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October07/ 2017

Thru America’s Mess … Never Forget that…

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These certainly be wild & wooley times for anyone who is at all engaged in this Socio-Cultural Evolution / Revolution of America. That includes YOU simply by you taking the time to read this.

You may consider yourself little more than a spectator in the gladiatorial combat you see/hear/read every day. While I and the “like me’s” are down on the blood-soaked floor of the arena near’bouts every day with sword and shield.

Like me… and Blondie and BobLee… and Daily Haymaker… and Chad Adams… and Mike Adams (no blood relation)… and Paul Chesser… and Mark Creech… and Lady Liberty… and Sistah Toldjah… and whatshisname – “Rush”… yeah, like Rush too.  Like us…

Don’t kid yourselves my friends, those daily ideological battles being fought are/will directly affect YOU and your family. Sooner than you think… and more dramatically than you can ever imagine. Whether you are actively engaged or not.

This is NOT “just politics as usual”.  There is nothing “as usual” about what is going on in America right now.

I could, and occasionally I will have to, discuss (This Week’s) All-out Assault on Trump.

Whether it is The Russians are coming… What Electoral College… Sessions is in da Klan … Gorsuch is Satan’s step-brother … Kathy Griffin… Jemele-apalooza … Stilletto Madness … 1st Amendment Very Good / 2nd Amendment Very Bad … Or … Or … Or…

There will be about 175 more Weekly “We Gonna GET TRUMP”.

It is Who They Are… It is What They Do. It isn’t like these pathetic humanoids have real Zombieslives and real jobs and real families. In most cases THEY DON’T have any of those. The drumbeat these whack jobs dance to is unlike anything you have ever heard… or would ever want to hear.

If you ever find yourself in any way sympathizing with their constipated advanced state-of-insanity… avoid buildings above two stories high… sharp scissors… and any liquid with a skull&crossbones on the bottle. You will look into a mirror and be disgusted at what stares back at you.

I’m going to use today to simply remind you of two or three “basics” that apply in each and every full-scale assault on Donald Trump which IS a full-scale assault on You and Me more than it is on Donald Trump.  Trump is just our stand-in for the dangerous stuff.

That last line is as important as anything I can say…

They – the very very angry liberal rank/file and their media goons – despise YOU & ME more than they do Donald Trump. His is simply the face of all of us… 63,000,000 Americans who dared – on Nov 8th, 2016 – to reject Hillary Clinton and the next incarnation of America’s Thelma LouiseThelma & Louise Descent to Overt Socialism.

We are, in their twisted minds, the 63,000,000 Dr Frankensteins that created The Trump Monster. It is OUR FAULT that he exists.

All those “celebrities” and “wanna-be celebrities” and wanna-be-wanna-be-celebrities DESPISE US to their deepest core. Which, in many cases, is about as deep as a Wal-Mart parking lot puddle.

Does it REALLY bother you that you don’t process reality like Jimmy Kimmel does?… like Chelsea Handler (who?) does?… like Very Mad Maxine Waters does?… like Nancy Freakin’ Sinatra does (Really, I thought she stopped walking before Y2K, didn’t you?)

Do you look to “them” for opinions on anything.  Rank &  file liberals do apparently.

They think and reason in 140-character tweets and headlines. They react / respond to Pavlovian battle cries from their puppet masters. Such battle cries must be trite phrases such as RACISTS… NAZIS… G-D MoFo GUN-OBSESSED REDNECKS… et al. Those phrases must be SCREAMED or written in ALLCAPS to intimidate and discourage you from even attempting to dispute them.

If You Ever… for one nano-second think… if we had nominated any of the 16 other Republicans candidates they would not have so enraged those insane lunatics.

WRONG: Any/all of the other candidates, individually or collectively, would have been Hillaryated by at least 10%. ONLY TRUMP could have activated the agnostic voter base that rose up to knee-cap the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua. Reason #62 of What Happened which is actually #1.

If you Ever… for one nano-second think… If Hillary had won… maybe America would not be so divided with neighbor against neighbor. Maybe those NFL players would be happy. Maybe “the media” would like me and you … maybe …

WRONG: If Hillary had been elected Eric Holder or some other 50 y/o radical version of Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsberg would be on The Supreme Court for the next 30 years to be joined by 4-5 others of that odious ilk. … The federal judiciary would have 100s of raging robed anarchists ripping up The Constitution by the hour. … Instead of 100s of radical liberal moles at all levels of federal bureaucracy, there would be 1,000s. … Every media outlet not in lock-step with The Hillary / Obama Regime would be shut-down and every dissenting voice silenced. Even websites like this one would be marked for shut-down. … An already corrupt voting process would be further corrupted to the level of a banana republic. …If Hillary had been elected.

A free and open discussion of ideas is THE one weapon that defeats liberalism EVERY TIME. Is it sunshine to liberal vampires.

NOTE: It is why Carolina Plotthound was shut down by Jim Goodmon’s goons. More on THAT coming Very Soon.  I’m waiting for ONE call-back then I’m nuking one little pusillanimous piss ant… 

… The Dismantlement of America begun by Barack Obama would be ramped up 10X by Hillary’s minions.

Would you want THAT in a useless effort to simply “make them stop yelling obscenities”? Really?

Do I cringe at some (OK, most) of Trump’s Tweets?

Sure I do. And I will no doubt cringe at the ones to come.

Do I occasionally think… “OK Donald… you kicked the crap outta those low-life sumbitches like NO ONE else could have…now step aside and let Presidential-looking Mike Pence take-over and run America.”

Sure I do. Did you think YOU were the only one thinking that?

America is in One Helluva Mess. It certainly is NOT Donald Trump’s fault … nor is it Barack Hussein Obama’s Fault. … or Clinton’s… or crazy A-rabs… or even Jim Goodmon or The N&O. They all contributed for sure…

Can those of us intrigued by repetitive history smugly say “it’s Bread & Circus just like how Rome fell”?

NOTE: Turning over “public education” to those insane whack-jobs to use as their mad scientist’s laboratory was a REALLY BAD MISTAKE but too late now.  VOUCHERS are the only answer to that culture cancer.

We, as Americans, got fat & happy and stopped paying attention to how we became The Most Powerful and Wonderful Society Ever Created By Man… with God’s Guidance.

Moses went up on Mt Sinai to get The Big Ten from God. When he came down from on high he found his people reveling in idol-worship and all the debauchery that involves. Moses was pissed… and it costs him 40 years in the desert and not getting to go to The Promised Land.

Maybe that’s where America is after 250 years. Maybe we need another Flood although God said No More Floods.

When God said that I don’t think God knew the Internet was coming.

I’m getting silly now. Better stop.

Go back and reread all that stuff up above about how terminally insane liberals are. It WILL be on your final exam…


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