UNC v NCAA – “Showdown in Music City” – Will The Fat Lady Finally Sing?

Fat Lady
August14/ 2017

Will The Fat Lady Sing at The UNC/NCAA” Showdown In Music City (Nashville)” ?

Raise your hand if you think “the Fat Lady WILL sing” at Wednesday’s much anticipated Showdown in Music City (Nashville). FatLady2TeamBubba versus The NCAA COI Goons… featuring Goofy Ol’ Roy at a live mic …hopefully.

All of you with your hands raised…. YOU LOSE!

Whether you want UNCCH’s Great Unpleasantness (a.k.a TGU) to ever end or not… it WILL NOT be this week. Or next week… or many weeks to come.

… and that’s not counting the inevitable civil suits / appeals.

Really, would you rather have a fat opera singer… or Ol’ Roy in full Tourette’s mode? I’ll take Giggles w/ Roy every time.

Put an indefinite hold on….  the cherry picker to cut down ever how many banners might be imperiled. …. the celebration bonfires on The Brickyard. …. the picnic party in KrzyzewskiVille.

There WILL BE new chapters written Wednesday and Thursday which will, of course, create yet another Twitter Tsunami from those totally obsessed with this. And you know who you are.

Alas, no perp walk YET for TeamBubba… No “Last Supper”… No UNC Braveheart screaming “FREEEEDOM” as a once-oh-sooo-proud institution is publicly disemboweled for all to see.

We likely won’t know what happens in Nashville for “a while”. It is a closed Showdown In Music City.  OK, sure… as soon as Roy walks out the door a dozen tape recorders will be shoved in his face and… you know what hilarity could ensue with that.Hannibal Lechter

The thought of Bubba doing “a Hannibal Lechter” with Roy is, I understand, being considered. The visual of that might be even better than whatever “load of crap” Roy is likely to spew.

I am going to strongly urge you to watch a 30-minute video with “That Damn” Dan Kane & Andrew Carter of The N&O.

LINK To N&O Video…

It was posted Monday night. Nothing that most of you haven’t memorized but a nice recap of all the huffin’ and puffin’ over the past seven years. Lord Knows the financially beleaguered N&O can sure use the clicks.

In their video, TDDK and Carter mention The Martin Report. Just hearing those three words gets me smiling like a Cheshire Cat.

The Martin Report at The Carolina Inn and The Randy Parton Press Conference at The Umstead are THE TWO most absolutely hilarious events I have ever witnessed in person.

Both events confirmed my long-held belief that God has one helluva sense of humor to create a species capable of such ridiculous absurdum.

That classic exchange between a UNC Trustee and Jim Martin…

Q:  “Governor, did you meet with Coach Williams?”

A:  “Well, no I didn’t. I figured Coach Williams was too busy to take time to see me…”.  YEEEE HAA!

NOTHING that has been pontificated since that magic moment has come close to so well summarizing this Endless Circus Of The Absurd.

OK… Sylvia Hatchell’s line that “Jan Boxill is THE most ethical person I’ve ever known” runs a close second. But I still give Guvy Jim the prize. You are entitled to your favorite. I have mine.

Oh… Oh… Oh… about a month or so ago I started referring to “Deb” Crowder and Burgess McSwain as “UNC’s Manson Girls”.   Which one would be “Squeaky” Fromme. Take your pick. “Deb” and Burgess would (and did) do ANYTHING they thought might please “HIM”.

I don’t know, and neither do any of you including “my buddy Art”, how much of all this “Dean knew about”. He knew every other minute detail about “his program” but maybe this itty bitty detail slipped by him somehow… maybe ??

The delicious irony is IF Dean did NOT know about the Eligibility Scam then he was NOT omniscient. Acknowledging that Dean Smith was NOT omniscient is as sacrilegious to many Tru Blues as acknowledging he DID know about it. …. One of soooo many delightful tidbits in all this.

Wednesday / Thursday will come and go and all that has been said will be said again… and again… and again.

Without a single note from “the fat lady”. Sorry about that.

I am going to predict that:

“Silent Sam” will NOT be standing erect in one piece on UNCCH’s campus on September 1.

That takes us into a whole ‘nother issue going on that might actually be more important than The Greatest Eligibility Scandal in NCAA History… Ya think?


AgentPierce just posted a Sledge Hammer Column …. LINK

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