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October17/ 2017

Who Killed PlottHound… and Why

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I don’t know Who Shot Liberty Valance or Who Killed Cock Robin? … but I can and I will tell you…

Who Killed CarolinaPlottHound.com

If you don’t know anything about the website CarolinaPlotthound.com not much of this will mean anything to you. But The How & What that killed that popular website likely will happen again to other Not-Liberal media platforms. So What Happened to Plotthound matters. It matters A LOT.

CarolinaPlotthound.com (CPH) was an aggregate website started in 2012 by two fine gentlemen Paul Chesser and Chad Adams. Paul & Chad are staunch Conservatives and the tone of the website was decidedly Not-Liberal.

Upside down CPH

Aggregate website means Like The Drudge Report. The website was a page full of current/recent hyperlinks to other websites… both formal media and blog sites. No original articles ever appeared on CPH. It was 100% link to other sites.

Those linked sites would often include notoriously radical-left-wing media such as Jim Goodmon’s WRAL and The N&O, Charlotte Observer, GSBO N&R, et al. If Paul Chesser thought an article was of interest to CPH visitors he posted it.

This Site and BobLeeSays.com were regularly linked on CPH along with Mike Adams, Lady Liberty, Mark Creech, and many other very fine folks.

All of us are still flourishing with our strong corps of viewers. CPH directed views were appreciated but certainly not critical to any of us..

No one paid to be posted and no one was ever paid to produce content for the site. The site’s revenue came thru GoogleAds based on viewership.

CPH’s primary focus was on North Carolina politics… local and regional. There was no other comparable website to CPH. The website grew exponentially over the past 5 years as a place to come to know where to go for news and opinions.

I don’t know how many daily hits CPH was getting when it was KILLED; but it’s popularity grew to where Jim Goodmon’s dumpster-diving goons wanted it shut down.

Chris Fitzsimon and his little henchman Rob Schofield (a.k.a “Bert & Ernie”) are paid by Jim Goodmon and other left-wing funding sources to write hard-core liberal attack pieces against all things Republican /Conservative. There is nothing illegal about Jim Goodmon doing that.

Nor is there anything illegal about the people Art Pope pays to write hard-core Conservative articles against all things Democrat / Liberal.

It’s how Barnyard Politics is played. Be careful where you step.

Capital Broadcasting/WRAL’s Jim Goodmon also funds a funky cable TV show – NC Spin – moderated by his longtime boyhood friend Tom Campbell. The format involves Campbell and four “political hacks” debating political issues du jour.

Think Wayne World’s without the class and talents of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey.

Wayne's World

Two of those hacks are permanent panelists – Chris Fitzsimon and John Hood.

John Hood is long time consigliere and Boy Friday to Art Pope. Hood has oversight over assorted Pope quasi-political ventures including the John Locke Foundation, Civitas and various others. John Hood

Despite NC Spin having VERY modest ratings/ viewership, John Hood has boasted that he is North Carolina’s Most Famous Conservative via his weekly appearances on the glorified CCTV production.  Not sure if Hood sees himself as “Wayne” or “Garth”.

“Boasting” is one of John Hood’s most-notable talents. Having Art Pope’s ear and thereby controlling who gets an audience with the political financier is how most people know John Hood… and why people pretend to like John Hood.

One local political pundit said recently “When John Hood grows up, he wants to be Bill Kristol”. Bill Kristol is a notorious Washington Neo-Con (??) and founder of The American Standard newsletter.

Both Kristal and Hood are outspoken Trump-haters within their respective spheres of influence. Hood’s sphere being considerably smaller than Kristal’s. Both men’s spheres are shrinking by the day.

Kristal and Hood dwell gleefully in “The Swamp” which Donald Trump has promised to drain, thereby earning Bill and John’s eternal hatred.

Have you guessed:  Who Killed Plotthound… and Why?”
Have I been too subtle?

Fitzsimon / Schofield wanted CPH KILLED because it had become a very effective Anti-Liberal media conduit. To destroy and discredit Anti-Liberal media is why Goodmon employs them. I don’t fault them for “wanting CPH killed”.

If you ask why a media mogul such as Jim Goodmon would oppose a free and open press/media you don’t understand Liberal Media at all.

Liberalism cannot withstand being exposed to The Light of Truth via any non-sycophant media. Goodmon, The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, all well-known radical liberal financing entities, wanted CPH KILLED and told Fitzsimon to make it happen.

In his little newsletter, Fitzsimon accused CPH of being RACIST (yawn) for linking to an article by a Greensboro-area blogger that said NCAG Josh Stein, who is Jewish, is Jewish??

They also referenced a column yours truly posted last year about The N&O canning one of its three prominent AfAm staffers. Here’s the LINK to that one in case you missed it.

CPH was, at the time of its unfortunate demise, being subsidized by Civitas, an Art Pope entity.  Fitzsimon, in a classic liberal tactic, implied clumsily that Civitas must therefore be RACIST too.

His attack stopped just short of “Art Pope probably owns slaves”. Again, typical liberal attack strategy.

What Chris Fitzsimon says about anything is irrelevant to all but his little gaggle of newsletter disciples.

EXCEPT… that he and Jim Goodmon control John Hood’s all-important TV exposure. VOILA!

Hood exerted his Pope “muscle” – if you knew Hood you would see the humor in that word choice – to force the Civitas Board to KILL CPH.

In addition to his precious TV exposure, Hood also hated the fact that CPH was postinHood dancingg links to pro-Trump articles. Remember… Hood, a hard-line “Swamp Rat”, despises all things Trump despite NC being a strong Pro-Trump state.

John Hood orchestrated The Killing of Plotthound 

…to give him more control of what media North Carolina Conservatives have easy access to. Think about that the next time Hood comes to you for a donation.

Several entities expressed interest in buying the website from Civitas or at least buying the URL to direct viewers to a totally new Anti-Liberal aggregate website.

Even that possibility was KILLED supposedly under fear that the Fitzsimon Attack Machine (??) would still blame Civitas/Pope for anything on the website.

John Hood and his little debate chum Fitzsimon continue to have their weekly nerf fights in NC Spin’s sandbox to an audience of 100s… and CarolinaPlotthound.com is dead.

You just never know what the future will bring. If you visit THIS SITE and DailyHaymaker.com and listen to Chad Adams’ Internet/Radio show you’ll be among the first to know whatever it might be.

FORWARD THIS TO FIVE (5) FRIENDS who enjoyed Plotthound and might be curious what happened to it.


The irony in the above is… that Jim Goodmon is reportedly tired of throwing his $$$ down the NC Spin rat-hole… and also sick of seeing John Hood’s face on his TV station.  NC Spin’s days are numbered according to an “inside WRAL source”.


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