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September22/ 2017

Re: Plotthound… poop stains… and a p*ssant

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If today’s title strikes you as “a bit salty”; you oughta see the titles I decided NOT to use. Over the next 800+ words, I think you’ll see why I chose PlottHound… poop stains… and a p*ssant.

Any of you who have never heard of the website CarolinaPlottHound.com can skip this part and go on down 6-7 paragraphs. I’ll meet you there is a few minutes…

Yes the Definitely Not Liberal news aggregate website – Carolina PlottHound (CPH) is – FOR NOW (9/22/17)- “Inactive”.

Very soon either (1) it will be reactivated under new ownership (HOORAY!); or,… (2) a different version of the same concept will be available to take its place.

I will let you know when either/or takes place! Hopefully very soon.

CPH was started in June 2012 by a very fine gentleman named Paul Chesser. Paul saw a need in the media marketplace and he worked tirelessly 25/8 to fill that need… and did so magnificently.

CPH, like Jack’s beanstalk, just grew and grew and grew and did exactly what Paul intended it to do. CPH gave “Not Liberals” a quick resource to news not filtered by “The Drive-Bys”. I refuse to use the term “mainstream”. There is NOTHING “mainstream” about “those people”.

A “news aggregator” – “Drudge” being the most world famous one – simply provides links to articles and blogs that might be of interest to its target audience. CPH, like Drudge, did not publish its own articles or opinions.

My columns, along with my partner BobLee’s, have appeared regularly on CPH because our columns were/are VERY popular with CPH’s audience and produced lots of “clicks” for CPH and for BL and me. We were not compensated by CPH nor did we pay CPH to repost our columns.

CPH being “inactive” is NOT at all critical to our success but every click helps in this competitive business.

Making $$$ with a website NOT involving “nekkid wimmen” is very difficult. One needs A LOT of daily clicks to attract the advertisers needed to make serious money. CPH generated a lot but not yet A LOT of clicks. A LOT is 100,000+/month. Drudge gets in the millions of clicks by comparison.

Like most of us NOT NAMED Pope or Goodmon, Paul Chesser was not “to the manor born”. He needed a steady income for his family. He struck a deal with a tentacle of the multi-tentacled (Art) Pope Empire.

That tentacle agreed to pay Paul to operate CPH… until they could pick his brain for how he did it so well… and then that tentacle told Paul his services were no longer needed. BAD POPE TENTACLE… very very Bad Pope Tentacle.

Not to worry… the quite talented Paul Chesser quickly landed a much more profitable gig as webmaster for libertyheadlines.com … Now Paul serves a nation-wide audience of A LOT of clickers; and works with people with integrity that he can trust. Proving that Good Things DO Indeed Happen for Good People.

Paul Chesser is fine. And CPH became a watered-down website being operated by that aforementioned “tentacle of The Pope Empire”.

“Watered-down” in the sense that content critical of anyone that The Pope Empire was chummy with was not included. That, alas, includes some scoundrels in high positions in the NC General Assembly. Scoundrels with (R) after their names. … uh oh!

If you follow The Daily Haymaker (TDH), and if you don’t SHAME ON YOU, you know some of the High Drama that has gone on lately leading to “that Pope tentacle” turning off CPH.

Here is the link to Haymaker for all the juicy details…. LINK!

Daily Haymaker was banned from CPH over a year ago for “speaking Truth to Power”. All the more reason you should oughta follow The Daily Haymaker. And tell all your Not Liberal friends to do so too.Jim Goodmon

A couple of  WRAL’s Jim Goodmon’s goons (a.k.a “Bert & Ernie”) complained about a link on CPH – Triad Conservative – so “the Pope tentacle” turned the entire website off. Just a tad bit of knee-jerking over-reaction to say the least.

I know absolutely nothing about Triad Conservative. But, apparently, he/she mentioned that NC AG Josh Stein “is Jewish” and ZAP… CPH went Inactive.

NOTE:  I’m a back-sliding Baptist for anyone keeping score.  And you know who you are… Blondie is a Lutheran.  BobLee is “whoever has the best covered-dish suppers.”

Of course,, Josh Stein IS Jewish and is probably celebrating Rosh Hashanah as we speak. …BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE!

UnderwearThe two little Goodmon goons – “Bert & Ernie” – are nothing but a couple of “poop stains” in Jim Goodmon’s fruit-of-the-looms, but one of them – “Bert” – is a TV show-partner of a certain high-profile Pope guy. … uh oh.

That particular Goodmon toadie  “Bert” makes $115,000/year from Goodmon which is more than most of Ol’ Jim’s WRAL employees make… another uh oh!

I wonder how much BobLee’s twitter friend WRAL’s Julia Sims makes.  Not $115,000 I bet.

NOTE: … Surely you all know about The Triangle’s #1 Limo Liberal WRAL’s Jim Goodmon.  If you thought he was “a good guy” you haven’t paid attention the past twelve years.

If Jim pays “Bert” $115,000/year, Lord only knows how much Goodmon pays Rev. “Bully” Barber. More than $115,000 I bet.

Either Goodmon’s goons or a junior journalist at the failing N&O included THIS WEBSITE in their Take Down CPH.

They noted a column I did in May 2016 about The Do-Rag Queen of The N&O. Here is the LINK to that column in case you missed it.

It exposed the overt racism within The N&O’s News Dept.

At the time I wrote that column there were three high-profile AfAms at The N&O… Publisher Orage Quarles… columnist Barry Saunders… and The Do-Rag Queen Linda Williams. Today all three are no longer employed at The N&O. Neither are a lot of Not AfAms too of course.

I wonder how many AfAms ARE still employed “down there”? Just curious…

Oh CRAP… I’ve run out of allotted space. I haven’t gotten around to telling you about “the pusillanimous p*ssant”. I’ll do THAT next time. I promise.

I’ll tell you about the time a few years ago when yours truly, N&O Editor John Drescher, Art Pope, Skip Stam, and Fox News’ John Stoessel had dinner together at North Ridge Country Club.  You talk about “shoulda been a fly in the middle of THAT table”.

Meanwhile, be assured that Carolina PlottHouse (under new ownership); or an even better version of CPH


I wish I could express how absolutely hilarious all this is…

PlottHound – poop stains & a p*ssant (coming soon)…. What A Freakin’ Hoot!


IF YOU forward this to “just five people” within 12 hours everyone on Earth will know about PlottHound … and Jim Goodmon’s little poop-stain goons… JUST FIVE PEOPLE!


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