AP: America Dares Roger Goodell…

Roger Goodell
September24/ 2017

Do It Roger Goodell. America DARES YOU!

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A group of very angry NFL AfAm activists have formally petitioned The NFL owners to declare the month of November as (I’m paraphrasing) “The NFL HATES POLICE” MONTH. It would be “celebrated” in the same fashion as “Pink October” for Breast Cancer.

I DARE Roger Goodell and his 32 billionaire old white guy bosses to acquiesce to this DEMAND. See how America responds… Do It Roger…

If you don’t know who Roger Goodell is… just GO AWAY.  Go watch The View or whatever.

NOTE: I predicted “something like this” would happen when Pink Month began 6-8 years. One… “Pink Month” has always been a scam as “breast cancer research received a pittance of the monies raised thru sales of “pink NFL crap”. Allowing that “breast cancer” is “a real justified charity”… Two… every lunatic faux charity / cause would be petitioning The NFL, NBA, MLB for “us too” similar promotions.

The NFL is composed of thirty-two franchises all owned by very very wealthy “old white guys”. Those thirty-two ROWGs employ approximately 1,500 professional athletes. Approximately 75% of those athletes are African-American. That % increases each year. The average contracted salaries of those 1,500 athletes puts them in the “much-maligned 1%” category of American wage-earners.

NOTE: Within three years of the end of their careers either by voluntary retirement or injury-induced , 35% of those athletes are divorced and financially bankrupt from irresponsible money management. … The majority of NFL careers last less than four years due to injury or being replaced by younger better “talent”.

Many of those professional athletes have never planned for any 2nd career “after football”. Their college degree – if they even have one – was designed to keep them eligible to play college football… NOT for any “real world” market value.

Not even 30 years old and no prospects for a productive adult life for the next 30-40 years. That’s not counting knee and hip replacements and possible suicidal brain dmage.

But WHO CARES… fans don’t care as long as whoever wears “their team’s uniform”wins on Sunday. Owners don’t care since the supply of “fresh meat” is endless from the college “feeder program”.

For 30+ years The NFL has “printed money” via full stadiums at high dollar ticket prices; and exorbitant broadcast rights fees. Rich OWG owners got richer… the NFLPA made sure player salaries kept escalating.

Player off-field behavior became more and more violent and “thuggish”… but WHO CARED because fans loved the on-field violence and everyone was making LOTS of $$$$.

“That” all started changing over the past five years. The NFL now finds itself with an ever-growing list of sorta quite serious problem with NO SOLUTIONS. WHO CARES? Now The NFL and those ROWG are suddenly caring.

The 32 ROWGs know that 75% of their employees are “The NFL” not the owners.

Those 75% don’t “get” that the stadiums seats are NOT filled with angry AfAms.  NFL advertisers really like those “NOT angry AfAms” as consumers. 63,000,000 of them.

Stadium attendance and TV viewer numbers are significantly down… meaning “that money printer” ain’t printing money no mo.

Now 75% of The NFL workforce is DEMANDING that The NFL risk REALLY PISSING OFF A LOT of its fans… already not so loyal fans any more.

DO IT ROGER… maybe most of those angry fans are “bluffing”. Call their bluff, Roger. DO IT! 

Hellfire Roger.  Every red-blooded, football-addicted American knows what an outstanding straight-shooting son-of-a-gun you are Roger.  Hell Roger… your self-righteous face oughta be on a three dollar bill. Roger Goodell X

Once a fan goes two weeks without watching he realizes how painless it was and how senseless it was to ever be addicted to NFL Football.

63,000,000 American voters voted for the Not Barack Obama / Not Hillary Clinton candidate. Many of those red-blooded Americans were/are “football fans”.

Wonder how many of the “pink pussy hat haters” and transgenders and millennial “snowflakes” and profane AntiFas are “football fans”?  How many Roger?  Best guess…

Let’s assume the BLM terrorists WILL support their AfAm brothers. Will they fill the stadium seats… and the TV sets? Whatchuthink Roger?  A 70,000 seat stadium full of BLM urban terrorists wearing balaclavas and waving 9mms.   How ya like those “optics” Roger?

The Protestors DEMANDS center on the assumption that “The Police” across America are aggressive racists who profile AfAms and arbitrarily kill them with no provocation other than “being black”. Not just “a few rogue cops” but many/most/all are… so say the protestors.  The NFL agrees with that.  Right, Roger?

We KNOW with documentation that AfAms in major urban areas, like Chicago for instance, arbitrarily “kill blacks men” in frightening numbers. No one, especially the former black President and his toadie – the Mayor of Chicago – give a damn about “blacks killing blacks” in Chicago.

“The national media” backed their President by not reporting the massive increases in black-on-black homicides in urban areas.

That “national media” DID and DOES STOP THE PRESSES if any law enforcement officer (LEO) anywhere in America shoots a black man regardless of whether said black man was perpetrating a crime at the time of the incident. A media kangaroo court tries and convicts the LEO immediately ABOVE THE FOLD… FILM AT 11!

When video and witnesses contradict the original LEO SHOOTS INNOCENT BLACK MAN headline, the media conveniently “buries that story”. That has happened on well over 50% of nationally-reported cases.

Many of those afore-mentioned 63,000,000 American voters have figured out this scam. So…

Go Ahead ROGER GOODELL. Bend over and “grab your ankles” for The Kaepernickers”. Your thirty-two ROWG bosses are going to make YOU the fall-guy… the Judas goat. It is going to be YOUR FACE Roger Goodell that tells America that:


… at least for the month of November.

Do It Roger… I DARE YOU


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