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January04/ 2018

College Football… Circa 2018

Boy Oh Boy was College Football Georgia v Oklahoma a Humdinger… or What!

98% of you reading this had no “my team” in this one so you could simply enjoy the ebb & flow of that game without your self-worth in Harm’s Way by the outcome. How I felt with Game 5 of The World Series. How I feel about all sports.  … Granted I only watch College Football and Major League Baseball.  Incredibly liberating!

It is January 4.  I can only name three ACC Basketball players.  TOTAL for ever how many teams there are these days in The ACC. … UNC’s Berry (Barry?) and Pinson and Duke’s Allen Grayson / Grayson Allen.  My goal is Zero by this time next year. … I’m pretty sure there are No More Plumlees.

Was UGA / OU equal to last year’s Alabama / Clemson or that Texas / USC game in 2005? This was not a Final Final and they were so probably not, but this one was certainly “a Thrilla”.

I don’t go to “watch parties” or, heaven forbid, sports bars to watch Big Games (or little games). It’s been at least fifteen plus years since I’ve done so, and I swore “never again”. That “promise myself” is among the easiest to keep.

UGA / OU game was so good that I was done with watching football by halftime of Nick vs Dabo III. So was Dabo.

Does Nick winning Nick vs Dabo III mean the mad rush to have nap rooms… waterslides… and miniature golf courses as mandatory recruiting bling will be put on hold?

Either Georgia or Alabama will be THE FIRST National Champion in The Nap Room Era to win without “a Nap Room”.  

Is Dabo’s Much-Ballyhooed Six Flags Over Death Valley no longer the “We gotta have one too” of Big Time Wannabee Juggernauts?

Tour of Dabo’s Six Flags Over Death Valley – LINK

NC State almost beat Dabo two years in a row. Was “a nap room” the critical difference? … or was it their “wiffle ball field”? Yes, Six Flags Over Death Valley has a Wiffle Ball Field next to the beach volleyball court.

Did you know that…

Before Kirby Smart agreed to leave Nick to go to UGA, he DEMANDED a commitment from UGA Fat Cats to build… drum roll … AN INDOOR PRACTICE FACILITY (IPF). Yes… indeed…

Georgia has been one of the last Power Five juggernauts (along with you-know-who) that did not have an IPF.

I wonder if Kirby Smart looked across the negotiating table at the Georgia AD & Fat Cats and uttered THE PHRASE…. “even Wake Forest has one”. I choose to imagine he did.

I think “…even Wake Forest has one” should be required uttering at every New Messiah hiring. Not because Wake Forest should be picked on but just because it was the final straw that got TruBlues forking over $36,000,000 so Larry Fedora could have one too.

Before Larry’s IPF gets built, he learned he also needed a nearby fishing hole” to “be competitive in recruiting”.

Once every Power Five program …even Wake Forest – and  UCF – gets it’s own IPF and nearby fishing holes, there will be something else “in order to be competitive”. There will ALWAYS be the next “gotta have to be competitive”.

I bet it will be retractable domes. I was going to say “individual cup holders and/or more charging stations” but we are waaay beyond that now.

Just within the 20-year life span of this website, we have seen Rise of The Jumbotrons. First there was Stage One – Little Jumbos. Then Stage Two – Jumbo Jumbos. Stage Three – Double Jumbo Jumbos. Now we are in Stage Four of – Double Jumbo Jumbos & at least two little jumbos.

So long as there are Fat Cats demanding Bragging Rights there will be an endless list of “gotta haves to be competitive”.


Q:  Hey BobLee,  why do  you keep harping on the absurdity of the College Football “Arms Race”… IPFs, etc.

A:  BECAUSE one day One Fat Cat is going to read these harpings and realize how absurd this is.  He will convince one more… and one more… and one more.  One day SANITY will reign from Sea To Shining Sea… or maybe not.

It would be nice if Fat Cats would hold off on throwing multi-multi-millions down such silly ratholes until we find a cure for Alzheimer’s and/or Cancer

… or have St Jude/Shriners Childrens’ Hospitals within 100 miles of every sick child in America

.… but I realize I’m just being silly.

In case you missed it with all the hustle & bustle of The Holidays… ESPN’s Very Angry Race-Diva Jemele Hill went on a screeching rant AGAIN. This time it’s not John Skipper’s mess to clean-up. Skippy is long gone… working on his long-time substance abuse issue… giggle, giggle.

That myth of Skippy’s substance abuse has been debunked. Skippy was canned for multiple mismanagement messes. Race-Diva Jemele is now daring ESPN/Disney to fire her so she can join The View and become The Next Whoopi.

Jon Gruden will either be The Raiders next Head Coach… or the next CEO of ESPN… or … He (Gruden) will NOT be marrying Prince Harry. I’m pretty sure of that


More of BobLee -Link


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