Absolutely THE WORST IDEA Ever

October09/ 2017


I normally avoid Qualitative Superlatives such as “BEST” or “WORST” when discussing anything that humankind has any part of. All it does is encourage some fame-seeking nimrod to out-BEST or out-WORST whatever the subject might be.

I am making an exception today. Only a few MENSA-type nerds in Silicon Valley or “in pajamas in mamma’s basement” can play in this particular sandbox.


BREAKING NEWS:  Jemele Hill’s latest HEY LOOK AT ME stunt came out as I was finishing this column.  There will be plenty of time to play with this over the next few days. (1) Jemele is angling to be crowned The Queen of BLM… THEN… (2) be Michelle Obama’s running mate in 2018.  …. You heard it here first friends and neighbors.


I don’t know which “geek with a bad haircut… that never had a prom date” invented Twitter. I don’t know who was Patient Zero for toenail fungus either. I put both of them in the same despicable category. Anyhooo…

“Mr Twitter” has recently announced that he/she/it is going to expand the “only 140-characters” limit to 280-characters.

Back in the mid 60s… some wizard of smarts convinced Henry Ford to build a really ugly car and name if after his son – Edsel -.  Doubling the capacity of tweets makes “The Edsel” look like pure genius.

Wanna relate this to The Gun Debate, automatic weapons etc etc … 280-character tweets is giving spittle-spewing lunatics the on-line equivalent of suit-case nukes loaded with anthrax.

This is comparable to… states raising the acceptable blood-alcohol level for DUI from whatever it is to “knee-walking & puking your guts out”.

This is comparable to… Golden Corral adding 140 more trays of overcooked fried crap to its All-You-Can-Stuff-In-Your-Face Buffet trough.

This is comparable to… your drugged-out “hippie” neighbor who plays his Metallica collection at 3:00 AM… buying concert-sized Wuffers and Tweeters.

This is comparable to Maxine Waters getting her own 6-hour talk show on ESPN, CNN, MSNBC and C-SPAN.

You see what I mean… WORST IDEA EVER!


Full Disclosure… I do “tweet”. I am not a serial “tweeter” but I do occasionally lob a 140-character hand grenade at them what I deem deserve it. Oh… and I do stalk (haunt?) The N&O’s tweets because… I hear it “annoys” them.


I find 140-characters aplenty for what I do. 140-characters are like nitro-glycerine. If ya know what you’re doing… a little bit can do a lotta damage. Us cyber-commandos call it “surgical-strikes”… with minimal collateral damage.

Apparently “Mr. Twitter” now believes all his/her/its bazillions of little Twitter-ites on the Planet need twice as many characters so they can spew twice as much keyboard flatulence thru cyber-space.

Forget Hurricanes… THIS could actually destroy the ozone layer… decimate marine life… kill every snail darter not already killed by Joe Biden… and melt both polar ice caps. AL GORE NEEDS TO STOP “Mr. TWITTER” ASAP…

Apparently “Mr. Twitter” wants to sell his creation since he can’t found any way to make money with it… but, alas, no Lori Grenierone wants it. DUH!

Wonder if he has tried Shark Tank? Lorie Greiner could get him on QVC, I betcha. I love Lorie Grenier, don’t you?

Q: BobLee… prior to THIS what was THE WORST IDEA EVER?

A: Not sure of “THE” but “not requiring a valid ID for voting” and “abortion for convenience” have always been in every Top Five.

Q: BobLee… when is this 280-character thingy going into effect?

A:  If it was up to me… on April Fool’s Day. But it is not up to me so… pretty soon, I think. The specific details are probably in a chapter of Revelation By John along with “rivers of blood” and “raining frogs”.


CHAOS in Greenville…

Remember a few weeks when Mr Ficklin left an ECU home game at the half, leaving Mr Dowdy all alone. This past Saturday neither Mr. Dowdy nor Mr Ficklin even bothered to show up. ECU Football

ECU AD Jeff Compher blamed the “smallest crowd(?) of The Millennium” on “Temple doesn’t travel well”. A recent Pitt County Popularity Poll had Jeff Compher finishing behind Hurricane Floyd.

Wonder if a ECU Fat Cat has contacted that Louisville gangsta Tom Jurich … yet?

It’s “so bad” around ECU that “their coed porn queen” has deleted “attended ECU” from her on-line bio. Sandra Bullock and Vince McMahon are considering doing so too.


Columbus Day Factoid:

“Indigenous Peoples”, supposedly, would “never attack at night”. Supposedly that might keep them out of The Happy Hunting Ground.

A lot of “eeevil white folks” got scalped in their sleep believing that myth about “Indigenous Peoples”.


Today – Monday – there is…

Back-Back-Back-Back October Baseball. It doesn’t get much better than that for “a guy like me”.

With each passing day, I realize there are fewer and fewer and fewer “guys like me”. Maybe there never where all that many to begin with… . SEVERAL decades ago I accepted that I am older than all the players.  Now I’m older than ALL THE UMPIRES too !!


You didn’t ask… BUT…

I have not watched “a down” of The NFL and not all that much of college Football either. Just enough to pretend I care because I know most of you still do.

How you choose to spend your time / attention will NEVER be a factor in your being welcomed to visit here… and to comment.

I am NOT “boycotting” or “protesting” or “exercising my 1st Amendment Right. I am simply “not watching”…. Simply “not watching” PERIOD.


Blondie has a really interesting article

…about The Demise of Casual Dining Chain Restaurants in America… Applebees / TGIF / Olive Garden / Chili’s et al.

Many of those American mainstays are going out of business or at least undergoing massive “retooling”. The How Comes reasons are fascinating, at least they are to me. I am fascinated by Consumer Anthropology…

Here’s the LINK to that really cool article over at So The Blonde Say…


AgentPierce’s Latest 10/07 – LINK

Blondie’s Latest 10/07 – LINK


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Dr Wire

If the personal computer was the outward sign that we were living in the Information Age; Twitter has to be the symbol for the Opinion Age we have shuffled thru for the past decade. And we know the old adage about opinions and certain orifices, everybody has one even those who get confused about how to use it. . If I take your previous prediction about web blogs and advertising mix it with the fact that Twitter loses money on every click because it is free for the celebrity and media masses who almost depend on it, you could see… Read more »


Twitter @ 280. Better than Crown Black. Think what Trump can do with his IQ. May b time 2 sign up. OK…the above would qualify for 140. Deep Purple would be my pick….or maybe Jimmy Hendrix doing his Star Spangled Banner. Now THAT would rouse the troops (or NFL). How could the NOT stand when Hendrix was playing? Out at favorite “They know me” Mexican restaurant tonight. ESPN doing a NCAA CF “pre weekly ratings” BS session. Factoid. FSU gets the TOP AWARD for Suicidal Poll Death. Their SPD is off scale. #3 to NR. Maybe Jimbo is on the… Read more »


I want to thank the complete DUMPSTER FIRE that is ECU football for making UNC look like a competitive team.

Queen City
Queen City

How can these folks at ESPN that consider themselves so intelligent screw something up that is so simple. Jemele Hill is now the face of ESPN, which can’t make the NFL owners too happy which they will remember when their contract with Jemele’s network expires.


Hippies never have, nor ever will, listen to KISS at any decibel. That has to be the WORST analogy evah!

DM Carpenter
DM Carpenter

Lori Grenier, isn’t that the one with the terrible commercial who says, “I am not into working out and sweating.”, but looks like she has several plastic surgeons in speed dial?


Every year in elementary school our teacher would tell the class about Columbus discovering America and how he was met by friendly Indians. Every year I would ask, “how did Columbus discover America if the Indians were already in America?” Never got a single answer but did get a few frowns.

As for worst bad ideas. Unleashing prescription Hydrocodone on the public gets my vote.