BL: Shake It Off: Life In Post-TGU World

October14/ 2017

Shake It Off: Life In A Post-TGU World

TGU – UNCCH’s The Great Unpleasantness… Duh!

Long before there was Taylor Swift… there were the Jesse W. Grainger High School cheerleaders. …Back in the day, when it wasn’t going our way and Red Devil dawbers were down… the cheerleaders did “Shake It Off”.

Betty Lou and Teena and Sue and Janice and Deborah and Dottie and Linda et al would lock their hands behind their heads… shaking their hips once to the left and once to the right.

Fans would go bezzzzerk, pre-adolescent boys eyes would bug-out and Very Scary English Teacher Ruby Crane would have a case of the vapors.  The Grainger High Red Devils would usually SHAKE IT OFF.

All of you with down dawbers after InJustice Prevailed… Shake It Off.

It might help if you had a visual of 17 y/o Betty Lou and Teena and Sue and Deborah and Dottie and Janice and…

So do I simply close the TGU File and get on with other issues du jour? Or… do the inhabitants of this Planet still need to vent, emote and otherwise expunge 8+ years of roiling boiling on an emotional Tilt-a-Whirl?

There is no shortage of “fish to fry” in our constant search for The Pent-ultimate Example of Human How-Comes.  There are The Still Kneeling Kaepernickers… October Baseball… Angry Jemele Of Arc… The Lonely World of Roger Goodell… Why did Linda have to die on Blue Bloods?… My latest favorite authors… et al.

Alas… We did not spend those 8+ years roiling & boiling to simply shrug our collective shoulders with a “so, whats for dinner” nonchalance. Nay, in the after shock of The NCAA DID WHAT?; there are new avenues to explore and innumerable “now whats” to peer down. So… lets.

It’s no secret that the vast majority of you are very un-pleased with what did not happen. But, you are NOT all ABCers (Anybody But Carolina). There ARE a sizable crowd of disenchanted, if not totally disillusioned, UNCCH alums and fans addicted to this website.

Few if any rabid UNC Board Monkeys visit however… proving once and forever There IS A God. I am convinced it is my frequent use of polysyllabic words that discourage them from visiting. Whatever… I intend to keep doing it.

There ARE some Blue Zoners /Lower Levelers who lurk here. They never think I’m talking about “them” when I am, of course, “talking about them”. It’s a Vulcan mind trick they do.

The basic mantra of a Lower Leveler is “I just KNOW Dean would never do anything wrong…”

When countered with “How do you know that?”… they look quizzedly and reply “… I just KNOW.”

FYI:  That is also how Madelyn Albright dealt with Bill Clinton & Monica.  “I just KNOW he didn’t do IT.”

These are respected(?) city fathers… sons of city fathers… corporate moguls… doctors… lawyers… trustees… members of exclusive clubs… guys who live in “gated enclaves”… longtime Rams Clubbers with single digit member #s. … men who would trade their granddaughters into an African Warlord’s harem for another BANNER.

“… I just KNOW.” Ooookay.

NOTE: It’s no coincidence that in Hollywood that convoluted line of reasoning is called Harvey Weinstein-itis Harvey is a really great guy. Yo Harv, can my daughter intern with you… please? … OUCH!

I e-chatted with ThatDamnDan yesterday. I used the Little Hamchunk analogy to describe yesterday’s announcement

In The Green Berets /1968, Colonel Kirby (John Wayne) has to tell the little Viet Namese orphan – Hamchunk (Craig Jue) – that his “Peter-San” had been killed on a mission… Green Berets

Kirby/Wayne: “… you always knew it could happen.”

Hamchunk/Jue: “But… I didn’t want it to.”

DDan has never seen the movie but thought the analogy seemed apt.

Moving right along…

Regardless of your collegiate loyalty, I DARE YOU to play this game with yourself…

If you are an ABCer… If this Not Illegal Eligibility Scam had taken place “at your school” in exactly the same fashion as it evolved at UNCCH… how would you feel about it?

Don’t kid yourselves… it could. All it takes is a pair of overly-passionate zealots with a cultish devotion to a messianic leader… and access to the right class files. Put the scheme in place… let it play out a few semesters with the desired results.  Those who could stop it simply “go ostrich” and first thing you know “No mo eligibility issues”.

18-20 years later those zealots are long gone. The current admins go Sgt Schultz and VOILA…

The rank&file TruBlues, WalMarters and otherwise, never knew or cared to know. Just “more Kool-Aid please… and keep hanging those banners Coach.”

IF… THAT happened at Your School ???

Maybe 6% of you would be righteously outraged and demand it be corrected ASAP. I expect to hear from that entire 6%.

The other 94% are CERTAIN it could NEVER happen at your school. I will hear from some of that 94% too.

To you handful of TruBlues reading this…

If this exact same Not Illegal Eligibility Scam had been perpetrated at Duke, NCSU, Kentucky, etc. how would YOU react to their circumstance?

Would you laugh and say: “Well, by golly…

“… they sure pulled a fast one on all of us for 20 years didn’t they. Gotta give’em credit for originality… Oh well, what’s for dinner..?”

Sure you would… ????

OK Folks.  Its time to Gird Your Loins for Life After TGU.


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