The Future of The Website Business…

Website Business
July23/ 2017

The Future of The Website Bizness:  More than you probably NTK (need-to-know) about the future of the website bizness

But I’m going to tell you anyway…

BLS banner

Several weeks ago, I introduced you to SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Are you wondering why many of the websites you frequent (except this one) seem to be changing formats? “Changing” in a way you probably don’t like. SEO as an all-encompassing term to describe this phenomenon.

SEO is a techno-term for attracting the greatest number of viewers to a website. Getting a particular site as prominent on search engines as possible. A “search engine” is Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Google is the generic 5000 lb. gorilla search engine.

A website for Fred’s Fantastic Tofu burgers in Florence SC wants to be at the top of the Google list if anyone google searches for “where to get a tofu burger in Florence SC”…Or… you search for Porn stars from ECU and Cary and get directed HERE!

Remember Yellow Pages? Ever wonder why so many companies name themselves “AAA”. AAA Towing… AAA Window Washers… AAA Locksmiths? So they would be at the top of those alphabetical lists when someone searched the Yellow Pages for their service. That was the same as SEO is today for websites.

The cool stuff you learn here… huh?

Every individual or giant corporate entity would like to make oodles of $$$ via their website. There are two basic ways to do that for those of us not named Amazon… (1) charge “you” a monthly/annual subscription fee to access our sites for all the incredibly insightful info behind “the paywall” … (2) sell space on our sites to advertisers to gain access to your eyes.Gremlin

The “paywall” approach has proven as popular as combining Ford’s Edsel w/ AMC’s Gremlin except for the porno industry which serves a unique clientele.

Some failing newspapers still employ “paywalls” while hemorrhaging very red ink by the metric ton.

AgentPierce has a GREAT new commentary about THAT by the way – LINK.

Attracting advertisers is pretty much the only way to go. A website owner can sell their own space with their own sales force but… Most websites use GoogleAds. Google acts as the middle man to bring buyer/seller together.

Google Analytics

Thru a mysterious process called Google Analytics, which no one understands but two guys in a small room in Mumbai … used to be Bombay, Google records how much viewer traffic every website on Earth receives every minute of every day.

Sites that sell their own ads, GREATLY EXAGGERATE their viewer traffic i.e. THEY LIE!  Which is why most advertisers use GoogleAds.

Google also knows the shoe size and blood type of each of those viewers. Damn right that’s scary…

Using that info, GoogleAds buys space on gazillions of websites for their advertiser clients assuring those clients x #s of viewer eyes matching their desired customer profiles.

People with AB+… wearing size 12E… wanting tofu burger in Florence SC.

Website owners can specify the spaces available on their site and restrict the categories of advertisers they will accept on their site. Mainstream Retail is my choice.

The more restrictive a website owner is with space and categories the less $$$ said site will reap. GoogleAds doesn’t care. It’s a site owner’s choice.

I am restrictive and therefore reap less $$$$. But, I can sleep at night confident that Albert, Kennel, CNR and YOU are not being assaulted by enticing offers “to hook-up” from “a lonely but quite skanky gal who lives just 1.5 miles from you and can’t wait to hear from you”.

You will NEVER see a “pop-up” on this site; or, those really annoying “automatic video/audios” that you scramble in vain to “find the X” to turn it off.

A “pop-up” is an ad block that “pops-up” in the middle of whatever you are trying to read. You have to “do something” with it to continue. Everybody despises them. You despise those auto-video/audios even more.

I really like the current format of this website. I cannot control what you deal with on any other site.  So do NOT go there. The future is not rosy.

Pop-ups and video ads ARE the future of Internet advertising.

Advertisers learned that very few / if anyone notices “banner ads” or dT-sirt Adisplay ads on websites. Hotties in tight t-shirts do still work in some display ads.

In order to attract your attention the advertiser needs to INVADE your space. Ergo a pop-up or auto-video.

The more a website owner will allow GoogleAds to INVADE their viewers space with annoying horns & whistles, the more ad revenues a website will get.

More and more websites are doing so. Selling their site’s integrity in the process.

NOTE: I have discontinued my association with that RedbirdRants baseball website for that reason. Their primary audience was mouth-breathing board monkeys AND they junk up the site with excessive ad crap.

Pretty much all national sports websites – ESPN – FS1 – USAToday – SI – et al are going to videos rather than text commentaries.

You click on the link for the headline:

Roy Williams goes insane… hits a nun with his nine-iron.

Instead of a column you read like this, you get a guy talking about it… BUT before he starts talking you have to endure an ad video for 15-30 seconds.

Sports WRITERS” are being let go at websites all across the WWWeb”. The Future is videos and podcasts that can be front-end loaded with invasive ads.

If maximizing ad revenues was my #1 objective here… I would:

(1) Pander to the mouth-breathing nitwit “board monkeys”… and
(2) Report on the utterings of semi-literate 17 y/os. … and
(3) I would sell ads to those “… I’m lonely and I live just 1.5 miles away. Let’s party you big stud you” skanky gals.

The sacrifices I make for YOU Buddies and Babes in my vain effort to slow down the inevitable descent of Western Civilization into the utter depths of Hell.

Them and Louise


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