BL: God Loves Aggies (and Retrievers) Too

UNC Fans
March19/ 2018

BL: God Loves Aggies (and Retrievers) Too

I’ve always considered – God Loves Beavers Too – as one of my personal all-time favorite column titles.

It was on the occasion of UNC Baseball losing The College World Series to Oregon State in 2006. Coincidentally, the same year as The Duke Lacrosse Scandal noted last week.

The specifics of that heart-breaking defeat in Omaha will never be forgotten by those who care about such things. A routine ground ball was misplayed in the 9th inning allowing “the Beavers” an extra out which they used to win the deciding game. 8,000,000,000 Chinese, alas, did not care then… or now.

TRIVA: Current MLB Star Andrew Miller was on the mound for the Tar Heels when that fateful play occurred.

GodThe concept that “God” could indeed “love” one’s opponent in an important (?) sports contest is alien to some fans. Such numbskull fans who truly deny such a possibility should be avoided at all costs. I propose the NRA sponsor an amendment to the 2nd Amendment denying such numbskull fans access to firearms, automobiles, the nuclear football and scissors.

I am sure that numbskull fans of both Univ Virginia and UNC@CH did, over this past weekend, question “God’s Grand Plan” as it pertains to them. Ultimately, how God’s Plan pertains to each individual is the primary concern of each individual first and foremost.

For the record, 46 other fan bases also questioned WHY “their team” was denied their divine right to Victory since last Thursday. After all, “their school” is very very cool… has a spiffy fight song and is, of course, “a sleeping giant”… and most / some of their players are “good kids”.

Or, apparently the case with UNCCH’s departing senior players – Berry II and Pinson – among the absolute finest human beings ever to dribble since Dr Naismith hung his peach basket. They provided a sanctuary for Ol’ Roy whenever anyone calls him “A Cheating Bastard”. Roy’s words, not mine.  YIKES!

Incredible Trivia Fact #1…

Texas A&M Head Coach Billy Kennedy PLAYED FOR OUR OWN “CNR” aka “Coach” at Holy Billy KennedyCross High School in New Orleans in the early 1980s.

Is THAT cool or what!

“Coach” knows Billy Kennedy very well and attests to his abundance of outstanding qualities.  I would NEVER question Coach’s judgement about ANYTHING…

WAIT… There’s More…

Incredible Trivia Fact #2…

A class act off the court as well, Kennedy was presented with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes 2011 John Lotz “Barnabas” Award at the Final Four in Houston. The award is presented by the FCA to a basketball coach who best exhibits a commitment to Christ, integrity, encouragement to others and lives a balanced life.

John Lotz was a much beloved Assistant to THE Dean Smith in the late 60s… and brother of UNC 1957 Team Member – Danny Lotz.

I appreciate that neither of those Incredible Factoids matter to either (1) fans of UNC’s Hated Rivals… or (2) to grieving fans of UNC@CH itself.

But I think both facts are really neat.

UNC@CH’s notorious board monkey faction does not much care that the aTm coach is a mighty fine fellow. They are more interested in blaming… the refs… the announcers… Roy… the NCAA… the ushers at Spectrum Center… and somehow, of course, “Damn Dan” Kane for the colossal butt-kickin’ administered yesterday in front of a global TV audience.

It should be noted to said “grieving fans of UNC@CH” that of the 20-30-some times that UNC has played in the NCAA Tournament, they have been eliminated prior to the Final Four more often than not. Ergo, they have no Divine Right to make it that far.  Texas A&M isn’t Weber State for Heaven’s Sakes.

Making The Final Four, much less Winning a NC, should be enjoyed and appreciated… failing to do so simply accepted as “what one risks whenever one steps into “the arena” as UVA’s Tony Bennett put so eloquently.

UVA was not simply eliminated early. They were, as even those 8,000,000,000 Chinese know, the FIRST #1 Seed to EVER be eliminated by a #16 seed. No one else can ever be the FIRST. Coach Bennett and his staff and players will forever bear that burden.

I don’t know much about Coach Tony Bennett other than he is a handsome fellow who seems remarkably “grounded”. To my knowledge he does not have any history of saying stoopid crap. I assume various board monkey gangs around the ACC “hate him” because that is what board monkeys do; so that is not to his discredit.

What happened to UVA this year in no way guarantees any future success. That is not how it works. I think Tony Bennett understands that.

It occurred to me that I can only name four UVA Basketball players EVER.   Ralph Sampson – Jeff Lamp – Marc Iavaroni – Wally Walker.  Of course, I still can’t name more than four current UNC players.

The #16 Seed that beat UVA is coached by Ryan Odom… son of retired coach Dave Odom. Dave Odom was Ryan Odomhead coach at ECU, Wake Forest and South Carolina and longtime assistant at UVA to Terry Holland. Ryan was a ballboy at UVA when his dad was there.

I know people who know Dave Odom. EVERYBODY who knows Dave Odom says he is one of THE genuinely nicest fellows they know. I bet his son Ryan is following in his footsteps.

Ryan Odom is now this March’s Hot Young Coach that every delusional fan base unhappy with their “sleeping giant” now wants. Every fan base but apparently ECU.  Jeff Lebo quit ECU in mid-season. ECU loonies had rejected Ryan prior to last week… holding out, of course, for Steve Kerr… Gregg Popovich… “The Villanova Guy” … or Rick Pitino.

ECU is now officially a campus in turmoil. Firing their horrendously unpopular AD (with a $1,000,000 buy-out)… with their Chancellor under siege for (1) placing Academics about Athletics… and for (2) living in a palatial manse better suited for a “famous rapper”.

Their Chancellor has some silly notion that producing primary care physicians is more important than producing NBA lottery picks. His days are likely numbered in Greenville as a result.

PLUS… N&O’s John Drescher selected ECU has his latest “let’s see who I can piss off next” victim. We told you in our last column that John is now “trolling for clicks & views” by writing provocative opinion columns critical of “whatever”… so long as there are raging loonies likely to be upset by whatever he writes.

– LINK …

FWIW… No, I did not see UMBC defeat UVA… or Nevada defeat Cincinnati… or Florida State defeat Xavier. I did watch about ten minutes of aTm versus UNC@CH… Not enough time, alas, to see UNC make a 3 pointer. OUCH. Wonder if Shammond Williams was watching… or Dante Calabria? … IT has happened before… and may happen again… because…

Despite being The Ultimate Multi-tasker… “God” – like me – doesn’t pay too much attention to this stuff.  America is about one more obscene tweet from a full-scale civil war.  Lets hope God has THAT atop his To Do List.

PS:  I am currently reading a David Baldacci novel… about a very corrupt CIA director.  Uh Oh… it was written five years ago.



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