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Kenan Stadium
November17/ 2017

Making Kenan Komfier and Kozier…

and a Did You Know?

Thursday Bubba The Real AD at UNCCH announced that ABCers won’t have “aluminum” to kick around anymore amid Kenan’s lofty pines.

Beginning as soon as contracts can be signed… UNC will replace the current bleacher seating along both sidelines with individual BLUE seats w/ seat backs.. The immediate effects will be.. SeatsKenan

• Provide more comfortable seating for a maximum of 34,000 fans along the sidelines.
• Reduce the overall capacity of Kenan Stadium from 63,000 to around 53,000.
• Remove the infamous “aluminum-colored” aluminum bleachers visible on-camera when Kenan Stadium is at less than capacity.

The project is budgeted at only $7,000,000 which is chump changes compared to TGU legal fees of $30,000,000 and Larry’s fancy schmanzy IPF at $35,000,000.

The issue of reduced stadium capacity is not expected to be an issue. Official Kenan Stadium Attendance Guessers will continue their time-honored system of counting thumbs instead of noses… and throwing in an extra 5-6,000 just because…

NOTE:  It is similar to the math used for gauging student protests at UNCCH.  (1) Count the actual number of sad snowflakes holding misspelled signs… (2) double that number for the ones who meant to come but forgot… (3) add in the regional media covering the protest which always exceeds the actual number of sad snowflakes with misspelled signs…  (4) add another 32 just because…

This project should be completed in time for the 2018 season.

Reassigning season ticket holders will likely piss-off a number of’em.  That’s nothing new.

I know what you are thinking… Yes, I suggested this along with other really cool ideas several years ago when I saw the trend across America of lots of folks not actually going to games any more.

Specifically, I recommended…
• Install individual blue seats “between the 20s”…
• Paint the remaining bleachers C-blue and…
• Renumber the bleachers beyond the 20s both upper/lower, reducing the numbers of “supposed seats” by 6-8/row thereby expanding the comfort width of each bleacher seat by 3-4” per seat width.. It WOULD make a noticeable difference.
• Block out the corners of the upper decks with large blue canvas squares with the interlocking NC.. These could be removed for high-demand games i.e. “when NC State visits every other year”.
• The bottom 6-8 or so rows along the sidelines are obstructed view seating and should be sold at a greatly reduced price.

NOTE:  At NASCAR tracks those lower level seats next to the track (field) were known as “chicken bone alley”.   Fans in the upper rows would throw their chicken bones down on the fans below them.  There is no historical evidence that has ever happened at Kenan Stadium… or at Carter-Finley for that matter.

I thought there might be an issue regarding the concrete risers between rows. That the depth of the new seats does not create an ingress/egress issue for fans moving in/out of each row. Surely someone has measured all of that.

Blue Zone

There is no plan to force Blue Zoners to leave the creature comforts (A/C and “free” buffet) they pay a premium for. So their actual seats will, alas, remain empty even though they ARE on-site.

Installing cardboard Blue Zoners in those seats might help. It being UNCCH, there would have to be “diverse cardboard Blue Zoners”.

No one can figure how to create cardboard Transgendered Afro/Asian Vegan Blue Zoners. Suggestions are welcomed.

Maybe 2,000 cardboard Silent Sams in those otherwise empty BZ seats? Just a thought.

This is a positive move for UNC officials accepting the reality of trends among ACC member institutions with stadiums NOT named Death Valley… Lane… and Carter-Finley. Those three stadia are NOT having “fill’er up” issues… yet.

Louisville’s Papa John Stadium (the largest college-only stadium in America with ALL individual seats) is doing well “now” but that is “iffy” based on when Bobby Pitrino either leaves in the middle of the night again… or commits another heinous act of abject stoopidity. Either could happen at any time.

Pretty much all other ACC stadiums and 95% of stadiums across college football are having significantly reduced attendance issues due to various socio-techno-cultural trends in America.

Duke, Boston College, Pitt and Wake stadiums are especially “un-filled” with no likelihood of that changing… probably ever.

UNCCH will take some “heat” from hated rivals over this recent announcement because that’s what hated rivals do. Maybe Dave Doeren will exploit it in his recruiting pitch now that “sanctions” is no longer an issue to be exploited. …

Come to NC State and play in front of a larger crowd at our stadium than at UNCCH even though their IPF is newer and fancier than ours is…”


Hey, Did You Know…
Today – Friday, November 17, 2017

Seventeen (17) National Champion College Sports Teams visited The White House today and met with President Donald Trump… and Secty Education Betsy DeVoss.  In their commemorative pictures… all student-athletes and coaches were smiling. None were “kneeling”.

LINK ~~~

The odds on you reading about this anywhere but right here are pretty much ZERO.

Notable by their absence were Roys Boys and South Carolina’s WBB.


ESPN’s College Gameday will be in Madison WI tomorrow (Sat)Notable, of course, as “The Home of Kid & Pastor Danny”. 

When GameDay Comes To Your School. – LINK.

Plans are for Danny to dress up as “Snoopy” and KidEIGHT Months pregnant w/ twinsas The MetLife Blimp.  Say Good Night, Gracie.


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