Hurricane Jemele Hits ESPN…She’s a Cat-5

Jemele Hill ESPN
September13/ 2017

 Hurricane Jemele Hits ESPN…

How many times can I say it? I hop out of bed and there’s primo column fodder stacked like cord wood just itching to be ridiculed… exposed for the human absurdity it is… and then ridiculed some more.  I get paid for doing THIS? … OK, not much but it sure beats a few other things I’ve done over the years.

I contacted one of my ever-dwindling mini-collection of Left-leaning friends this AM (Wed) for his opinion on “What Jemele Hill said… and What ESPN said about what Jemele Hill said”… and he said “Who is Jemele… is that a he or a she?”

He had no clue what had BLOWN UP every sports website, except one, in America on Tuesday. has never mentioned it. SURPRISE!

I like this particular guy because he really is quite smart. He is probably “intellectual” too but I could care less about his mental illnesses. His opinions quite often deviate from the “party line”. Sure, he really really “Hates Trump” but I work around that.

But how/where he gets his news is straight from The Lib/Dem Handbook. I forgot that when I assumed he knew “What Jemele Hill said…..”

But a good reminder that maybe 1-2 of you’ans don’t know “What Jemele Hill said and what ESPN said about what Jemele Hill said…”

Here’s a pretty concise recap of this latest OMG… THE SKY IS FALLING! Kerfluffle. …. LINK.

I told y’all some months ago that Jemele Hill was ESPN CEO John Skipper (UNC’75) designated “Rising Star”. She’s from Detroit so she’s quite a nasty urban AfAm-ette.  Jemele blames “white folks” for pretty much everything and was doing so long before Donald Trump entered politics.

Betcha didn’t know that coming out of Michigan State in the mid 90s, Jemele Hill was a reporter at Raleigh’s once-proud-not so-much-anymore newspaper – The N&O. The cool trivial stuff you only learn here…

Her on-air persona from Day One at ESPN has been “I’m Jemele… I’m sassy… I’m black… and I’m friggin’ bulletproof… so all you dumb-a** white folks can kiss my black ***.” … YEE HAA! …And, oh yeah, I have both of John “Skippy” Skipper (UNC’75) little testicles in a match box on my bedside table.

Nuthin that happened on Tuesday and Wednesday shoulda surprised anyone. It certainly did not surprise me.

Lets run thru the Realities of this Kerfluffle.

Jemele Hill is a high profile ESPN on-air personality. What she says on “her personal Twitter page” DOES reflect on her employer. That is the price for being a very highly-paid “sassy black gal” on ESPN. If she was still at The Orlando Sentinel we would not be talking about her.

ESPN has been conducting a vigorously aggressive PR campaign for the past 18+ months to counter a growing worldwide perception that the monolithic media conglomerate is decidedly “Left-leaning”.

The PR guys, alas, were not in synch with the on-air personalities like Jemele Hill, Bomani Jones, Pablo Torre et al who were even more aggressively telling the sports world they WERE Quite Radically Left-leaning.

Did I mention, before joining ESPN, John Skipper was an executive with Rolling Stone Magazine?  “Skippy” is hard-Left toJohn Skipper ESPN the bone.

In her 15-minute Twitter tirade, Jemele obliterated that whole ridiculous PR campaign. Her Twitter tirade was a Category 6 Sh**storm that left John Skipper and his boss Robert Iger (Disney CEO) curled up under their desks in fetal positions.

“Skippy” and Iger HATE TRUMP almost as much as Jemele does but they only say that when they are sure all mics and cameras are turned off. Being responsible for revenue-generation for A LOT of unhappy stockholders, they realize that A WHOLE LOT of American sports fans were among the 63,000,000 that enthusiastically voted for Donald Trump.

Yeah… us “racist redneck retards” used to really need / like our TV Sports.. Not so much any more… There goes your million $$ bonus Skippy.

While Jemele and “Skippy” and Bob Iger have total contempt for “people like me and many of you” they want us as viewers so their advertisers (many of who also have total contempt for “us”) can sell us their products and services.

The CEO of Progressive Insurance is a quite rabid “Left-leaner” for example. The gay Apple CEO is also a major “anti like-us” guy.

ESPN was quick to announce that they think Jemele acknowledges her remarks were “inappropriate”. That is in no way an “apology” and NO WAY is Jemele Hill ever going to apologize. It’s part of that whole “sassy black gal thing” she’s got going.

If Jemele’s Sh**Storm “only” cost them a few million more ex-viewers they would be happy. The final viewer damage is likely to be much greater.

What do I think will happen with “this”?

ESPN wants it to “just go away”. They know they can’t suspend Jemele Hill much less “fire her”. Yes, they fired Curt Schilling and Mike Ditka for much less provocative comments but neither Curt nor Mike were “sassy” or “black” or “female”.

But But BobLee… “if anyone at ESPN had said that sort of toxic crap about Obama they would be…”

Yeah.  So.  Whats your point?  Try to make sense out of this crap, you’ll lobotomize yourself.

I don’t know Jemele’s sexual preferences but with “sassy – black – female” going for her she doesn’t even need “lesbian”. She knows it. ESPN knows it. Most of America should knows it.

“This” will dominate sports websites comment boards for another day or so. Demands for her to BE FIRED or WORSE will be aired for naught.   She’ll “do” The View and Bill Mahre and the usual gaggle of Hate Trump shows.. Jemele Hill is a rabid-left Rock Star now.

Jemele might even toss up a few more Hate grenades on Twitter or on-air. She knows she is “bullet-proof” as well as “sassy”.

If “Skippy” even suggested that she “apologize: much less suspend her a day or so she would have a BLM battalion take over Bristol.  “Skippy” could find his very white rear end hoisted up the ESPN flagpole covered in tar & feathers.  He knows it.  She knows it.

I would hope those of you who are a bit slow on the up-take will finally realize what ESPN is all about and adjust your viewing habits accordingly.  IMO, anyone who is not “left-leaning” that watches any ESPN channel other than for a Must See Live Event is as stoopid as they think you are.

That’s the same faction that still subscribes to The N&O and Charlotte Observer and Greensboro N&R so I’m realistic in my low expectations.

NOTE: I picked up an N&O in my optometrist’s office on Tuesday. My high school newspaper was bigger. I counted the “ads”. Their largest advertisers are people who pay for loved ones’ obituaries.  They can keep printing so long as folks keep dying.

You live a decent life for 80+ years.. You die and your family spends $300 to glorify what a fine guy/gal you were in 800-1000 words… and The N&O can pay the light bill one more day. YUCK!

Oh COME ON… you knew you have to “buy” obituaries. They charge by the word.

Speaking of “Dying”… the political career of Charlotte’s infamous Mayor Jennifer Roberts appears to be dead. Known for “not being all that smart” and for “masterminding the HB2 Scandal”… she was trounced in a Democratic primary on Tuesday.  Rejected by “her own peeps”.

In her place Charlotte will elect another AfAm Mayor which likely means another embarrassing scandal awaits… if history is any indication; and it usually is. The City of Charlotte and Greater Charlotte are VERY different demographic entities. Just as Atlanta and Greater Atlanta are quite different.

Maybe next month Jemele Hill will join Kathy Griffin on a “Potty-mouthed Liberal Rock Stars” Tour of radical college campuses. Oh Goody…


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