BL: Dogged Victims of an Inexorable Fate

The Fumble
November19/ 2017

Wolfpack Fans – Dogged Victims of an Inexorable Fate

Today’s title is borrowed from a book by Dan Jenkins about the PGA Tour in the 70-80s… how frustratingly frustrating golf and life as a golfer can be. … That title seems to apply today to Life as an NC State Wolfpack Football fan.

Lord Luv A Duck… what demented Muse keeps coming up with these “dagger thru the heart” endings? 

Yes… Groves/BBT has been A House of Horrors for visiting Wuffs for as long as anyone can recall. How many current NFL QBs have shuffled off the BBT greensward in dejected astonishment after receiving a bi-annual comeuppance from the lowly DeacoWFU IPFns?

Lowly maybe… but as Larry Fedora keeps reminding the 30,000 Kenan Football Faithful… even Wake Forest has an IPF. 

The DDeacs had served notice they were more than capable of playing scoreboard pinball having just melted down the Carrier Dome Jumbotron, but, but, but this was the senior-laden roster of a once top twenty sorta kinda maybe Emerging Juggernaut.

Less than a month ago The Committee in Grapevine had Doeren’s Pack on their “keep an eye on” list. … This was Chubb’s Gang and “the transfer from Boise” led by Coach DD on the cusp of his Brass Ring Contract.

Bobby Purcell and Frau Yow were drafting early versions of an NCSU version of a Giancarlo Stanton Lifetime Mega Deal for DD. Bre’r Kennel was mentioning DD in the same breath with Earl Edwards… WHOA!

The SoCar L was a long long time ago…. ND was “insurmountable injuries to key players” and the whole Echo / TD Jesus Thing…. The Deal w/ Dabo was “the refs (of course) and the laptop”. … but THIS ??

WHAT in the ever-lovin’ name of TA’s Knee happened Saturday night in Winston-Salem ???

Admittedly, these things don’t affect me to the very core of my essence like they do for many of you reading this. Even when I HAD a my team… these things never penetrated to the core of my essence. I appreciate that most folks have a more susceptible core of their essence than I do.


Bucky BadgerNOTE:  Speaking of a my team… I am all but declaring the Wisconsin Badgers as My Team.  Kid and Danny live in Madison and there is A LOT I like about Wisconsin Football.  I was wearing my “Bucky Badger” sweatshirt yesterday and actually “got emotional” as they thumped The Hated Jim Harbaugh… GO BADGERS!

Yes, “Bucky” does resemble “Tuffy” but U-Wiscy is a Very Awake Juggernaut FB School with one of the 2-3 best fight song of all-time – “On Wisconsin”.  And there’s the whole “Russell thing”…


EVERY legendary Wolfpack Loss in recorded history has a That Play and certainly this one was “the fumble into the End Fumble2Zone”… with 2:00 to go? …  Not the first time that’s ever happened in Football History nor the last.  But for those dogged citizens of Carter-Finleyville that is no consolation.

Really… I thought The Pack would overcome IT and still score to win the game. The more the camera focused on the hapless broken-hearted fumbler (WHY does TV do that?) the more I could see REDEMPTION acoming.

I really thought NC State would drive down and score in the final 00:30. The Curse of Grove/BBT would be vanquished… sigh.

Veteran Brickyarders, of course, knew better.

On the The Play I figured for sure the replay would be the dreaded Inconclusive. The on-field “fumble call” would stand and….

… 10 of 1,000s of NCSU knees would jerk in unison… THE FIX IS IN… AGAIN.

The complete dossier of that poor referee’s life would be BLASTED across Wolfpack Cyberspace. … In 1956, he lived for six months in North Wilkesboro just down the street from Oliver Swofford and Oliver’s little brother Johnny and… blah blah yadda yadda.  Here we go again…

Deep in the sub-basement bowels of Reynolds Coliseum where they keep the craziest of the crazies chained up, “they” no doubt saw the oblate spheroid pigskin firmly in-hand as the young Packster crossed the goal line… but at Amedeo’s “they knew” twas not so.

On the game-ending end zone interception did “the crazies in Reynolds’ sub-basement” see the DDeacon defenders assault the Wuff receiver with tire irons before making the interception? … Probably but again, the crowd at Amedeo’s accepted their inexorable fate.

… and so… a once Dream Season is reduced to MAYBE… At least we whupped UNCheats… MAYBE. Suddenly even THAT isn’t the foregone conclusion it was just a few days ago.

A Roto-Rooter Bowl in Appalachicola still awaits… with the pie-eating contest and swag bag trip to the Appalachicola CostCo. Not exactly South Beach on New Year’s but… HEY!

UNC ain’t going nowhere after Saturday. BUT…

Some Beaver Cleaver stunt double named Nathan Elliott has emerged from so-far-down Larry’s depth chart he had a 3-digit Elliottnumber.

DID Fedora find Nathan Elliott starring in a Carolina Playmakers production of Harry Potter The Early Years?

This kid looks so wholesome he probably goes to for-real classes and writes his own papers. YIKES!

I bet that tie he is wearing in that picture is HIS… and not the pass-around one the rest of the team always uses.

He is the first Tar Heel QB EVER to lead his team to back-to-back Wins before his first shave.

Have the two AfAm kids that were ahead of him transferred… YET?  Wanna bet they will.

And Ricky Proehl’s kid comes back from the ICU… In a Kenan version of a crippled Willis Reed Leading the 1970 Knicks against Wilt and The Lakers.

Does UNC’s bludgeoning of fellow UNC System member WCU count towards the mythical Mack Brown State Championship? Why not? I bet Mack would count it.

If Duke and Wake tie and Nathan / Austin lead the emerging Fedorians in a cataclysmic victory at The Carter; can Larry order “We Almost Won The State Championship” rings for his youngsters?

Should Duke’s September W over NCCU count. Howsabout Wake’s 20-19 W over AppyState?

Does anyone have a copy of Mack’s Rules?

Will Deacs VS Devils @ Groves/BBT be Deacon Dave Clawson’s swan song before he grabs HIS brass ring… and tells AD Ron Wellman which Power-5 Real FB School to forward his final paycheck to?

Will this November surge by The Fedorians cause Bubba to reconsider reducing Kenan’s seating capacity?

HOLY CHOO CHOO… Has The Sleeping Giant Awakened? … some Kenanite mutters for the umpteenth time in 75 years.

IF… that young Wuff had just held the ball a nano-second longer… just a nano-second…

Then this column woulda been about The Short/Long Term Future of Football… but that can wait.


Blondie has a REALLY GOOD Column… “Mammas don’t let your babies grow up to… be Quarterbacks”.  LINK

AgentPierce explains why… “There is no Geneva Convention in Politics” … LINK

NCNewsAndViews has these and lots more… LINK


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