AP: Don’t be like them. Life is too short.

February02/ 2018

Don’t be like them.  Life is too short.

I haven’t been posting much lately. It is certainly not because there isn’t much to talk about… to be very concerned about. There is too much to talk about.

After 250 years, America is under assault by a ruthless amoral enemy within our own country. That ruthless amoral enemy is The American Left. Maybe you call them “liberals” or Liberal-Democrats… or the Radical Left. You know who / what I mean.

IMO, “Liberals” (which absolutely includes what is usually called “the mainstream media”) are a far more dangerous threat to what you and I have always thought of as “America” than Islamo-Fascists or ISIS or whatever that bunch is calling themselves these days.

Do not make the tragic mistake of thinking “the media” is some 3rd party and is simply partisan to Liberals. That would be like considering The Luftwaffe as separate from the Nazi war machine. I hate to use that “N” word but it is the best way to describe what “the media” is.

“The media” is every bit unhinged as Maxine Waters, Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi and the other paragons of maniacal insanity that are the public faces of American Liberals.

Do not make an even more tragic mistake of thinking this “war” is between “them” and Donald Trump. Donald Trump is simply the image they use for “us”.

Whether you aggressively supported Trump or went the “lesser of two evils” route or however you rationalize voting for / supporting Donald Trump against “them”. Personally… I support Donald Trump much more today than I did 18 months ago during the campaign. IMO, he is a far better POTUS than I ever imagined he could be.

Whether you are a Republican… a Conservative… a Libertarian… or whatever this week’s new ideological club to join. Liberals are waging a ruthless war against “us”… not against one guy with funny hair who tweets outrageous stuff.

OK… back to why I’m not out here encouraging and urging you every day… every week.

There are plenty of “people like me” who do use traditional and/or social media every day to fight the fight. I’m sure you have your favorites.

After 30 years, Rush Limbaugh is still The Best There’s Ever Been… and even more popular than he has always been. You might not agree with me for whatever contrived reason… If so, you are wrong.

Day in / day out… Rush is still the best Guiding Light to follow. Whether you try to listen each day or go to his website (which is new and improved and really a DYNAMITE site, by the way).

Visit Rush’s website any time after each show (3 PM EST) and his 4-5 talking points from that day’s show will tell you all you really need to know about what is going on.

I certainly can’t analyze and predict like he can. I don’t try to. What I try to do is offer some little hintto help you get through the daily hand-to-hand combat with liberals in your orbit.

Today that “little hint” is…

In dealing with Liberals however and wherever you encounter them socially, professionally, on-line, wherever… DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO TURN YOU INTO THEM.  Engaging them in any way will do that.

Unless, of course, it is your personal style to yell obscenities at other people. I don’t mean from the relative privacy of your car in traffic… we ALL do that.

The rank & file liberal “foot soldier” in this war is a very angry constipated rabid animal programmed by a very well-organized propaganda machine. Like Pavlov’s dogs… rank & file liberals predictably bark and snarl on command.

As recently as 18-24 months ago I thought “maybe” there is something worthwhile to work with… to debate. I no longer believe that. You may recall my line…

“I have NOTHING in common with rank & file liberals but a pair of opposable thumbs”

Debating with them is as useless as spreading seeds on an asphalt parking lot. Why spend one precious minute of whatever time you have left on this earth debating with a liberal.  Doing so has zero nutritional value.

Is exchanging obscenities with some anonymous liberal on facebook really the best use of your time?  Better than playing catch with your son… a walk around a lake… petting your dog or cat?

“They” will drag you down to their level of discourse and, and for the duration of that encounter, turn you into “them”. You will be yelling obscenities back at them.

Being permanently angry and constipated is Their Life. Is that Your Life?

If you spend more than 20 minutes a day on Twitter following “the war”, you should wear a HazMat suit. Social media as it pertains to “us” versus “them” is equivalent to the raunchiest form of pornography. It WILL rot your mind.

So… try this for One Week … limit your wading thru the political BS to 20 minutes of visiting Rush’s website. You will get his reasoned perspective on whatever are The Issues of the Day. You actually don’t need to listen to his 3-hour show… just get the synopsis from his website… 20 minutes at most…

Spend the rest of Your Day fulfilling your obligations to your family… your professional circumstances… and your own emotional well-being. Do not forget your own emotional well-being otherwise you can’t be of much use to anyone else.


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