AP: 2018… Even MORE INSANITY from the American Left

January04/ 2018

2018 = Even MORE Insanity from The American Left…

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Raise your hand if LESS political insanity is one of your New Year’s Wishes for 2018.

Sigh… ain’t gonna happen. Toxic Insanity is the only “weapon” The Quite Insane American Left has to throw at us. And throw it they will with even greater intensity than in 2017.

If you have prayed, thought, imagined that 2018 will mean a more civil political climate in America… you simply don’t “get it”. You still think we are playing by some sort of old fashioned Last Millennium Rules of Engagement. You still think the old normal will eventually prevail because “hasn’t it always?”

If you still insist on believing that the rank/file American Left are “like us” but simply have a different Point-of-View of how to Make America Great… then YOU are their most effective weapon. Your naïveté is what you are counting on.

You know some hard-core Trump-hating liberals. We all do… or, at least, we think we do.

First… instead of “Trump-hating” substitute “people like us-hating”. Donald Trump is simply their symbol of “us”. It is easier for them to have Donald Trump’s image to focus their obscene hatred, but it is “us” that elected Donald Trump… and “us” that continue to support him… and acknowledge his victories. Victories he has achieved with or without our full support.

The handful of “liberals you know” are likely extended (1) family – relatives and in-laws… or (2) co-workers… or (3) neighbors / social acquaintances. Those categories are likely to have some similarities to your personal demographics… age, income, education, community status…

You assume that in a dire circumstance – i.e. nuclear war or environmental calamity – those similarities would take over and a symbiotic cooperative spirit would unite you. Your cousin’s jackass 3rd husband would exhibit some form of rational thought if you dig deep enough. Such a likelihood is less likely than ever before in America.

Even within those limited categories you can encounter quite belligerent and quite profane individuals. But I doubt most of you reading this, are actually dealing with the rankest of their rank&file.  I’m talking about the roving bands of obscenity screaming jackasses that clutter “social media”.

Everyone’s “social media” is different.  Who you “like” or “follow” is totally different from what I see.  But we all see examples of these obscenity screaming jackasses.

All they know about Donald Trump is (1) he has funny hair… (2) he said some stupid crap back in 2005 with someone named Billy Bush.  Their puppet masters have used those two points to keep them at a rolling boil for the past 18 months.  They will stay at a rolling boil thru 2018.

Do you have a personal relationship with anyone who gets their political insights from Chelsea Handler… or Kathy Griffin… or Rosie O’Donnell… or George Takai… or Maxine Waters… or even Elizabeth Warren? I doubt it.

I bet “your liberals” don’t even know who most of those screaming celebrity nutjobs are. “Your liberals” are “nerf liberals”. “Your liberals” are not dangerous. They don’t come with a skull & crossbones on their label.

“Your liberals” likely get their insights from CNN… MSNBC… NBC… CBS… ABC. Or a regional dying newspaper staffed by “millennial mutts” working for chump change. So, it’s for sure that “your liberals” HATE Donald Trump with whatever demonstrable expression of pure unadulterated HATE they can must.

For sure, “You and I” did not like Barack Obama and his gang. We did not like them quite a lot in fact. But we compartmentalized that emotion for eight years and went about tending to the business of “our lives”. Why can’t “they” do that?

For a large percentage of rank&file liberals… tending to “their lives” is the last place they want to be. Having been thoroughly convinced that they are VICTIMS of all sorts of imaginary socio-cultural maladies, they have forsaken their daily lives in favor of becoming radical social justice warriors for any of dozens of imaginary causes. Causes that no two of them can define.

The blow-dried, vapid airhead twits with the Alphabet Media are incensed that Donald Trump has exposed them as the blow-dried faux-intellectual vapid airhead twits that they have been for quite some time.

If Donald Trump continues to be as successful as he has been in spite of them… then their relative significance in The Grand Scheme  is reduced to a SNL skit that even their disciples do not take seriously.

For the liberal rank&file there is no retreat back into “their lives” option. There is only Rage On…

As Donald Trump continues to thwart their every straw dog obstacle, their rage ratchets up higher and higher.

Donald Trump, for all his often-frustrating eccentricities, is the only individual among us capable of persevering in the face of their raging wrath.  Trump is not afraid of their on-air wrath… he invites it.

Name one “politician” (yuck!) who is NOT afraid of negative media.  Negative media is their #1 Fear.

The Insanity ahead in 2018 will be the sure sign of more Trump Victories. So… RAGE ON you quite insane “victims”… RAGE ON

BEST ADVICE For 2018 … Reduce your daily time on Twitter (IF you “do Twitter”) to no more than ten minutes/day.  Just do it,.. and see how much better you will feel about The Human Race.


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