BL: Champagne Wishes… and Green Bean Casseroles

November08/ 2017

BL: Champagne Wishes… and Green Bean casseroles

We will beat that thoroughly mutilated equine corpse of our team vs referees just a bit more… BUT FIRST…

“Mothers of the house” are beginning to assemble the ingredients for Thanksgiving 2017. Are we now at the point in Battleground America where plastic sporks replace more lethal cutlery… for fear that one or more extended family members will take umbrage at one or more other extended family members over diametrically-opposite ideologies? … despite a very poignant urging by self-appointed “Rodney Kings” (“can’t we all just get-along?”). “Rodney” we are soooo beyond that now…Rockwell Thanksgiving

Traditional “adult table” debates over the importance of French fried onions to a proper green bean casserole now having been replaced by a well-intentioned conversation-starter by dingy Aunt Clara to the 3-4 “college-age” attendees… “Do ya’ll have any of those trans-whatevers at your school?”

NOTE: How might Norman Rockwell paint the scene when the phrase “artificial vagina” is first uttered at an American family Thanksgiving Dinner?

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. There’s still umpteen permutations still in-play to decide which of a handful of college football teams can say “…but all-in-all we have a lot to be proud of…” . as permanently constipated fans demand that being satisfied with 9-wins is for losers and totally unacceptable.

In this era of everyone gets a participation trophy because we don’t dare bruise young psyches that it truly is all about WINNING… Finishing second is “the first loser”. Do we really need to keep score?

If you don’t believe “keeping score” is on the hit list of what MUST be removed from college campuses along with offensive statues then you really aren’t paying attention. “Grades” are a form of keeping score so let’s do away with “grades” too.


STOP BobLee STOP… wherever you are going with this… can’t we beat that mutilated equine corpse of “crooked referees” some more?


Q: Did that last column result in a game plan or at least a few “action steps” towards resolving that issue?

A: No, was it supposed to? We agreed that (1) Officials are human… (2) Humans are subject to corruption, intimidation and simply messing up … (3) Spending 10 minutes reviewing EVERY call / no call until it favors “my team” is probably not the solution.

BUT… (1) having Conference executives with life-long ties to one member institution is as horrible an idea as it has always been… and (2) assigning officials from a central national HQ rather than thru each conference office makes waaaay too much sense to ever happen.

NOTE: Expanding Twitter to 280 characters is still THE Worst Idea of this millennium. The devastating impact of THAT begins this week.

MLB did away with separate American and National League umpires some years ago. I never could remember which one used the inflatable outside chest protector and which used the “inside the shirt” one.

Now MLB umpire crews are scheduled randomly across both leagues with supposedly the same strike zone for all 30 teams. MLB still hasn’t decided what to do about “Cowboy Joe” West, so there is still work to do.

As Reader Comments flew Fast & Furiously in that last column, I had repeated de ja vues all over again of word-for-word debates of this exact same issue at least a dozen times in the 18-years of this website’s existence. Not unlike those debates over green-bean casseroles. … “traditions like no other…”

We have a list of similarly reoccuring topics. Should we number them and simply refer to them that way. #4 might be “Aluminum in Kenan Stadium” … #6 – The UNC BOG did WHAT? … and so forth and so on.

As of today, there IS still a path to the Swoff Bowl for NC State… but should that path be closed…

Does a 9-3 Season w/ a Whozit Bowl in Valdosta merit The Brass Ring Deal for Dave Doeren?

What is “good enough” to be “a Really Good Season” for a mainstream fully-functioning adult Wolfpack fan… with a Life ??

That opening loss to SoCar negated any thoughts of A DREAM SEASON but there were Champagne Wishes for sure until two weeks ago.

All this assumes a Royal Whuppin’ of the woeful Fedorians of course. If somehow that goes horribly horribly wrong, it’s take-away all belts and shoelaces time all across Planet Wolfpack. … The on-line carnage that would ensue if “that” happens would have Lee Fowler and TO’B smiling if not grinning.

I am certain an NCSU L to UNC will NOT happen, but what do I know?


Hey, did I mention that Blondie and I spent last week at “da Beach” – Emerald Isle to be specific? We experimented with a Soundfront rather than our usual Oceanfront cottage rental. That risky experiment turned out incredibly well. It was at a narrow strip of Bogue Banks where “the beach” was literally just a block away. … we have reserved that same Soundfront cottage for the Spring. It was THAT nice.

Sound Sunset

Speaking of incredibly well… My personal choice …NOT a boycott… to not include The NFL among my Fall entertainment options is going splendidly. “Cold Turkey” to maintain our Thanksgiving theme. I assume ROWGs and the Kaepernickers are still at odds… and ratings are still tanking… and Roger is curled up in a fetal position under his desk NOT eating a Papa John pizza?

When The NBA season starts it too will not make my list of options …. What? The NBA HAS started ? You’re kidding, right? Who Knew!

Stranger Things

Kid and Pastor Danny have me watching Stranger Things on Netflix. I’m through four episodes of Season One. Expecting Pennywise The Clown to show up any minute… Meanwhile, Blondie is fully engaged in Hallmark Christmas Movies.

Stranger Things VS Hallmark Christmas Movies … Actually, I enjoy Hallmark Christmas Movies too. …. (a partisan political slur noting zero pedophiles in Hallmark movies can be inserted here).


Here is where we usually do the shameless promotion of the other SaidWhatMedia offerings.  Their links are “up yonder” on the right side… including our buddy at … 

AgentPierce’s piece – HE FIGHTS by Evan Douglas Sayt – went Double Platinum.  As always, those of the liberal persuasion should NOT “go there” without permission of your physician, shaman, guru or favorite Hollywood B-list activist.  It references a reality you know nuthin’ about.  For the rest of you... HERE’S THE LINK.

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