AP:.. Political crap that makes you go Aaaiiee !!!

February17/ 2018

Political Crap that makes you say Aaaiiieeeeeee !!!


I’ve said it before.  I’m saying it now.  I’ll probably say it again.

If Donald Trump had taken my advice in The Summer of 2016… Hillary Clinton would be POTUS and the depth of intolerable BS we have today would be 100-fold worse. … but the “Baghdad Bobs” in Hillary’s media would be covering it up.

Donald Trump was/is the ONLY individual in America with the unique combination of personality and street savvy to have beaten The Clinton Machine.  A “machine” that had “the media” AND the freakin’ FBI in her pocket.

You could have taken all the positive attributes of the other 16 Repub primary candidates combined them into one… and that “composite traditional politician” would have lost by 10% minimum.

As dysfunctional as America appears to be today… every other alternative on November 8, 2016 would have been oh so much worse.  … AND…

There is NOTHING about Donald Trump that fits any mold for “an American President”.

He is not Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Millard Fillmore, FDR, Reagan, “a Bush”, “Slick Willie” or Barack Hussein Obama…

He is Donald Trump.  Accept that!

Ronald Reagan certainly was not the standard-issue spineless forked-tongued swamp rat as are 90% of today’s Congress and The Senate… but Donald Trump is waaaay further out-of-the-box than Reagan was.

Accept that Trump likely DOES have skeletons in his closet that make you cringe. But neither the porn star nor the Playmate drowned at Chappaquidick and he did not “do them” in The Oval Office. … Trump did not idolize Saul Alinsky in college.  …Trump has not been “close friends for 20 years” with William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

Why is everyone of Obama’s closets triple-locked and not one “journalist” has ever been curious why that is?  Forget where he was born.  Concentrate on what he did and with whom for twenty years before 2008.

Journalists who NEVER questioned what happened at Chappaquidick are demanding to know if Donald Trump counts every stroke in his golf game. OMG!!

Journalists who covered up for every one of Bill Clinton’s multiple sex scandals go apoplectic when Melania wears stilletos. OMG!!

Do I wish Donald Trump was a “Boy Scout”? Not really. Being a Repub POTUS in 2018 is a 24/7 “street fight” against a ruthless amoral media.  There is no “Geneva Convention” … no civil “Rules of Engagement.  George W. Bush was a polite “Boy Scout” who got eaten alive.

Donald Trump’s infamous “5-minutes with Billy Bush” in the back of a campaign bus was nothing compared to The Kennedy Boys inside The Hyannis Compound. Talk about misogynists pigs! Sure “Jackie knew” and they “had an understanding”. The totally amoral Kennedy Crime Family are superheroes to The Left.

Do I wish Trump would stop tweeting… stop turning anonymous liberal cockroaches into martyrs by even mentioning them? Yes, I wish he would stop doing that. He probably won’t. …. Sigh.


What to do about immigration? I’ve never been a fan of The Wall. It sounds great to have a gianormous physical structure to point to and say “There, we stopped the wetbacks”.… WILL IT indeed “stop the wetbacks”?  Why not use 25% of that “bazillion $$$” to quadruple ICE and border patrols. Stock the Rio Grande with piranhas. … But what do I know?

The Left’s obsession with illegal immigrants is totally about their desperate need for another large uneducated voting block permanently tied to entitlements.  Keep them on the cusp of poverty and every four years “promise them” more freebies in exchange for their vote or multiple votes if possible.  Hey, thats worked with their “black sheep” for the past sixty years.  Why not with millions of “brown sheep” too?


What to do about The Gun Issue / school shootings? I honestly don’t know.  “The shoe bomber” forever changed air travel.   Imagine if that maniac had had a C4 suppository up his butt. We’d all be getting prostate exams by TSA agents for the past 15 years.

Armed patrols and concertina wire circling every school in America?  REALLY?

Teachers “packing heat” sounds really kinky. Every week we read about teachers “doing” their teen-age students. Do those sick pervs get to carry 9mm too?  Semi-autos or revolvers?  Standard rounds or hollow-points?  Howsabout a K-bar knife as back-up… and a few “flash bangs” too? Jeeezzzz…

Hundreds have died in senseless school shootings in the past ten years.  Tens of THOUSANDS of innocent babies are slaughtered each year in abortions… “Unborn babies aren’t really babies” !!!  OMG!!  Talk about deranged lunatics.

The Left considers abortion as some sort of holy sacrament in what passes for their “religion”. 

How do we keep deranged lunatics from being a threat to society?  I don’t know.  Deranged lunatics don’t concern themselves with  constitutional amendments. They are deranged lunatics for Chrissake.


A Constitutional amendment to outlaw Hollywood whozits and has-beens from social media might be a good thing.  All in favor “say Aye”.


I wish Laura Ingraham had called me before she made Lebron James a martyred hero to his “peeps”. But she didn’t … so she did make him a hero to his peeps.  Really dumb Laura.

Lebron James and that Pee Wee Herman gay skater do “have a right” to express their opinions.  So do human hairballs like Joy Bahar and Chelsea Handler and Rob Reiner. When “we” challenge them it only glorifies them to their mindless peeps.

Yes… there are times we need to say “Whoa… that’s enough” but most of their outrageous BS is “click bait” calculated to get us to freak out and challenge them… which gets them much more “pub” than their original blurt ever deserved.

VP Mike Pence was right in responding to Joy Bahar.  There was never any chance ABC was going to slap her wrist, The ABC suits are as amoral as she is.


“The media” HATES Trump and hates me and you. They intend to destroy Donald Trump and will do whatever it takes to reach that objective. Anything!

Being despised by Brian Stelter and Joe Scarborough… I’m very OK with that.  I’d be more upset if that ilk liked me.

Will either Hillary or Obama ever be indicted for their treasonous crimes? No way that happens. A throwaway flunkie like Sid “Vicious” Blumenthal or one of those FBI stooges might take the perp walk but never Hillary or Obama.

It is 2018.  We are living in a cockamamie world where nothing is “how it used to be”.

This is not “politics”… this is bare-knuckle, last-man-standing street fighting.

The  puppetmasters of The American Left have total Pavlovian control over their rank & file.  They think they have that same Pavlovian understanding of YOU.  Do they?



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