Blondie: Say NO to the NRO… here’s why.

National Review Online
January04/ 2018

Just Say No to The NRO… Here’s Why


I hope the few sane people left at NRO (National Review On-Line) like Victor Davis Hansen, move on to other more worthwhile forums so we can stop clicking on the NRO site altogether.

NOTE:  It’s NRO… NOT NRA… Very Different organizations.

I have friends at several “think tanks”.  My 2018 Wish for each of them is that they find gainful employment elsewhere ASAP.BLONDIE

My contempt for NRO and similar “think tanks” knows no bounds. They are more despicable than leftists!… OK, at least AS despicable.  They are nothing but Faux Intellectual Swamp Rats… seeing their itty bitty “relevance” melting before their eyes.

To borrow one of BobLee’s favorite rants… “donating $$$ to build “your team” an IPF is a better use of your $$$ than donating it to “a think tank”.



Rick Manning: ‘National Review Crowd Can’t Admit They Were Dead Wrong About Donald Trump’

Robert Kraychik 30 Dec 2017 Breitbart

“The National Review crowd can’t admit they were wrong, dead wrong, about Donald Trump,” said Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government.
Manning made his comments during Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour.

“[Donald Trump] is the most conservative president in my lifetime, and I include Ronald Reagan,” opined Manning, reflecting on National Review’s ongoing framing of the 45th president as lacking conservative bona fides.

National Review’s 2016 “Against Trump” article derided then presidential candidate Donald Trump as a “philosophically unmoored political opportunist who would trash the broad conservative ideological consensus.”

Manning reflected on National Review’s expressed contempt for “white working class” communities, recalling the magazine’s 2016 cover story by Kevin Williamson which described predominantly white and rural communities as “dysfunctional and downscale.”

“White working class” communities “deserve to die,” wrote National Review’s Williamson in that 2016 cover article about then-candidate Trump’s voters. When confronted by criticism for this stance, the magazine doubled down.

Manning said Williamson was “dead wrong” that we should “let rural America die.”

“Rural America is being murdered,” explained Manning. “They weren’t dying, they were being murdered by trade laws that sent out jobs overseas, by tax laws that made it too expensive to build stuff here, and by environmental laws that strangle the life out of anybody who wants to grow anything, extract anything, or build anything.”

“And that’s why Kevin Williamson was dead wrong in his arrogance in believing that free trade was everything, when in fact what’s really important is having trade based on a level playing field,” said Manning. “America tied both hands behind her back in a boxing match trying to use our forehead to fight with. We’ll never be able to win that boxing match. Donald Trump’s changed the game.”

Mansour said she is “still appalled” by that Williamson National Review article.




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