AP: Donald Trump is America 2017’s “George Bailey”

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December16/ 2017

Donald Trump is America 2017’s “George Bailey”

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There are certain words and phrases that, if I was “in charge”, everyone would immediately “get” without the need for further explanation. There should be a base level pop culture awareness… if I was in charge.

There is an old line that ,,,,

The definition of “an intellectual” is anyone who can hear the William Tell Overture without thinking of The Lone Ranger.

This being the Yuletide Season there are several other such examples. Yes, there are generational factors with most of these.   Suppose I say Jacob Marley’s ghost… or the leg lamp… or Cindy Loo Who…  … or, to today’s subject George Bailey?

George Bailey was not related to Bill Bailey who is wandering around with “nothing but a fine-tooth comb”. Nor was George part-owner of a circus with the Ringling Brothers and PT Barnum.

George Bailey is/was/forever shall be Jimmy Stewart’s character in It’s A Wonderful Life.  The most famous resident of mythical Bedford Falls.

“George” was despondent over seemingly overwhelming circumstances to George Baileythe point of questioning the worth of his existance. “Clarence” his Guardian Angel convinces George otherwise thereby “earning his (Clarence’s) wings”.

There must be private moments when Donald Trump feels like George Bailey. Under 24/7 attack by the most vicious army of political terrorists since Tomas de Torquemada’s Spanish Inquisition… or Joseph Stalin’s Purge.

IMO, the utter ruthlessness of Trump’s enemies make Tomas and Joe’s actions almost seem like a dysfunctional Homeowner’s Association by comparison.

The Donald may not question his existence as George Bailey does… but he MUST second-guess his decision to step-up to Make America Great Again.

Donald Trump had A Wonderful Life without diving headlong into the toxic wretched yuckiness of The American Political Swamp.

Imagine Donald Trump as “George Bailey”on that freezing snowy December night questioning Why in God’s name am I doing this?… Geirge and Clarence

For the sake of getting to the point of this column, I assume the role of Clarence Odbody – Donald’s Guardian Angel.   Did you know that Clarence’s last name was Odbody?  It was. So I’m “AgentPierce Odbody” ??

Go back 18 months to the hotly contested Republican primary of 2016…. Seventeen candidates vying to go up against the ruthless Wicked Witch of Chappaqua and her army of Flying Media Monkeys.

If one could somehow take all the electable attributess of 16 of those 17 candidates and mold all those qualities into one super-candidate… Hillary Clinton would be President today having won the election by at least a 55-45% margin.

Only one of those seventeen candidates – Donald Trump – was uniquely capable of mobilizing America’s “agnostic voter faction”. He was… and he DID successfully derail the Clinton Machine… You might argue with that hindsight analysis.  You will be wrong.

So back to our snowy night on the bridge in Bedford Falls… OK, maybe poolside at Mar-A-Lago.  I will illustrate to President Trump why he is America’s George Bailey 2017.

Using one glaring example of why his victory last November over The Wicked Witch & her Flying Media Monkeys was so critical.   I show Donald / George the following story by FoxNews’ Todd Starnes describing a recent article in Slate Magazine.

“Hallmark Christmas movies under fire for spreading ‘Caucasian cheer'”

I will provide links to both articles at the conclusion of this column.

The Slate article is entitled… White! Christmas!

It is a vicious condemnation of Hallmark Christmas Movies and a vicious condemnation of everyone who enjoys Hallmark Christmas Movies.  With, of course, the obligatory comparison of Hallmark Christmas Movie fans as – Taa Daa – “white nationalists” in other words NAZIS.

NOTE:  There are over 200 cable channels available of which The Hallmark Channel is one out of 200+.   As is The Bravo Channel that specializes in uncensored glorification of “alternative lifestyles” and overt anti-Trump themes.   Freedom of Speech should be a 2-way street… “should be” being the operative assumption.

I defend that Slate jackass’ right to have his rabid liberal hate-crap published.  I defend your “right” to alternative opinions… like this one.   Liberals in academia and otherwise don’t see it that way.

It is easy to find humor in the over-the-top stereotype of Hallmark Christmas Movies.  Doing so has joined “fruitcakes” as a popular target for seasonal satirists.

Devoted fans of  Hallmark Christmas Movies are the first to admit. and to lampoon, their predictability… exactly why they enjoy them so much.

The characters, the actors, the settings, “the perfect snow”, the plot lines are totally predictable. Anticipating that predictability is essential to enjoying the highly-successful genre of Hallmark Christmas Movies.

Hallmark Christmas Movies are “predictable” in their way; as much as a CNN newscast or a News&Observer “news”  or editorial (there’s no difference) are predictable.

Also “predictable” across America is The Grinch & Whoville … Ebenezer Scrooge’ Bah Humbug… Macy’s Parade … and A Nativity Scene “with a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes…”

I appreciate that liberals “don’t get it”. Those wretched constipated sickos “don’t get” a lot.  I have nothing in common with the liberal rank&file but a pair of opposable thumbs.

To say Hallmark movies follow a formula is as astute (?) an observation as The NBA employs a high % of large black men… or Hollywood producers actually DO have casting couches.

Well… yeah… and your point is?

The Slate article is the standard boilerplate radical liberal attack on every brick in the foundation of America… a foundation that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and The Flying Media Monkeys are determined to destroy.

Dragging the rest of us down to their level of permanent self-loathing misery is a basic tenet of their ideology.

The Slate comments are “humorous” in the way that “a rubber crutch” is humor.

Without Donald Trump “getting involved” and successfully mobilizing that agnostic voting faction a year ago… the mindset behind that Slate attack on Hallmark Christmas Movies and its attack on the American people that enjoy those movies would be in total control of this country.  As it is “they” control the mainstream media.

Barack Obama set up the framework for that ideological take-over with his “bitter-clingers” attitude, his overt race-centric policies and, as we are learning this week, even the appointment of overtly partisan FBI senior staff… et al. Hillary Clinton would have completed that dismantling of “America”.

If Hillary Clinton had won last year’s election … there could figuratively, if not literally, be no more Hallmark Christmas Movies.

Is a War Against Hallmark Christmas Movies a gross exaggeration of the issues that are tearing America apart… more so by the hour? … I would say it is A PERFECT example.

Should Donald Trump second-guesses his decision to “get involved”… he need only consider this one admittedly simplistic example of why he is America’s George Bailey.

Here are the links to the FoxNews piece and to the Slate piece… the FNC article sets-up The Slate piece… I hope you will read both.


I can’t say “enjoy”. I will say “take heed”…

… as somewhere in Mar-A-Lago, a bell is tinkling.


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