There is Antagonistic and Provocative. There is STOOPID.

Sheila Maxine
July05/ 2017

There is Antagonistic and Provocative. Then there is STOOPID!  How else to describe Sheila J-Lee and Maxine Waters.

Most of you reading this have a visceral dislike for Nancy Pelosi and “Chuck You” Schumer.

I know it. Chuck and Nancy know it. Somewhere in the lower depths of Hell, Harry Reid and Tom Daschle and Dick Gephart know it. We had visceral dislikes for them too. Anyone in their elected positions wants the opposing party’s base to viscerally dislike them.

That they may indeed be Satan’s Spawn is beside the point. As their party’s official Senate and Congress “leaders” it is their job to incite and enflame their base while infuriating their opponents’ base. Nice polite guys and nice polite ladies don’t get those positions. Only A**holes and B*tches need apply.

But AgentPierce, our people in those roles don’t behave “like that”.

I agree. But “their base” might not agree. Regardless, “they” play by a completely different set of “rules of engagement” than “our side” does.

When “the media” is part of one’s gang one can do/say much more slanderous crap that “we” could ever say or do. That’s simply the way it is. Wasting time with “but but that’s not fair” is “wasting time”.

So Nancy Pelosi and “Chuck You” Schumer spew vile insinuations and accusations EVERY DAY and “the media” never calls them out on it. “The media” gives them “above the fold” coverage. Any retractions / oops are buried three days later on Page Three.

They used to be buried on Page Six but most liberal newspapers (like McClatchy’s) don’t have that many pages any more.

But this isn’t about the Pelosis and “Chuck You” Schumers and “Dingy Harry” Reids and “Little Dickie” Gepharts.

Today’s topic is a whole other level of “WHAT THEY SAIDs” as practiced by Congresswonan Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas) and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif). … a.k.a Sheila J-Lee and “Quite Mad Max”.

Many of you say on Facebook and Twitter that “nobody listens to them”. You obviously DO because you always comment on what they say. You listen/read what Sheila and Maxine say. Their loyal disciples in Houston’s 5th Ward and in South Central LA listen and read what they say too. They cheer them on.

In other areas of this country, a nation-wide constituency similar demographically to Houston’s 5th Ward and South Central LA listen and read what they say too. They all breed and vote too. Many do both quite often and with regularity.

Sheila J-Lee has been biannually reelected since 1995. That is 22 years or ten elections for those of you in Rio Linda. She holds degrees from Yale and UVa Law. FWIW, Rev. “Bully” Barber holds a degree in Theology from Duke for those impressed by such stuff. Lib/Dems are VERY impressed by such stuff.

“Quite Mad Max” has been re-elected biannually since 1990. That is 27 years or fourteen elections. Neither one is going anywhere so long as she can fog a mirror.

Both Sheila and Mad Max send millions of $$$ of “pork” into their districts each year. They are quite skilled in using their “talents” (??) to get what they want.

Despite those millions of $$$ over 20+ years; Houston’s 5th Ward and South Central LA remain the stereotyped “urban slums” they have been since Sheila and Mad Max started representing them. The phrase “Money down a rat hole” can be applied here.

If that $$$ never gets to “the people” then where do it go ???

That FACT does not seem to bother Sheila or Maxine or their constituents.  If you think “it oughta” then you simply don’t understand the mindset of “those people”.

As regards Sheila’s and Maxine’s deportment and on-going public behavior…

I have to be very careful here. If I bluntly say “WHAT they are… and WHY they behave as they do” then my choice words will become the subject of discussion rather than “them”. I might any way but why make it easy for’em.

I will go with “STOOPID” and “Dumber than a box of rocks” as both terms are non-ethno-centric.

Pelosi, Schumer, Warren et al are Provocative and Aggressively Antagonistic. They know what they are doing and why they do it that way. Except maybe for…

Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass). She could simply be “STOOPID” and “dumber than a box of rocks” too.  It is a non-ethno-centric term.

Sheila and Maxine are pure stereotypical throwbacks to the pre-CRA days of Moms Mabley and Sapphire Stevens a.k.a. The Kingfish’s wife on Amos ‘n Andy. Include Red Foxx’s (Fred Sanford’s) “Aunt Esther” of more recent vintage.

I can’t see any advantage to portraying that image unless IT IS WHO THEY ARE. Ergo it IS who Sheila and Maxine are… over-the-top comedic stereotypes depicting ignorant people behaving in a fashion far outside any ethno-social mainstream.

Repartionally Tolerated Stupidity.  It is Who they are.  It is What they do.

To be fair to Sheila and Quite Mad Max, other “elected-for-life” members of the Congressional Black Caucus such as John Lewis (D-Ga) and John Conyers (D-Mich) are prone to similar spews and blurts that come out sounding like “insane Pentecostals sucking on helium”. But none do so with the venomously insane consistency of Sheila and Maxine.

Most Outrageous Maxine Waters Quotes… LINK.

Most Outrageous Sheila Jackson-Lee Quotes – LINK.

I figure Pelosi and Schumer can’t suppress giggles when Sheila and Maxine get wound up. Knowing It keeps “their people” riled up down on the Welfare Plantation.

…And Pelosi and Schumer know it always distracts “us” from more important issues.


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