Bad Day for Cardinal Twitter Monkeys

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June30/ 2017

Bad Day for Cardinal Twitter Monkeys …. Our Cardinals ROUT LaRussa’s D-Backs 10-4 with the “Hated Randal Grichuk” beating up D-Back pitchers like so many rented mules…. Busch’s Boys take 2 out of 3 from the high-flying NL West ball club in their own ballpark. Shoulda coulda been a sweep but… “Oh” well.

BL on Baseball

“Hated Randal Grichuk” ??? Who hates Randal Grichuk?

Congratulations! If you don’t know then you don’t waste brain cells and your waking hours on the various Pajama Boys Trash The Cardinals websites and Twitter feeds.

See that sad soul in that picture up above?  Don’t be THAT GUY!

If it wasn’t for John Mozeliak and Mike Matheny, Randal Grichuk would likely be #1 on “Most Hated Cardinals” list. Brett Cecil was a strong candidate but he’s playing himself out of contention lately for “Most Hated”.

This season’s St. Loui Cardinals have “not done too well” so far. Sure… coming up on the half-way point they are within three games of The NL Central lead but still under .500. After three months they are, at best, am average MLB ballclub.  Everyone expects better.

No one is happy about that… ESPECIALLY the management and players on the Cardinals organization. ESPECIALLY them. Their freakin’ livelihoods depend upon them individually and collectively being successful.

The minimum MLB salary is $550,000. That is a LOT of $$$ by “average American Family” standards. Let’s guess that 97%+ of a 45,000 crowd at Busch Stadium makes nowhere near that amount. Maybe closer to 99%.

Wainwright, Yadi, and Fowler  make in excess of $15,000,000/year. Doubtful too many, if anyone, in the VVIP areas of Busch can match that.   I can’t justify the salaries of professional athletes. They are what they are. FWIW, MLB isn’t as ridiculous as the NBA.

Joe & Jane Fan get pissed when “millionaires” strike out… or cannot strike out other millionaires. If you had their God-given skills you bet you could hit .350 and Save 9 out of 10 games… you could couldn’t you.

Do you REALLY think you CARE more than they do. You don’t.

Mad Computer

PLEASE don’t be one of those smart-ass pajama boys on those wretched websites that rant how much they HATED Kolten Wong when he got picked-off by the Red Sox. … or they HATE Randal Grichuk … or HATED Trevor Rosenthal last year… blah blah blah.   That sort of human hairball hates a whole lot about his own life too.  His social and professional lives are “in the crapper” too.

99% of those whiney runny-nose brats could not make a good slow-pitch softball team… in a Co-Rec League. The epitome of their “sports history” is finishing 5th in an on-line fantasy league… three years ago.

IF Cardinals Fans truly ARE “The Best Fans In Baseball” then don’t read / listen to those whiney dweebs. Come to Busch Stadium and Have A Good Time with family and friends. Eat all that sinful ballpark food. Buy / wear Cardinal  merchandise.

CHEER really loud when Our Guys do good.Cardinals fans

We all are disappointed when they “don’t do good”… or the other team simply “does better”. That happens. No one more so than the players and coaches themselves.

For the Cardinals staff and players IT IS NOT A FANTASY LEAGUE. It is their LIFE. Being an MLB player is Their Dream. If they are not “good enough” that dream will die. NOTHING will ever take it place.

Baseball is a game of “failure”. Make an out seven out of ten times for ten years and you’ll be in the Hall of Fame. Babe Ruth struck out A LOT more than 714 times.

WANT the Cardinals to win every game… every series… every year. But HAVE A FREAKIN’LIFE regardless.

Don’t be a whiney pajama boy on a website…


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