AP: WRAL’s Jim Goodmon not indicted by grand jury on racketeering charges

October29/ 2017

WRAL’s Jim Goodmon not indicted by Grand Jury on Racketeering Charges

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Let me be clear… No Grand Jury, federal or county, has ever indicted notorious Raleigh media mogul Jim Goodmon (WRAL) on Racketeering charges. At least, to date, they have not.

Rob Christensen

Also, Raleigh Police do not consider N&O Political newshound Rob “RielleWHO” Christensen as a suspect in a series of “peeping tom” incidents around St Augustine College. Rob might be doing it but there is no evidence that he is.  If Rob lives in your neighborhood, you probably have nothing to fear.

If you heard that one of Jim Goodmon’s hired goons, Rob Schofield, (i.e. “Ernie” of “Bert & Ernie”) is involved in a kiddie porn and human trafficking network, that is probably not true. It could be, I suppose, but I have not heard anything to indicate it is.

Do the above examples of Gotcha-Muckraking Journalism make you throw up in your mouth?

If so, welcome to Lt Governor Dan Forest’s World.

Jim Goodmon’s goons – Chris Fitzsimon and Rob Schofield – in cahoots with some millennial mutt at The N&O – Andy/Paul Whozit – have been ordered by whoever signs their checks to destroy Dan Forest by whatever means necessary… and we mean WHATEVER means.  The End will justify ANY means.

Fitzsimon and Schofield ?? Weren’t they the two weasels that coerced John Hood to kill Plotthound?   Yes, they were.  To be fair, that did not take all that much coercion.  John Hood hated CarolinaPlotthound because he could not control every word of it. …. LINK.

Dan Forest will likely run for Governor in 2020 against Ray/Roy Cooper. Jim Goodmon (WRAL) and The N&O LOVE Ray/Roy Cooper… and Obama… and Hillary… and Open Rest rooms… and Open borders… and strict gun control… and … well, you get the message.

Goodmon (WRAL) and The N&O despise Donald Trump and anyone who voted for him.

Fitzsimon / Schofield most recent little newsletter and The N&O’s most recent collaborative assassination attempt involves a fund-raiser for Lt. Governor Forest attended by a representative of a church with strong, aberrant views on homosexuality.

Because this individual was in attendance these muck-raking hyenas want whoever reads their crap to assume Dan Forest totally agrees with the church’s rites and methods, hellfire, he probably participates in them… you never know… maybe.

FOR SURE… Radical hate groups such as this church, and some much worse, are probably bankrolling Forest maybe. Be Very Afraid North Carolina so saith these Goodmon / N&O journo-toadies and weasels.

Here’s a detailed account of Schofield and Andy/Paul’s attack pieces. LINK

If it’s any consolation (?)… it will get much much worse in the months to come. These people have no shame and no line they won’t cross to achieve their objective… as ordered by their bosses.

This Andy/Paul character at The N&O will likely disappear in a few months. The N&O financial woes get worse by the day. Their recent history shows a revolving door of these millennial mutts who stick around a few months… write a few salacious J-school student pieces than just go away to be replaced by another one.

My favorite mutt was “Johnny Reb” Frank. In 2012, Paul Ryan visited Raleigh. Ryan held a media event at a legendary Raleigh eatery – Big Ed’s – in Moore Square.

John Frank’s lead paragraph noted that Big Ed’s “has confederate memorabilia on its walls”. The implication, of course, being Ryan favors places that glorify the Confederacy and all it stands for… heck, maybe Paul Ryan owns slaves.

Big Eds

Frank neglected to mention that on any given morning Big Ed’s is full of Democrat politicians cutting under-the-table deals with lobbyists and/or flirting with waitresses.

Several weeks later I was having breakfast at Big Ed’s with a prominent Raleigh AfAm business leader. I offered to buy his breakfast if he could find “the confederate memorabilia on the walls”. That was five years ago. He still hasn’t found it.

THAT is the level of reporters that The N&O has been employing the past ten + years. Now, operating on a shoestring, that “quality” is deteriorating. YIKES!

The ideologically-obsessed Goodmon (WRAL) still has aplenty of his inherited wealth to spend on his dumpster-diving goon squads.  Be assured he will.

This column won’t stop Goodmon (WRAL) or The N&O. But if you pass this along to your like-minded friends, it will let more folks know their strategy.

Oh… Is N&O Publisher Sara Glines on George Soros’ payroll? I’ve never seen proof of that, but that doesn’t mean much.


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