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February11/ 2018

You… Me… Everybody and Nobody

When I say “You” I assume that the vast majority of folks who are reading this share my very strong dislike for “Liberals” or Democrats or The Left or however you refer to “them”.

You may or may not embrace Donald Trump as the ideal embodiment of your version of a US President; but operating under the the enemy of my enemy is my friend you do align yourself in his camp. You qualify as a “you” by really really disliking liberals a lot.

As with pretty much everyone else on the internet, you might see yourself as the lone paragon of common sense. If provided a soap box large enough and a conductor’s baton “you” could have 300,000,000 fellow Americans locking arms and singing Kumbaya… but alas… that is not going to happen.

So the alternative is to choose a side… set-up a Twitter / Facebook account… and either lament with “like-minds” or engage in never-ending cuss-fights with liberal lunatics who call you names your mamma told you to never use. If that describes you in any way then you are the “you” in the above title.

“Me”? I’m a wise guy with his own website. I have a bit more of a soap box than you do but even I cannot stop “America” from going Thelma & Louise over the cliff and into The Abyss.Thelma Louise

But until that fateful day when 250+ years of blood, sweat and tears lies in a crumpled heap in History’s back alley… we can try to avoid accelerating the process. Can’t we?

I get most of my “news” via Twitter. A hybrid collection of tweets from various blogsites alert me to what “the media” is up to. I stay updated on Mad Maxine’s latest insane rants as well as Michael Moore… Chelsea Handler… Rosie… Whoopi and the various other celebrity “heroes” of the rank&file liberal mob. If one can measure any “political movement” by its “leaders” what do those “heroes” tell you about liberals?

You do know that “Maxine” was Fred Sanford’s “Aunt Esther”. Both Maxine and Sheila Jackson-Lee auditioned for Amos ‘n Andy. Both were rejected as being too comically bizarre no one would believe them.

Then there are the media talking heads themselves. CNN’s Brian Stelter has to be THE CREEPIEST son-of-a-bitch on the planet. Terminally traumatized from Jr High PE class… He makes Wolfie Blitzer seem manly by comparison. Joe Scarborough and whats her face give “weasels” a bad name.

Really.   Show me mugshots of 50 national news media personalities without names or affiliations. I can tell you the 45 that are hard-core radical lefties. They all have a permanent constipated snarl.  No CNN on-air employee has had a bowel movement since November 8, 2016. … You’d be angry too…

If The Apple Store “hires to a certain type” I’d love to read the hiring profile for CNN or MSNBC. Chris Matthews is not going to survive another Year of Trump. His head will literally explode. I hope it is captured for Twitter. Andrea Mitchell… Lordy, she has inherited Helen Thomas’ tiara as Queen Crone of The Left.

They all look and act like escapees from a traveling carnival sideshow. … Step right up and see Jo-Jo The Dogface Boy… Gator Girl… Rachel Maddow… and Henry The Human Worm…

Addams Family

Then there’s Totally Unhinged Hillary and “Creepy Ol Bozo Joe” Biden.

Do these sick freaks live in The Addams Family’s basement along with Lurch and Cousin It?

No one ever truly goes away with these loonies.  Cases in point… Dan Rather and  AlGore.

Now to my point about Everybody and Nobody…

As over-the-top bizarre as their human menagerie is… there are millions of our fellow humans that hang on their every hysteric word… believe every hyperbolic blurt . Live 24 hours a day off of their toxic hatred of Donald Trump and those of us who support his efforts.

CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC have combined audiences of MILLIONS. Maybe neither you nor I are among those millions.. but if you walk thru any shopping mall in America you will walk pass them. Young… old… rich… poor… tall… short. They have all been programmed to hate us because we represent a threat to them controlling America.

In most cases they cannot tell you why they hate “us” they are just sure that they do.

Jemele Hill with ESPN has become a national celebrity due to her overt fire-breathing racist rants about Donald Trump. I read comments that “no one cares what she says/thinks…” . YES, they do. You don’t… I don’t; but there IS an audience for her toxic rage.

Maybe it is not people in your personal or professional orbits but they are out there. Jemele Hill has been demoted at ESPN because she offended too high a % of their market… but there IS a sizable market for her race-baiting rhetoric.

Jemele Hill’s audience doesn’t care about “the economy” or “job growth” or the GDP or GNP. All they know is they hate Trump and his supporters. They don’t know why. They just do. Nothing Donald Trump is going to do in three more years is going to alter that. They breed… they vote… they hate.

Liberals make the same all-inclusive mistake as in “Everybody knows Donald Trump is a… pedophile… rapist… serial killer… space alien… etc etc etc.”. Those lunatics truly believe all of Donald Trump’s supporters were those 130 white supremacists marching in Charlottesville last year.

Creating a new “Donald Trump is a _____” every week for 200 weeks is a challenge the left and their media have accepted as their raison d’etre… their primary reason for existing.

If Michelle Obama ran for POTUS today, she would be guaranteed 45,000,000 votes… Guaranteed. If Totally Unhinged Hillary runs again… she gets 45,000,000 votes for sure. Hellfire… those same humans will vote for Oprah or Eric Holder or even Creepy Old Joe.

45,000,000 votes Guaranteed. Think about that as you stand in line at McDonald’s or shop at CVS or Target or watch The Olympics.

By the way… have the Olympics started yet… or are they already over? When’s The Super Bowl?

You… Me… Everybody… Nobody…


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