Wherever HERE Is… Brickyard Charlie Browns… Plus+

Charlie Brown
October07/ 2017

Wherever Here is… PLUS+

Today it’ll be:  (1) where I’ve been… what I’ve been doing… (2) You Brickyard Charlie Browns… and (3) NOT CAM…

A friend of mine in the electronic media uses a line it doesn’t matter Where I am… Here I am. This week my Here was Madison WI. I was doing my Russell Wilson impersonation… going from Raleigh To Madison.  Russell stayed six months.  We stayed 3.5 days.

I had my laptop with me. I could have knocked out a column but, apparently I have the only Macbook with some sort of virus or malware or whatever. It wasn’t worth the hassle…

I did manage to have a minor Twitter kerfluffle with a Triangle-area sports radio guy that reaffirmed my pre-existing opinions of Triangle-area sports radio guys.

Kid and “Reverend Danny” are expecting the emergence of Ruthie & Scout in mid-December or thereabouts. Blondie and I felt a dry run would be helpful prior to THE phone call. It was.

Wisconsin had been, along with Utah, one of the two Continental 48 I had never had reason to visit. Actually, I was in the Salt Lake City airport for two hours once or at least the signs said I was. Who knows for sure with airports.

Madison is very Raleigh-esque IF Raleigh had two giant lakes in the middle of it and an “isthmus” between them. Am I the only one who can’t say “isthmus” without thinking I’ve developed a lisp?

Madison, like Raleigh, is a state capitol and the site of a major university… with a SMSA population of over 200,000.  Not sure if that includes the 40,000 slightly post-adolescents wearing backpacks, listening to something on earbuds and either walking, biking, or mo-peding.

NOTE:  I once could have said both are sites of a major university with “Red” as a primary school color but apparently only U-Dub can say that from now on…

Unlike Raleigh, the state government part and the enormous Big Ten university part are all jumbled up together at the southern end of that afore-mentioned isthmus.

The actual state capitol building is impressive, enormous and currently inhabited by a pleasant fellow named Scott Walker.  Scott is of the Not-Democrat persuasion. Scott is extremely popular everywhere in Wisconsin except in Madison and very unionized Milwaukee (about 90 minutes east of Madison) where he is NOT.

Imagine if UNCCH was located in Raleigh except the average Franklin Street radical ideologue would be considered “moderate” by Madison standards.

Chapel Hillians like to imagine themselves, along with Berkeley, as a bastion of radical political quackery, Madison actually IS a Berkeley-esque bastion of radical quackery.

Sure the angry little brain-addled Snowflakes of Franklin Street all wear backpacks and earbuds just like they do in Madison; but the backpacks in Madison all come with a side pocket to store your Molotov cocktail. Welcome to the Big Leagues of Socio-Cultural Radical Quackery.

Speaking of famous Football Stadiums… Danny rode me by legendary Camp Randall Stadium. It is NOT “amid lofty pines”.  Nor is it “at a fairgrounds”. It IS a giant hunk of concrete amid lots of other giant hunks of concrete with seating for 85,000 screaming Badger loyalists.

Camp Randall Stadium

No clue how those 85,000 tailgate amid the giant hunks of concrete but Danny assured me they do. They use brats and fried cheese curds rather than Bojangles chicken and deviled eggs. I tried the fried cheese curds. They are much better than they sound like they would be.

For 3.5 days, Blondie’s and my presence increased the Not Lib/Dem population of Madison by 42%. Oddly enough, unlike Chapel Hill, I did NOT see even one Prius with the ubiquitous 9+ bumper stickers advocating assorted silly causes. Next to impossible to get 9+ bumper stickers on a Vespa motor scooter.

“Back in the day” when I flew somewhere at least once/week I never liked much of anything about O’Hare Airport… except leaving it. Some things haven’t changed.

We will be back “up yonder” in late December / early January when WEATHER will likely be a factor. Oh Goody!

IF you have not hung in there in my brief absence I haven’t taught you well, or you haven’t learned well or both.  Regardless, I’m back Here wherever Here is…


Last Thursday Night…

We were at 30,000 ft Thursday night while The Fighting Doereninans were making Life even more miserable for alumni and fans of “The Ville”. Has there ever been a worse time to be a Louisvillian?

Tom Jurich

I’m guessing Eeeevil AD Tom Jurich was NOT hobnobbing with Frau Yow at The Carter. I’m guessing Eeeevil AD Jurich is busy shredding any documents connecting him to any/all crimes and atrocities in the Western Hemisphere over the past twenty years.

Has the phrase “despicable sumbitch” ever fit anyone so perfectly as it fits Eeeevil AD Tom Jurich?

Other than NC State Football officially distancing itself from The Color Red for reasons I don’t even care to know… it must be exciting to be a Wolfpacker these days. More signature W’s in one season than EVER in the history of the institution… at least in The Kennel Era which goes back to the mid 50s.

Wonder if MaryAnne Fox was watching Thursday night? … or Larry Monteith… or “Seersucker Todd” Turner?

Yes… a loss to Clemson on November 4 in what now has to be THE most eagerly anticipated game EVER in the history of NC State University could mean just another “no championship of any kind” season; but…

Can’t you Brickyard Charlie Browns just enjoy the moment and stop worrying if Lucy (or Dabo) is going to jerk the football away… AGAIN?

Enjoy The Moment Wuffies… ENJOY THE MOMENT !

Oh… I heard about the F-B-I chant taunting Louisville. Clever! I’m going to guess Kevin Keatts was NOT participating in that.  Just a guess…. I’m betting St. Kevin The Pure has been doing some document shredding of his own these past few days.


Do I have to even mention, much less discuss CAM NEWTON?

I appreciate that CAM got jealous of all the attention that COLIN THE PETULENT CLOWN has been getting and felt he had to remind The People of Earth that he – CAM – is also a prime candidate for The New Face of The NFL.

Is it just me… but weren’t NFL popularity / viewership numbers A LOT higher when Brady & The Manning Boys were The Faces of The NFL? …Probably “just me”.

Alas, I am no longer a target demographic for Roger & The 32 Rich Old White Guys… nor, are they for me.  A mutual parting of the ways… probably best for all concerned.

I’m Back… along with Blondie and AgentPierce too. They both have new columns up.  Blondie liked those fried cheese curds too.  It’s all in the sauce you dip them in.  Think boneless wings or mozzarella sticks..


AgentPierce’s Latest 10/07 – LINK

Blondie’s Latest 10/07 – LINK

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