BL: WRAL’s Goodmon SCREAMS at NC Spin… YOU’RE OUT!

November15/ 2017

If I had a nickel for every time AgentPierce has come to me with … “BobLee.. BobLee… Is this one worthy… Is It?”.

My SaidWhatMedia amigo has long dreamed of being RIGHT HERE … Center Stage of Cyber-Space.  He hoped someday to have an AgentPierceSaid column worthy of being posted on BobLeeSays.   He’s come close a few times… darn close… but he wasn’t quite ready.  By golly… I do believe the boy done done it this time.

His first draft was close… then at 8:34 AM he got that quote from his super-secret inside source at WRAL that contained the magic phrase – “… an F-bomb laced tirade…” – and that sealed the deal.   I know some of you are one-topic-ponies – TGU – but this IS A GOOD’UN… Trust me.

Ladies and Gentleman and Children of All Ages and All The Ships At Sea… I proudly present to you – my pal AgentPierce’s HUMDINGER of a column…


With F-Bombs aflying…

Jim Goodmon tells NC Spin  “YOU’RE OUT”

Just a coincidence… suuuure it is.

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Yours truly, your favorite NOT-liberal source of What, Why & Who, announced earlier this week (Nov 12) that the insipid political nerd-fest NC Spin’s future on WRAL was down to single-digit days if not hours… and… then

On Wed – Nov 15; “Prince John” Hood (a.k.a. The guy who killed Plotthound … a.k.a. Art Pope’s Boy Friday) announced in his little newspaper / blog Carolina Journal that…

NC Spin HAS indeed been evicted from WRAL-TV5… where it was totally subsidized by Jim Goodmon. And, beginning in January…

will be on WUNC-TV4 where it will be subsidized by “us” the taxpayers of North Carolina… and anyone foolish enough to donate to the damn thing. … Please Art (Pope) Don’t Do It!

We have not yet confirmed that the insipid political nerd-fest will probably change its name…

From NC Spin… to “(not) A Chef’s Life”

…hoping to glom a few viewers from PBS’s very popular show about Kinston’s Vivian Howard and her Chef & The Farmer restaurant. (not) The Woodwright and (not) Sesame Street were also considered.

Home Alone

NC Spin’s crackerjack marketing staff plans to canvass the state from Murphy to Manteo visiting each and every one of NC Spin’s 162 regular viewers presenting each one with his/her own refrigerator magnet with details how to find the show at its new home.

The magnets show Hood and his little buddy Chris “Blinky” Fitzsimon hitting one another with nerf bats while moderator TomCampbell makes a “Home Alone” face…

Original plans to also include a CD of Rufus Edmisten singing “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” was scrapped. Rufus refused to supply the CDs. NC Spin’s promotions budget is sorta tight.

That Jim Goodmon wanted to evict his boyhood chum – Campbell – and Tom’s nerdy little pals from WRAL had been common knowledge for quite some time.

What began some years ago as ever-so-charitable Jim’s offer to make Tom feel like a local TV show celebrity, had evolved into a is he EVER going to get a real job and move out of our basement situation.

Not only that but, Goodmon had been grumbling for quite some time that he really didn’t like seeing that unctuous little weasel Hood on his TV station.  How do you really feel, Jim?

And then there’s THIS from a 200% reliable longtime CBC / WRAL super-insider…

The parting of the ways between Goodmon and Tom Campbell was very ugly.   …. There were F-bombs flying everywhere.  Jim was furious with Tom for having Pat McCrory on his show.  Jim Goodmon has lost his mind.

With WRAL now embroiled in that ridiculous Raleigh Christmas Parade Kerfluffle, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to change the locks on the studio door and hope Tom gets the message. Tom “got the message”.

If we can get our hands on one of those refrigerator magnets we’ll post a picture of it.

OK, admit it… you’re trying to recall the words to It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels, aren’t you?

…. Here’s the YouTube version by Miss Kitty Wells. … LINK.



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