AP: You are really tired of All This… Aren’t you?

December08/ 2017

You are Really Tired of All This… Aren’t You?

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By “You” I mean mammals with opposable thumbs who are NOT of the liberal persuasion.

By “All This” I mean 24/7 political crap.

“You” have been tired of “all this” for six months at least… haven’t you?

OK, it was fun right after November 8th and even or a few weeks after The Inauguration. Really, who didn’t enjoy those screaming banshees in their pointy pink “pussy hats”? All the obscenities were unnerving but once you accepted that is who they are… that is what they do…

The night of Nov 8th was A LOT of fun. Do you remember waking up Nov 9th thinking

Was that a dream… did Donald Trump really do it?… Damn… He really did!”

And all those screeching nitwits screaming profanities… once you realized just how totally unhinged “they” truly are, it was fun watching to see if one or more of their heads would actually EXPLODE right there on TV. I believe that will happen one day.

Those inaugural demonstrations were like watching monkeys at a zoo picking lice off each other, scratching their genitals and screeching. Eventually you tire of watching them and you move on around the zoo… but the monkeys keep on picking, scratching and screeching. It is what monkeys do…

It’s coming up on a year since Donald Trump became the 40-something POTUS and…

The goggle-eyed, spittle-spewing unhinged obscenity-screaming liberal lunatics are still goggle-eyed, spittle-spewing…… yadda yadda. If anything, they have ratcheted up the volume of their insanity.

Don’t “they” have anything else to do?

Ahhhh, and there my friends is just ONE of the differences between “us” and “them”. NO… they don’t “have anything else to do”…

“We” didn’t like Barack Obama being elected POTUS in 2008 or in 2012. Sure, he defeated “empty suits” in both McCain and Romney but, apparently, they were the best we had. That realization is still frightening. 

Obama won and we didn’t like it one bit. We knew what he would do and he did exactly that… everything in his power to undermine 250 years of America. We, America, somehow survived… barely.

As spinelessly inept as “our” Congress / Senate majority have been, they did somehow manage to thwart enough of Obama’s schemes that, indeed, America limped out of 2012..

Did you spend every day of Obama’s eight-year Reign of Terror in a hand-wringing panic? Please tell me you didn’t. You went on with your LIFE… your family… your livelihood… your friends… your hobbies. Sure, you had concerns, rightfully so, that Obama’s Grand Scheme could threaten all of that; but on a daily basis what could you do?

You were not going to let Barack Obama live rent-free inside your head 24/7.

And THAT my friend is yet another fundamental difference between “us” and “them”.

Donald Trump’s infamous tweets are simply him “tapping on the aquarium glass” knowing it will cause CHAOS and Bedlam among America’s liberal lunatics. Does it ever…

Donald tweets and the coterie of liberal “celebrity icons” blasts out overtly obscene responses reminding one / all of their total lack of ANYTHING you ever saw on any list of “How sane people behave”. These people are wired very very differently that “we” are.

I hate to tell you folks but… it ain’t gonna stop. Not tomorrow… not next month… not this time next year…. Not in many of our lifetimes… or our childrens’lifeties. “This” may be the norm for America for many decades.

A change in administrations… a change in Congress / Senate… your governor / legislature… none of those is going to change the reality that THOSE PEOPLE do not view the world and themselves “like you do”. They don’t. They won’t. There is an intellectual chasm that is impassable.

This is not “being a fan of one team over another team”. Not at all. Maybe it used to be that harmless 20-30 years ago. It’s not any more.

To simplify… these people don’t simply HATE TRUMP… they HATE US. Maybe they hate that we do indeed “have lives” beyond politics. Maybe they hate that we simply “have lives” and they don’t. Their “faith” (?) is in an endless stream of quite flawed messiahs.  They gravitate to false messiahs. 

Donald Trump is certainly “flawed”. Did you ever consider him “a messiah”? I don’t.  A “Political Messiah” is the ultimate oxymoron.

I see Donald Trump as an Orkin Man chosen to “get the out-of-control under control” …  It’s a dirty business that neither you nor I could do. Donald Trump is NOT “you” or “I”.

You do not have to like his methods… but America desperately needs the results he IS achieving.

GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE! Let them wallow in their obscene insanity.

If it were remotely practical I’d say herd all liberals into California and “build a wall” around IT. Given a preference of “undocumented aliens” / “dreamers” et al or any species of liberal ?? Easy choice for me.

If you have heard enough from Chelsea Handler (who?)… George Takai (who?)… Rosie O’Donnell… Michael Moore… Chris Matthews… Morning Joe… et al then stop checking your twitter feed… leave Facebook. I assume very few of you even have CNN, ABC, NBC, CNS. MSNBC programmed in your remote.

Many of you have learned how easy it has been to not watch The NFL. Getting liberals out of your life is just as easy… unless you are married to one or employed by one. In which case… what price do you put on your own sanity?


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