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January29/ 2018

ANOTHER Major College Athletic Scandal…

What do Penn State – Baylor – UNCCH, and now, Michigan State all have in common?

UPDATE:  My sincere apology to Louisville for initially omitting them from this list.  They have certainly EARNED the right to be included…

Within the past five years, each of these esteemed “institution of higher learning” have had to confront major high-profile SCANDALS within their administrations. In each case, the SCANDAL germinated from within their athletic departments, specifically their Men’s Football and Basketball programs.

In each case with these four institutions, the administrations and citizen advisory boards (“trustees”) chose to ignore the early signs of their SCANDAL by simply denying that such could EVER happen…

….”on our incredibly wonderful campus” at our “most wonderful world-renown school”.

They all chose to “go ostrich” by sticking their heads in the sand and simply hoping it would all Ostrich Response“just go away”. Their Its did NOT “go away”.

Their respective SCANDALS metastasized into much worse SCANDALS as a result of their cowardly poor leadership of their administration and oversight committees..

Surely you are familiar with the circumstances of Penn State… Baylor and UNCCH’s respective SCANDALS.

Here is a thumbnail synopsis of the current Michigan State Mess. -LINK.

UNCCH loyalists will scream no one got raped or assaulted in our SCANDAL which is true. If that is the best excuse a blind tru-blue loyalist can come up with it becomes easier to see how The Great Unpleasantness managed to exist for 18+ years at UNCCH…. THE #1 Athletic / Academic Scandal in NCAA History. So convoluted and incestuous that The NCAA simply said “Oh my, this is way too yucky for us to even try to deal with…”

Michigan State

The Michigan State Mess has two segments – Larry Nassar and the US Gymnastic organization – and aten-year on-going history of MSU FB and BB players assaulting women with little/no recrimination. The repeated incidents carefully “covered up” by coaches and administrators. The Bayor and Michigan State situations being frighteningly similar in nature and scope.


So frighteningly similar in fact that only totally naïve alumni/fans at other “major college sports programs” would assume “THAT could never happen at our school”.

Wanna bet Michigan State fans said THAT when they read about Baylor’s SCANDAL.


The “but… but… but” reactions from Michigan State FB / BBB coaches has been almost verbatim how Baylor and Penn State coaches reacted. And verbatim how the NEXT set of “major collge coaches” will react when they are exposed…. And they WILL be.


NOTE:  I no longer watch ESPN, but I wonder if provocative “journalist” Jemele Hill – a graduate of Michigan State J-School – has offered her opinion on the MSU Mess… as it does involve the African-American community and AfAm athletes ???  Just wondering….


The Michigan State President and Athletics Director both resigned last week. The fate of both the FB and BB head coaches are “on hold”. MSU Fat Cats and board monkeys are in stereotypical panic mode that their sacrosanct teams might “suffer” because of this. Just like Fat Cats and board monkeys at Baylor and Penn State… and UNCCH behaved…. And like the next school’s Fat Cats and board monkeys will behave.

The NCAA doesn’t seem to know how to handle THIS any better than it handled the other SCANDALS… or will handle the next ones.

In this Era of Absurdity in major college sports where elaborate Indoor Practice Facilities and “nap rooms” are “necessary to compete”… the thought of restricting the socio-sexual behavior of  FB and BB “student athletes” might OMG – “effect recruiting”   We can’t have THAT … and still “be competitive”..

Every major college FB/BB program recruit from the same pool of 17-18 y/os.  Primarily African-American from low-modest circumstances…

  • … bring them into a socio-cultural environment unlike anything they have ever experienced…. filled with all manner of temptation and forbidden fruits… and then tell them they are “special”.
  • … tell them perfunctorily to “try and stay out of trouble” or al least “don’t get caught”.
  • … have it BLOW UP – Duh!… then try to COVER UP.
  • … mutter trite excuses that all amount to….

“You Fat Cats / alumni / fans pay me millions of $$$ to WIN GAMES to satiate your egos for bragging rights. That is what I am doing. Now you get upset that the logical conclusion to this process has embarrassed you. What did you think was going to happen? … You want me to “recruit angels”? “Angels” are not very good FB and BB players at the big-time major college level…. I can’t win “with angels.”

There are dozens more Baylor / Michigan State messes percolating “out there”. The Fat Cats and board monkeys “out there” are smirking and laughing that Penn State, Baylor, UNCCH and now Michigan State “got caught”. It could NEVER happen “at our school”.

Nothing is being done to correct the problem… nothing WILL be done to correct the problem… because…

Until it blows up at your school, or effects your daughter, most folks really don’t care all that much… taking perverted delight when rival schools “get caught”.



Congrats to NC State’s own “Coach K” for his, thus far, total dominance of Tobacco Road. I was in Madison WI for the Official Meet The Twins Celebration… so I haven’t heard Ol’Roy’s comments / excuses. I assume Roy blamed Donald Trump… HB2… and/or “all that junk”. Other than as comic relief, I truly don’t care what Roy thinks about anything. What a “galoot”!

So far the 2017-2018 local college sports year has been somewhat of a Karmic Kick-in-the-teeth for TGU for Old Wellers… huh?


I have kept the following on The QT, but now can tell you. THE Bob Kennel had Major heart surgery on Jan 4. Pretty much ANY heart surgery is “major” and Bob’s really was. He is now in an extended recovery phase. When he might return to “normal” is unclear as no one can define what is “normal” for Bre’r Kennel.

Given the options of a world-renown Duke cardiologist or a nationally prominent UNC cardiologist… our BK, ever fearful of hated rivals, opted for a NC State Vet School grad student majoring in Domesticated Farm Animals. Apparently it all somehow worked out OK.

The BIG WIN on Saturday in Dean’s Dome seemed to help BK A LOT!   🙂


I have been operating at half-speed the past 2-3 weeks with “The Twins” and what all. Not to fear… I am back to Locked & Loaded with a lengthy list of Fascinating Fodder “in the queue… just for you”.


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