Facts Ain’t Facts… That’s A Fact! My Cup Runneth Over.

Cup Runneth Over
September17/ 2017

My Cup Runneth Over With “FACTS”… & THAT’s A FACT!

A Really Great Guy… Charlie Adams

Before I start shoveling the usual incredible foolishness at you… another Really Good Guy has left “us” for a better place.

Charlie Adams… longtime Executive Director of The North Carolina High School Athletics Association passed away last night (Saturday). I’m blessed to know more than my share of mighty fine men. Charlie Adams is in that Top Tier.

A Cary native and local sports legend in the 50s… Charlie’s only flaw was a ten-year addiction to this website.

Our loss is Heaven’s Gain… My Friend Charlie Adams.



No Herbie No…

Last week after Oklahoma defeated Ohio State, some 5-Star 18 y/o semi-literate recruit (with a goofy brussels sprout haircut) tweeted that Urban Meyer should replace the Sr QB with some freshman pal of his.

GameDay’s Kirk “Herbie” Herbstreit (former tOSU QB) decided to challenge the Brussel-sprout headed nitwit on Twitter. Bad move Herbie. … LINK

A 48 y/o “rich white man” (aren’t we all) going after a semi-literate AfAm vegetable head on Twitter has very bad “optics”. Board monkeys, afraid Herbie would ruin tOSU’s chances to sign “vegetable-head”, slammed “Herbie”.

Of course Herbie was right to admonish the punk but… “Being right” has nothing to do with a social media slugfest.



State’s 4 NFL QBs… An NFL / ACC / NCAA Record?

What do Rivers, Wilson, Glennon, Brissette all have in common? All four started at QB in the NFL this weekend… All played for the Home Team in Carter-Finley… None won even an ACC Division Championship.

What was their combined record as starters versus “a certain local hated rival”?. I have no idea.. I suspect it’s more Ws than Ls.

Cheapshot aside… I bet that is a NFL/ACC/NCAA RECORD – Four Alums on One Sunday. Add Gabriel and Kramer and it’s certainly a braggable achievement. But be careful… UNCCHers will throw some UNC/NBA trivia back at you.



JemeleLaPalooza Enters 2nd Week…

JemeleLaPalooza is leaking over into a 2nd Week. That will elevate Jemele above Kathy Griffin, “The Russians R Coming”, Comey, P*ssy Hats, Sessions The Grand Dragon, “STILLETOS !!!”blah, blah, blah = a.k.a “This Week’s WE GOT TRUMP NOW BY GOLLY.

24 consecutive “WE GOT HIM NOWs” have all fizzled like wet bottle rockets but it ain’t like “those people” (?) have anything else to do… really!

Many… a buncha… a lot of you have asked me off-line how to reply to the Trump-haters favorite mantra “It’s A Fact: Trump’s a white supremacist”.

He’s not of course, but don’t waste time going there… just rear back and say “It’s A Fact: Obama’s a race-baitin’ Muslim”.

Their beady eyes immediately get really googly… battery acid spews outta their noses… and they start whirling like little dervishes with acute St Vitas’ Dance.   I had one actually shape-shift into a rabid pit bull and start eating its own feces.

The first time you witness it, it’s a bit unnerving. Then it becomes a real hoot to watch. Try it at work or wherever you encounter “them”.

Just a Reminder:

My Facts and Your Facts and Their Facts Ain’t All Facts.. THAT’S A FACT!



The Faithful Few at ECU, Duke, Mizzou

I’m not saying the ECU “faithful” ain’t too faithful any more, but when VaTech passed 50 on Saturday, even “Ficklen” left. It was just “Dowdy Stadium” for the final 15 minutes. OUCH!

If ECU played Duke these days, the total attendance might be even less than the number of employees left at The N&O. THAT “crowd” fits in one mini-van. OUCH!  Mizzou Football

My other alma mater – MIZZOU – may be even worse. Purdue walloped them at Mizzou… before less than 30,000 in a 70,000-seat SEC stadium. What few MU fans that care anymore are demanding they FIRE THE COACH. I suggested they go on a fake hunger strike. Those seem to work there. OUCH!



Gene Chizik Did NOT Say What?

Former UNCCH Defensive Messiah Gene Chizak is now an analyst on SEC Network. Saturday he did NOT say a put-down about the Tennessee coach after he (Butch Jones) was Hail Maryed by Florida. What Chizil “NEVER SAID” blew up Twitter. Don’t even try to figure that out…. LINK

That is an appropriate snapshot of America September 2017.



ESPN hiring Hillary… “Calling Nurse Ratchett”

Best “I Wish I’d Said That”… ESPN is considering hiring Hillary Clinton to explain why they are losing millions of viewers faster than Marie Osmond lost weight on NutriSystem. …

HillyBeast’s “book tour” Campaigning For Dummies: Umpteen Reasons I Got Beat Last November has reached the level of so pathetic even Chelsea can’t keep a straight face.

Yours truly was a Twitter Star for 15 minutes with: “Calling Nurse Ratchett: Mrs Clinton would like her Jell-O now”.

I will never encourage anyone to start following Twitter. I sorta have to because…. but you don’t. I AM becoming a bit of a Twitter Legend. Creating “a suitcase nuke” out of 140 characters is truly an art.



Did they spell my name correctly?

I haven’t read The N&O in a dozen years, but I am told one of their not-fired-yet junior journalists mentioned me disparagingly in a recent article. One of AgentPierce’s columns from several years ago apparently “stuck in the N&O’s craw”. I suspect many more than that one is stuck there.

Pierce is pissed that the little nabob credited me rather than him.. Me, I just hope they spelled my name right…. BobLee … one word with a capital “L” in the middle.



Clay Travis / CNN / Brooksie / Wolffie

A guy named Clay Travis is becoming “renown” as the anti-Jemele. Travis is a Nashville-based sports-radio guy who does NOT “lean Left” and really despises all things ESPN.   All the 100s of little Trump-hating millennials on sports radio really really despise him because… DUH! Why do you think?

So Travis goes on CNN to debate some AfAm Trump-hating whozit about JemeleLaPalooza. The CNN info-babe is Brooke Baldwin (UNC’01). Yep, “Brookey” and “Skippy”(UNC’75) are both TruBlues.

Brooke Baldwin, Clay Travis on CNN (screen grab) CR: CNN

Two minutes into the show Travis says something to the effect “I believe in The First Amendment… and boobs”. KABOOM… Brookey does a double-tale as she covered her cleavage,  looks AGAST and zaps Travis off-the-air.

CNN, which gave the “Pussy-Hat” goons 24/7 coverage, and where ANY/ALL obscenities about Trump or “people like me and many of you” is encouraged, feigned outrage at Travis’ word choice. . I would not have said what Travis said; but, like so many these days, he never asked my opinion.

I don’t watch CNN, but when I saw the video… my first thought when I heard “boob” is “Why is Travis talking about Wolf Blitzer?”

If there is any “boob” on TV News who has a lifetime fear of Jr High PE it is that twerp Wolf Blitzer. I hear he still insists on getting dressed in a toilet stall.

Could this coming week possibly be as Fun-Filled as last week? It just might be.

By Wednesday…possibly earlier.  Boy… Oh Boy…Do we have a SUR-PRISE for you.

Toodle-loo for now…

Are you a First-timer? Here are 2,000 more BobLeeSays.  Have at’em…

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