reality that..

The War For America Is Underway…

There will be a loser… “America” as we know it.

While I have you… Take another few minutes to read this…

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Have a nice day…



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