All God’s Chillens Got RIGHTS… with consequences.

Bill Of Rights
September15/ 2017

RIGHTS… All God’s chillens got RIGHTS.

Has this been a great week to do what I do… or WHAT!

It’s been four days. Hurricane Jemele is still at least a Category-3. The streets of Bristol CT are littered with roof shingles and porch furniture. “Skippy” (UNC’75) is still curled up under his desk living on Chinese take-out brought in by Heidi the Intern.

Dozens of snarky websites run by snarky millennial sports “journalists” (cough, cough)  who truly believe EVERYBODY thinks like they do… or should damn it; are hailing Jemele Hill as a combo of Rosa Parks / Joan of Arc / Angela Davis and Maxine Waters. Yeeeee HA HA HA.

Jemele Hill is now Officially The Face / Voice of ESPN.  And that, friends and neighbors, is as perfect a scenario as we could ever ask for.

“Firing her” was never an option. But if Skippy had even sent her to bed without dessert much less “suspend” her, her Martyr Score would have shot thru “da roof”… and thru “da ceiling” too..

IMO, “The White House” erred in saying she oughta be fired. I prefer her as the Everyday Face / Voice of ESPN.. That way I don’t have to keep reminding you about ESPN and “Skippy” (UNC’75).

… Yes, I will keep doing that (UNC’75) reminder.

As is, Jemele’s only Martyr points come from some goobers calling her impolite names on some website comment boards. If that’s all it takes to be “a martyr” then Dan Kane and I need to be canonized RIGHT NOW. Along with Saint Mary Willingham.

If the 2020 Elections were held next Tuesday the Democ nominees would be Michelle Obama & Jemele Hill… not necessarily in that order. The Not-Democs could only be so lucky.

Wouldn’t this be a perfect time for the Yellowstone Caldera to blow its top… or maybe that gianormous rogue meteorite to hit Downtown Wichita?

The poor schlub you have to feel for this week is Colin Kaepernick. Remember him… that beady-eyed tattooed half-black version of Rocken Rollen (the John 3:16 guy with the massive afro back in the 70s).  Hurricane Jemele sucked all the wind outta Colin sails.

You think Kaepernick has ever heard of RockenRollen?  Even Albert remembers RockenRollen.

Here’s a Ponder for you… suppose RockenColin Kaepernick did all the silly crap he has done… but didn’t look like a complete nutjob clown doing it?

Suppose “Kaepy” looked like, say, Russell Wilson. Russell is a nice clean-cut young man. So, if Kaepernick’s physical appearance was “a Russell Wilson” but he was still under the mind control of a radical BLM activist girlfriend (like Kaepy has been from Day One)…

Would you give Klean-Kut Kaepernick more credibility? All the “disrespect for The Flag and all it stands for….” but physically personified by a “normal looking guy”. I bet you would whether you admit or not, I would.

That is a version of “Donald Trump’s hair” effect. The 4-5 “Reasons People Hate Trump” are all expressed in a maximum of three words. Mobs won’t respond to Pavlovian chants longer than three words. “His Hair” is always #3 or #4. If Donald got rid of “Trump hair” would it effect his image with the rabid mongrel street mobs?

The rabid mongrel street mobs would still have “He’s A Racist”… “He’s a White-Supremacist”… and “Wife Wears Stillettos… and “Wife Too Pretty”. It’s a thought.

Where was I? … Oh yeah… St Jemele.

As sure as God made little green apples (how do we know that?) we all agree that…

• St. Jemele has A RIGHT to her opinions and to express them.
• ESPN has A RIGHT to have a political bias and overtly project that bias. … and A RIGHT to deny that they do.
• ESPN has A RIGHT to employ or not employ whoever they choose to for whatever reasons.
• Me and You and All The Me’s and You’s Out There have A RIGHT to watch or not watch whatever TV channels we choose to for whatever reasons we have for those decisions.
• RockenColin Kaepernick has A RIGHT to not stand for the National Anthem. The assorted other RockenColin wanna-bees also have A RIGHT to do so.

None of the above RIGHTS interfere with anyone else’s RIGHTs that might be contrary to mine, yours, ESPNs, Jemele’s or RockenColin’s. Your liking / not liking their RIGHTS is your RIGHT too of course.

St; Louis Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez has purple hair (this week).  Carlos has A RIGHT to dye his hair whatever color he chooses. We have A RIGHT to say “Wonder how come he does that… is it some Carlos hairsort of Dominican thing?”

General opinions on Carlos’ purple hair usually depends upon his latest pitching start. If he goes 6-7 innings giving up no more than two runs, his purple hair is less of an issue.

BUT… RIGHTS do have “consequences”. They (RIGHTS) have always come with “consequences” usually involving the contrarian opinions of others to our exercising our RIGHTS.

I fled Corporate America in 1982 for a year as a roguish beach bum in Las Hades Mexico. I grew a beard and had a tan to die for… When I returned to civilization and applied with Hyatt Hotels, I was informed of their “no facial hair” policy. I had A RIGHT to my beard but the consequence was not being employed by Hyatt Hotels.  There was no social media back in 1983 to plead the UNFAIRNESS TO TALL TAN WHITE GUYS WITH ROGUISH BEARDS.  By By beard.

It seems that St Jemele and RockenColin and their legions of rabid mongrel followers do not grasp the concept of Rights / Consequences.

They might grasp the concept but it hinders their agenda so they prefer there be no consequences. Who wouldn’t?

That’s pretty much it. Are you in favor of AMNESTY For Angry Activists for Any Consequences of Exercising Their Rights? Yes or No?

I think awareness of “consequences” often prevents us from exercising our RIGHTS. You have a RIGHT to swallow a handful of thumbtacks. You have a RIGHT to stuff a water moccasin down your pants. You have a RIGHT to…….

You think I can get RockenColin to catch on like I did Chancellor Chihuahua and “Bully” Barber and RobRielleWHO? Ya never know…


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