A Hang on Sloopy Week… and “Fred”

This Week
August25/ 2017

This Week That Was… and “Fred”

This has been A Week. A Very Hang On Sloopy Hang On Week.

First, of course, there was The Statue Crap. Ever how much one cares about “statues” and my “care” is on a statue by statue basis… Silent Sam might be midway down on List #3 of my total of three lists.

Don’t get me wrong, I am strongly opposed to giving ANYTHING to the goggle-eyed, spittle-spewing , whatever-they-are-calling-themselves-this-week rabid mongrel mob. Otherwise known as “those people who protest everything” in Chapel Hill.

I am NOT saying use fire hoses, Rottweilers, or 3’ long pieces of rebar on them. Some of them may still have a shred of “worthwhile” in’em.  I don’t recommend spending too much time searching for it. At best it’s a shred.

If he/she/it is 40 and still wearing tie-dyed t-shirts and Birkenstocks, there is NOT a lot of options for’em… other than as “mob fodder”.

Maybe replacing bunny rabbits in those test labs where they spray hairspray in the rabbits’ eyes.

“They” are what Chapel Hill has become infamous for since The Rathskellar closed ten years ago. OK “them” and TGU.

Kid and Reverend Danny live in Madison WI. U-Wiscy (and Berkley) are the Big Leagues for on-campus radical mongrel mobs. UNCCH is AAA at best, probably AA, by comparison.

The U-Wiscy Chancellor is a midget transvestite vegan with a peg leg and a Castro Is My Daddy tattoo on it’s neck. At least that’s what I read on Twitter.

To even be a Trustee at Univ Wisconsin you have to prove you cut off a toe to avoid going to Viet Nam… and be able to scream obscenities in three languages. They are serious Freaks. Again… from Twitter.

So Statue Week has come and gone. I hear Ol’ Roy wanted to be at the Mini-Mob gathering other night but had no clue where Silent Sam was. Again… saw that on Twitter too.

My previous column on the name change foolishness was VERY well-received. Thank you … Thank you. I was feeling pretty froggy… THEN…I’ll be damned if:


that rascal AgentPierce hit one on the sweet spot Friday AM that cleared the fence… cleared the fricken stadium… and might still be ascending.

Pierce usually has “a niche audience”. Way more than Bre’r Kennel’s vaunted LTTEs To The N&O; but that’s a pretty low bar.

AgentPierce’s EXPOSE of The Global TransPark went Murphy To Manteo and all up / down the Eastern Seaboard…. Maine To Miami.

People who had never heard of The #1 Political Scam in NC History were forwarding copies to their friends. It got wild around here. Not complaining mind you… just sayin’.

I gave AP an “atta boy” and he grinned like he had won that lottery jackpot.

Here’s AgentPierce’s Link … It’s SMOKIN’.


Maybe ten years ago I was introduced to the website FredOnEverything.com . I check it every now/then but not in my regular rotation.

I will often do something I never see anyone else on the Internet do. I go out of my way to recognize / applaud talent in what I guess are my competitors among “wise guys with websites”.   I send Atta Boys all the time to other website columnists. “Damn, I wish I had thought of THAT” notes.

“Bill in Charlotte” sent me the current “Fred” where he Nails The Current State of Insanity in America… I sooooo wish I had come up with some of Fred’s Solid Gold Zingers.

I appreciate that some / many / a few of you think I am “a crazy right-winger” or worse “a Republican” or “a Conservative” or “a Neo-Con ??” or, now, an “Alt-Righter”.

Old BELO on The N&O was sure I was “in da Klan”. BELO thinks every “white guy” is in “da Klan”. If you think “BK” is loony you need to meet Good Neighbor BELO.

Call me “Johnson”. I don’t care. I am Very Aggressively Opposed to the Radical American Left. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. … If you can find out what the proper lapel ribbon is for that, let me know.


I REALLY want you to read this particular FredOnEverything column. Regardless of “what you are”, I think you will love or loath Fred with each paragraph.  The website itself is a train wreck.

LINK to Fred…

I have no clue if Fred is who/what as over-the-top as he seems to be. It’s the Internet for goodness sakes. Who is ?…

NOTE:  Fred’s website is kinda goofy.  You may have to scroll up to the “To The Barricades” column.  Do it.

Like me, Fred appreciates flaming nitwits as comic relief; but doesn’t think they should be in charge of anything.  Yet, somehow, they seem to be in charge of most everything.

Fred might be a bit “scarier” than I am; but whose to say.



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