October13/ 2017

Oct 1995: OJ “Not Guilty”

Oct 2017: UNCCH “Not Guilty”

and BOOM Goes The Dynamite!

“If the glove don’t fit… you gotta acquit”… no glove like with OJ; but The NCAA somehow decided something didn’t fit so… UNCCH “beats the rap”.   Ain’t that a HOOT?

  • If you are an ABCer and hated / despised / loathed “The NCAA” before today, you REALLY hate / despise / loathe “The NCAA” now.
  • If your co-worker / neighbor / no-account brother-in-law was an obnoxious TruBlue a**h*** before today… you ain’t seen nothing yet.
  • If you are an obnoxious TruBlue all your naïve delusions about “your school” and its “Way” are sorta vindicated if not validated.  Al least enough so to ramp up your general obnoxiousness to every ABCer you come in contact with. Your self-worth invested vicariously in your school/team remains as valid as it ever was.


ABCers all around The Globe can rant and rage and fuss and fume and perform all manner of “I’m soooo mad I could…” and most are/will … but It Is What Is It.

ABCers of the Lupine Persuasion can dredge up every minute detail of “what they did to Jimmy V 25 years ago…”, and they surely will, and it won’t change today’s ruling one iota. But do it anyway because…

What do I think?

I think: …“IT” was a rather simple scheme to keep UNC MBBs academically eligible by assuring them of enough credit hours to “stay eligible” for as long as they intended to play intercollegiate basketball. The scheme was in place performing its intended function for 15+ years.

Some of the direct beneficiaries over the 15+ years were academically incapable of doing college-level classwork.  Others simply felt entitled not to have to do so.  Regardless, they didn’t have to…

Was IT, at worst, a victim-less crime like “prostitution” or “smoking dope” or “jaywalking” or “fudging on your taxes”? IT was “manipulating grades to keep a specific group of UNC student-athletes eligible to play basketball”. Compare that to whatever you wish….  The scheme was quickly expanded to include WBB and UNC Football players too.

That UNCCH “student-athletes” of other sports may have benefitted is irrelevant. That frat boys also benefitted is also irrelevant.

Were Deborah Crowder and Burgess McSwain that clever to create a blueprint that could evade circumspection? No, they were not that smart at all… just lucky.

Is the Machiavellian hand of St Dean The All Mighty behind this? I don’t think so in its initial inception.

Did He/Dean know about it? Absolutely but St. Dean was easily able to apply “situational ethics” that it was necessary as some odd form of intellectual reparation for decades of oppression to African-Americans especially ones with exceptional basketball skills.

Once St. Dean massaged it to that point, He had no problem sleeping at night.

Once St. Dean gave “the scheme” His blessing, what Ol’ Roy thought about it from then on didn’t matter. Roy guzzled enough Dean Kool-Aid over the years to believe anything he was told.

What anyone in South Bldg (UNC Admin, Trustees, et al) thought about it or knew about it NEVER mattered at all… and still doesn’t.

Roy could take and pass a polygraph that “Dean was born of a virgin and rose on the 3rd day.” Roy is not the only one over there to believe that of course…

Vince IlleThe name Vince Ille (E-lee)has gone unnoticed in all this. Vince is Bubba Cunningham’s consigliore. The real history of how it all got to today may involve the name Vince Ille more than anyone knows today.

All the other motley crew of characters who have had bit parts in The Great Unpleasantness (TGU) will be cussed, discussed and cussed some more ‘til all the cows are home and bedded down… remember VINCE ILLE… and remember where you heard it first.

Big Time College Athletics has been a dank cesspool of corruption, hypocrisy, lies, more lies and “situational ethics” of the lowest form for many years… even before Marvin Tweeted eight years ago.

Nothing that came down today changes that. Except maybe a few more naïve rah rah fans may realize how corrupt it is.   Some of you think it is only “corrupt… etc” when your school/team loses. No, it is also just as corrupt when your school/team wins. Yeah, I know that is not what you want to hear. Sorry about that…

NOTE:  I have already checked with “my man in Beijing” and guess what.  At least 1,000,000,000 Chinese actually DO CARE about today’s verdict.  St. Dean might be surprised to hear that. 

OK… I hereby provide you another among a lot of on-line forums where you can express your feelings about today’s verdict.

If you have all sorts of really kinky conspiracy theories (and surely those are already running rampant across cyber space) feel free to share them with us.

If you get all obscene I WILL edit your comments… but expressing your pleasure or displeasure is fine.


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