Our Cup Runneth Over… (Formerly “Rimshots”)

Cup Running Over
August20/ 2017

A “Our Cup Runneth Over” Column.   I’m reviving our old RIMSHOTS format renamed Our Cup Runneth Over to discuss several topical topics…

I was right about The Fat Lady wasn’t I?  I bet I’m right about Silent Sam too.  No way Sam survives… gone by Labor Day.

BLS banner

MLB in a Minor League Ballpark

“My Cardinals” played (but not very well) the Pirates in a ESPN / MLB Special Game Sunday night in a minor league ballpark in Williamsport PA in conjunction with LLWS… I may have related this story before. If so, I’m doing it again….

In 1962, Kinston (a Pirate Class A affiliate) got to host a pre-season game between the Pirates and Washington Senators at “historic” Grainger Stadium. It was at the end of Spring training as the ballclubs were “heading north”. Grainger Stadium

That Pirate team still had the nucleus of the 1960 World Champions (Mazeroski, Clemente, Friend, Law, Face, etc). The day before the game an all-day “frog strangler” rain hit Kinston. Under any normal circumstance no way the game would be played but “the locals (including a young Internet Legend-to-be) had been looking forward to it for months.

“They” brought in helicopters from Seymour Johnson AFB and Cherry Point MAB to blow the field dry… and all sort of other drying techniques of that era. The field was still “a mess” but PLAY BALL any way… but without “the regulars”. BUMMER!

I especially recall “whining” to my Dad that “it’s not fair” we have to watch “these nobodies” play and not the “stars”. I recall one particular “whine” about …. “Some rookie named Willie Stargell?… Who in the world is he? He’s a nobody. IT’S NOT FAIR!

I guess even I once had a board monkey moment.


Speaking of LLWS…

As you msy know… a team from Greenville NC is “the talk of Williamsport”. They are 2-0 with a perfect game and a no-hitter. Being touted as the favorite in the USA Division to likely play Japan / Taiwan in the finals.

As usual… the Taiwanese players all shave and their voices have all changed. Many brought their wives and children with them. “12” in Taiwan equals “about 15” in our years….Taiwan Little League makes Louiville seem clean by comparison.

A long-time BLS reader from Greenville reports that Greenville’s Little League parents are “nothing to be proud of”. Apparently the Pitt County parents’ behavior during the season is “notorious” with all the negative stereotypes one hears about with Youth Sports parents. That’s a shame…. And we thought “the porn star” was Greenville’s “dirty laundry”.

Good Luck to the kids regardless of their jackass parents.


RE: Colin Kaepermick

I am getting asked a lot off-line to give my opinion of “all things Kaepernick”. I was planning to include THAT in my much-anticipated Future Of Football column.

Obviously, it is “his right” to do what he does… or what he doesn’t do. Passively disrespecting the National Anthem has not reached “Yell Fire in a Crowded Theater” level.

A LOT of high-profile athletes and entertainers, AfAm and otherwise, don’t share MY views on America and “being an American”.… I don’t share THEIR views on America and “being an American” either. So there… Not standing respectfully for the SSB is among the least intrusive ways they can express our differences. I don’t “celebrate” MLK Day or Black History Month.

I did not watch five minutes of ANY NFL pre-season or regular season game last year.  I may watch even less this season. I appreciate that I am no longer a target demographic for The NFL… and definitely not for The NBA.

More on all this in upcoming columns.


Ads on Websites…

I recently discussed the current trends in “Digital Revenue Generation”… i.e. how to make $$$ with ads on a website.

The ever-increasing popularity of THIS website has resulted in regular offers to get me to carry certain types of “digital advertising”. I don’t mean “porn”. I mean pop-ups, intrusive videos and other formats that invade the content of the columns. I turned down two offers this past week. I intend to continue doing so.

Maybe you would not mind all those intrusive ads. I know I DO when I encounter them more and more on sites I visit.   I think “we” share enough opinions that we think alike on this issue.


It’s Here… Like It or Not…

No surprise… AgentPierce is getting very “froggy” these days.  The 2nd American Civil War has begun with/without a formal announcement. It did NOT start in Charlottesville last week.  It did not start on Nov 8th. It has been inevitable for quite some time.

IMO… Blaming “it” on Trump is as simplisticly stoopid as blaming “it” on Obama.  I’ve got “it” traced back to Eve and “that darn apple” in Eden.  Regardless. it’s time to “get it on”.  No surprise, I don’t have that many acquaintances of the liberal persuasion.  The handful I do have, I prefer to keep if possible.

I certainly don’t consider myself among the lunatic fringe “on my side”.  I prefer to imagine “my handful of liberal acquaintances” do not support the equally lunatic fringe “on their side”.  That may be naive of me.  If they do, that handful will diminish accordingly.   We’ll see…

Now it’s here… like it or not. I hope no one actually “likes it”. Unless you sell ax handles, 2x4s, balaclava masks and ammunition, I guess.

AP will be representing SaidWhatMedia on this rather important subject so long as it makes sense that he do so. If that changes… You’ll Know It!

His latest column – “Is George Soros Buying The N&O / Charlotte Observer” BLEW UP CYBER-SPACE Sunday night.  Check it out if you want to… or not, as you choose.


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