Where NOBODY knows my name. …PLUS some Football stuff

Steak Shake
September24/ 2017

Where NOBODY knows my name. … PLUS Football stuff

That’s a play on the Cheers theme song. Where I go most mornings for breakfast… (1) Sunny’s Diner, or (2) a nearby Steak’n Shake… Everybody “knows me”, but nobody knows my name. I find great comfort in that.

In America 2017, “finding great comfort” anywhere is the psychological equivalent of winning the lottery. Someplace you can go and escape the 24/7 grim reality of a society that is well into Thelma and Louise mode. The only question is “How deep is The Abyss?”


NOTE: Yes… I will give my thoughts on yesterday’s football results and how the world as we know it is irrevocably changed by those results. Yeah, right. But first I’m going to prattle about why “my silly little breakfasts regimen” help me maintain a modicum of sanity in a quite insane world.


By “nobody knows my name” I’m not suggesting that is normally a problem for me. I enjoy anonymity everywhere but here.

I don’t know what “notorious rappers” use to move about among the Great Unwashed…. Or America’s Newest Martyrs – semi-literate millionaire AfAm athletes. Poor poor widdle semi-literate millionaire AfAm athlete martyrs… they are sooo misunderstood, bless their widdle hearts. … AND down the rabbit hole we gooooo…

I REALLY wish President Trump had NOT “said what he said” on Friday about The NFL, NBA etc.  He turned miscreants into martyrs.  Blondie will have a few 100 choice words about THAT on Monday.  She has “an interesting perspective”.

WHY WHY WHY doesn’t POTUS Donald check with me first ?  Of course, if he had checked with me for my advice back in October… the gawd-awful mess we are in now would be soooo much more of a mess with the FAR greater of two evils. Some of you don’t agree with that.  Get your own website.

I’ve been going to Sunny’s Diner and, alternately, Steak ‘n Shake for 4-5 years. Everybody knows me but nobody knows (1) my name… or (2) what I do… or (3) my opinions on anything… except what I like for breakfast. They ALL know that.

I often wear a Cardinals ballcap but nobody around here recognizes that. Or would care if they did.

Blondie has never been with me to either Sunny’s or S&S. She starts “saving Western Civilization” around 7 AM and doesn’t require my help doing so.

The staff at both places are ALWAYS glad to see me. Not like a sing-songy “Welcome to Moe’s” greeting they HAVE to say. I’m glad to be there… they’re glad I’m there. Win-Win.

Every diner waitress “has a story”… every tall bearded guy wearing a ballcap “has a story”. We don’t ask… we don’t tell. It all works out remarkably well.

I DO NOT meet up with 2-3 other cranky old coots to sit at “our table” and complain about the weather, the designated hitter, or “kids these days”. If I ever do THAT even once… SHOOT ME… one bullet in the base of my brain – Mafia-style.

45 minutes of my day that provides just enough serenity to allow me to slog through the not so serene rest of my day.

I hope YOU have a place “where nobody knows your name”.


DD Gets His Signature Win… YIPPEEE!

Yes, I know all the reasons that the Wuffs win over the ‘Noles doesn’t really count – rookie QB… 3-week lay-off… Trump (there’s always a Trump’s fault)… blah blah… yadda yadda.Sleeping Giant

Sure IT COUNTS.   DD has his mythical “Signature Win”… The Sleeping Giant of Carter-Finley is Awake… YEE HAA! 

If Samuels and/or Chubb stay healthy… The Ceiling Is The Roof for The Brickyard Boys. They are certainly not afraid of The Fighting Dabos. Last year proved that.

The SEC will turn-over at least three HCs by December. At least six SEC Fat Cats Clubs just added “That guy at NC State” to their “short-list” yesterday. Uh Oh!

Was I the only one who noticed a Kenanesque element to vaunted Doak-Campbell? A LOT of aluminum Noles fans! Who Knew??? Anyone put a For Sale sign in Jimbo’s front yard YET.


Meanwhile “amid Kenan’s lofty pines…”

On Friday I told Duke Legend Leo Hart that his old side-kick Wes Chesson might want to “bring a camera to Kenan on Saturday”. The juxtaposition of “Duke – camera – Kenan” always causes Tru Blue blood to boil. I thought Coach Cutt would win by 3 TDs going away. Too many of what Steve Logan calls “minus-4s” in the Red Zone prevented that.

As we all know, Duke and “even Wake Forest” have an Indoor Practice Facility IPF and Poor Larry doesn’t (yet) ergo… A Duke W was a certainty. To my knowledge Old Dominion does not have an IPF… so that was more of a fair fight.

Looking at UNC’s future schedule, only Western Carolina is “sans IPF”… uh uh! That PLUS the fact that UNC’s modest-at-best pre-season depth chart now looks like a MASH unit ICU does not bode well for those charged with selling tickets to future UNC FB games this season.

Instead of that $36,000,000 Bling Crib, can’t Bubba only schedule games with schools without an IPF. Surely there are 5-6 of those still out there. I don’t think Cardinal Gibbons HS has one… yet.

Needing 5 Ws out of the remaining 8 games… I don’t see UNC FB faithful (all 25,000 of’em) enjoying “Christmas In Shreveport” this year. Do you?

Suppose… somehow… what’s left of Fedora’s Decimated Legions manage to upset The Carter-Finley Juggernaut in late November? Keeping Wuffs out of The Swofford Bowl somehow with UNC’s 3rd W of the season. That oughta explode enough heads to keep me in column fodder thru December.


“Ashley”, my favorite waitress at Sunny’s Diner, has no idea who Frau Yow is… or Ol’ Roy. Just two of the reasons I look forward to seeing her for breakfast.

A beautiful Sunday in September… Blondie will “work out in the yard” which she LOVES to do. I will take a 5-mile walk listening to the latest Nelson DeMille novel. … NFL? What NFL?


WAIT A MINUTE BobLee… what about Roys Boyz not going to The White House? … Whatever “Baghdad Steve” Kirschner said about “scheduling … that is NOT how it went down.  Some sane UNCer (a very short list) knew Roy would “show his ass” somehow.  Unless they “Hannibal Lechtered” Roy he could never be trusted to behave. … The whole “Jocks At The White House” PR crap shoulda been stopped years ago.

Honor First Responders and Military… America’s REAL HEROES!


MORE OF:  “So The Blonde Said…” – LINK

IF you are familiar with the website Carolina PlottHound; you might be interested in AgentPierce’s revealing update about “that” …..  LINK

Uh Oh… AgentPierce has gone after Roger Goodell now.  LINK ... This is gonna get dicey really quickly.

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