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October26/ 2017

LOOKEE HERE!… NCNewsAndViews.com

What did I tell you? A brand-new Aggregate Website  i.e.“like CarolinaPlotthound” has emerged from the boundless void of cyberspace.

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Welcome To Our World:




It is NOT “my website” or BobLee’s or Blondie’s. Our SaidWhatMedia team has no stake whatsoever in this venture other than it has our full support for its success. Hopefully, it will also have yours too.

Most of you are aware of the shenanigans that led to CarolinaPlotthound.com  recently being KILLED via Jim Goodmon’s little goons “Bert & Ernie” with the assistance of Art Pope’s “Boy Friday” John Hood.

Here is my earlier column that detailed that nefariousness. … LINK.

In the development of NCNV, the principal behind the venture DID approach SaidWhatMedia for our advice. And – SURPRISE – we did offer our suggestions.  Some of which he actually incorporated into the design and format of the site. Eventually he will probably incorporate ALL of our incredibly insightful suggestions because he seems to be a pretty smart fellow…

NOTE: The parts of the website you especially like were all our suggestions, of course.

The “He” of NCNV is NOT Art Pope nor anyone connected to Mr. Pope in any way. That is a polite way of assuring you that John Hood has absolutely nothing to do with this website in any way. The NCNV guy thinks even less of “Little Johnny” that we do which is a “lot of less”.

Obviously “The NCNV guy” is NOT Jim Goodmon nor any of his motley crew of toadies and weasels. Nor is this site in ANY WAY connected to any of the multitude of cloak & dagger organizations that make-up the Sinister Liberal Media & Money Laundering Cartel.

Enough about all those slimey human hairballs.

About This New Site…

The general layout of NCNV is in keeping with the “Drudge-like” of Plotthound. It is an aggregate site which means it “mines the Internet” for news stories and commentaries (i.e. blogs) from here, there and yonder. It does NOT produce its own content. It simply offers LINKS to sites and their content.

The “Where To Go” to get LINKS to post is via a mysterious algorithm handed down over centuries thru The Knights Templar… The Free Masons… and the Abbé Faria (i.e. Count of Monte Cristo’s pal).

If you wish to suggest additional sites that NCNV might check feel free to do so. If you have a clue what the heck an “algorithm” is, that would be appreciated too.

One special treat with NCNV is a permanent link to The Daily Haymaker.

John Hood DESPISED Daily Haymaker. What higher praise can there be?  Oh, Hood if you’re reading this… “Tara” is on this site too.  Just a few folks on your ever-growing enemies list. Orkin Man

I refer to my old buddy “Daily Haymaker” as “The Orkin Man of Jones Street”. He knows where all the rats and spiders lurk within the NC General Assembly…. On BOTH sides of the aisle.  TDH ain’t a big fan of Burr or Tillis either.

Those bi-partisan rats & spiders FEAR DAILY HAYMAKER and for good reason. You should always check for Daily Haymaker’s latest EXPOSE. You can do that with one click on NCNV.

There are several other popular blog sites with permanent spots on NCNV. These are operated by “good people” all of whom tend, coincidentally, to be “Not-Liberal”. Duh…

Folks like American Lens.. Mark Creech.. Beaufort Observer.. Dr. Mike Adams.. Chad Adams.. Liberty Headlines and others… with more “others” sure to come.

Oh… yeah… there is a mischievous trio of very Not PC-types over on the left column. Don’t let that “left” fool you. We aren’t. “We” being SaidWhatMedia R Us. BobLee, Blondie and Moi will always be there too.

We insisted that was not necessary but, apparently, The NCNV Guy wants lots of traffic so There We Are… “Three Click Magnets”.

It may take you a few visits to NCNV to learn your way around. As you do so, that “way” may be changing as there will, surely, be format tweaks in the weeks to come.

If I were you… I would
BOOKMARK the new site RIGHT NOW!
Forward this column to a minimum of nine friends
Revisit NCNV at least twice a day. Headlines will change.
Forward NCNV to all your Facebook / Twitter friends.

Gotta go… just thought of another incredible suggestion for The NCNV guy.


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