Will UNC FB Alums Dig Deep? …Observations From Week Two

September10/ 2017

Will UNCers Dig Deep?… Observations From Week Two

Raise your hand if, like me, the highlight of your Saturday was Paul DeJong scoring from 3rd in the 8th after Carp’s HR tied it up… Oops, Wrong audience… this is that ACC Football crowd.

ALERT:  The 2nd half of this commentary is the OMG Part.   You might want to go ahead and skip to that part…

Speaking of “football crowd”… there were more live humans in The Carter yesterday than in Kenan and The Wally COMBINED.

All the Kenan empties were still “at da beach” or maybe “fleeing Irma” or yadda yadda or blah blah? I read where a bunch of old Roy’s Boys” were on-hand to honor last years’ MBB team. I’m curious…

Did any of’em BRING THEIR TRANSCRIPTS ? … OUCH!  Hey, doesn’t hurt to ask.

A key ACC game on a beautiful day with the reigning Heisman Winner wasn’t enough to bring’em out.  Oh well… Better get that fancy IPF built really really quick before Kenan’s Faithful 40,000 become 30,000 become…

Doc Holliday Returns to The Carter drew a bigger crowd than Lamar “Heisman” Jackson Comes To Kenan ?? Interesting…

Speaking of “empty seats”… has Duke ever considered moving their football games into Cozy Cameron and have Coach K play in The Wally? Coach Cut’s team beats a solid Big Fourteen team convincingly and no one but the players’ parents and two dozen ushers were there to see it.

There are 17,000 Duke Football fans on the Planet.  All 17,000 show up every game.  Bless their hearts.

NC State Tailgating

DD’s Wuffs had a rough first half but final score was a comfortable W. Likely lost a few fans at half but a W is a W. Magic number is “5” for another Whozit Bowl. UNC’s magic number still “6”.

More thoughts on why The Carter is full… and Kenan isn’t and hardly ever will be again. No big secret… acres and acres of festival parking at The Carter is IDEAL for tailgating, always has been. Sure, UNCers have their “Fairground jokes”. What’s wrong with having a football stadium at “the fairgrounds”? Not a thing.

FWIW… I think Dave Whatshisname at Wake Forest might be a darn good Football coach. I betcha ECU would sure love to have him, don’t you?

Speaking of ECU… Did You Know … Ruffin McNeil is now Asst Head Coach at Oklahoma for his former protege Lincoln Riley.  While ECU was being run over in Morganton, Lincoln and Ruff were kicking Ohio State’s butt in The Shoe.


The OMG Part:

WARNING: I REALLY hate to do this, but I just gotta. When it came in the mail this week, Blondie laughed so hard I thought Hillary had written another book: Why Aren’t Americans As Dumb As I Was So Sure They Were… Volume II.

Speaking of “… as Dumb” …. I got this quarterly newsletter this week from the Carolina Lettermen Assn.

UNC Dig Deep

This stereotypical “feel good” piece that 99% of “Big Time” schools do some version of helps me keep up with old friends of whom I don’t have as many as I used to.… sigh.

Anyhoo… the DIG DEEP headline had Blondie in hysterics. As little as she cares about anything Over There she knows how much fun I’ve had with Hindenburg Hangars… Indoor Practice Facilities (IPFs)… Smoothie Machines and “more Charging Stations”.

I can’t LINK this because it’s not on-line but you can imagine how it goes…

It beseechs UNC Football Lettermen to DIG DEEP into their retirement funds… 401-Ks… kids’ college funds… rainy day accounts… elderly parents’ assisted living rent… Life insurance policies… any, all, and whatever to help get this $36,000,000 + IPF Whoop-De-Doo Bling Magnet built… . Bet you thought it was “only $28,000,000” didn’t you.  Fooled you, huh!

“because NC State, Duke… and EVEN Wake Forest” already have one.   I thought the “… EVEN Wake Forest has one” was kinda tacky but I doubt my opinion matters at this point.

When most of these guys played at Carolina… (1) the lockers were 10-penny nails driven into the wall… (2) the practice fields had less grass than Ol’ Roy has hair… (3) there were two footballs – one for Off / one for Def, and the kickers supplied their own… and Bill Dooley made $35,000/year in 1968.

And now these guys should DIG DEEP so some semi-literate 18 y/o has plenty of charging stations to plug in all his devices… and not get wet if it rains.  “They” want $1,000 from every living FB Letterman.  … Hark THAT Sound Choo Choo!

The impassioned plea to DIG DEEP did NOT mention that IF one combined every IPF in North Carolina under one HUGE retractable roof and included 40’ murals of Beyonce, Rihanna and (insert name of some other fantasy of every semi-literate 18 y/o AfAm boy in America) plus individual smoothie machines for each player…. IF THEN

That combined facility would NOT be half the Bling Magnet as Dabo’s Incredible Six Flags Over Death Valley.

Dabo’s Incredible Six Flags Over Death Valley is Walt Disney World. Everyone else is Dollywood… at best.

The UNC Lettermen are being shamed into cashing in their savings… selling their blood and sperm… and running bake sales and car washes to build Larry a fancy schmanzy IPF.

… to keep UNC’s FB program on par “with NC State… Duke… and EVEN Wake Forest”. …. a.k.a “MAYBE nine Ws every 4-5 years and some Whozit Bowls”.

NC State has it’s multi-million $$$ Hindenburg Hangar AND charging stations… and that kid STILL muffed the field goal at Clemson. OUCH… and it was Christmas In Shreveport. YIPPEEE!

Duke has its very own IPF and has to count ushers and concession stand volunteers to claim it had 10,000 at The Wally for Northwestern.


Let me repeat what I ALWAYS say when I do one of these Has The World Gone Completely Insane rants…

What anyone chooses to do with their own money is their own business. I am 100% a Free Market Guy. BUT…


This commentary is NOT a cheap shot at Carolina.  It is a well-deserved shot at the Insane Beast that is Big Time College Football & Basketball… and the naive fools that feed that Beast.

As long as there is one disease without a cure… or one hungry child… or one unadopted kitten – to even run a fund-raising campaign for this crap borders on Criminal… as well as to donate to it.  That goes for every school that already has one of these… or wants one.

In my opinion… and you are certainly entitled to yours.

This just happened to be the example I received this week.

Oops, Cardinals’ ball game is starting… gotta go. Later BL buddies and babes… . I luv you guys!


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