Two Keys to Ultimate Victory for The Rabid American Left

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June20/ 2017

The Two Keys to Ultimate Victory for the Rabid American Left


GOOD MORNING friends and neighbors wherever you are across these Very Much Not United States of America.

Whatever you have planned today, go about those activities with the full assuredness that  the rabid rank & file oAmerican Leftf The American Left despise (“hate” if you prefer) you and me more today than they did yesterday, but less than they will tomorrow.

Donald Trump is their Focus but you and I are the true targets of their very venomous animus.

I am keeping it simple today.

Our Version of America is under attack and has been for quite some time. As in World War II, our attackers are enemies plural. (1) The Muslim Jihad be that ISIS and their ilk… assorted other anarchist groups are glomming on to their coattails… and (2) The Rabid American Left.

The threat from The Rabid American Left is far more immediate and deadly.

ISIS/et al can sit back and let The Rabid American Left undermine American society of every redeemable quality then the Jihadists can simply walk-in and take over. They will easily obliterate the Rabid American Left.

The Two Keys to the Left’s Ultimate Victory over “us”.

(1) The leadership of The Rabid American Left’s total confidence that “their rank & file base” will BELIEVE & DO whatever they are told… (1) with a rabid vengeance; and (2) without question.

(2) YOUR INABILITY to realize that their rabid rank & file base WILL INDEED do exactly what they are told with an ever-increasing rabid vengeance and without question or conscience.

“Ultimate Victory” unless all of us truly understand our enemy and how unabashedly ruthless it is.

You persist in maintaining a false security that these people(?) have a conscience and, on some level, a sense of Right/Wrong… an understanding of The Golden Rule… anything tangent to how YOU view how people “get along” in a communal society.

THEY DON’T… have a conscience or that other stuff.

The Rabid American Left “sort of looks like us” rather than like inter-galactic pod people or multi-tentacled octopi.  So you give them undeserved credit for some point of shared species understanding.

Other than a pair of opposable thumbs there is no Velcro-esque “hook & loop” relationship with them. All of your efforts to find a connection will be futile… unless you decide to become one of them of course.

If you have even entertained the thought“maybe we would have been better off if Hillary Clinton had won…” then you truly have no clue what is going on in America.  You ARE as stoopid as they say we are. Please go back to whatever mind numbing “reality show” you were watching.

I told you recently:

There WILL be a “Kathy Griffin Incident” every week for the forseeable future…

Some totally bizarre, beyond-the-pale, flaming shoebox of bull**** will be deposited on America’s doorstep courtesy of The Rabid American Left.

So long as we act surprised that The Rabid American Left would sink so low to behave in such a barbaric and uncivilized fashion – THEY WIN the week.

Last week, of course, it was The Ballfield Assassin.

I heard about last week’s ballfield shooting at around 8:30 AM that morning. I held off drawing any conclusions until I learned more about the shooter.

Was he (1) a BLM street thug… (2) an LGBT assassin on assignment… or simply (3) a goggle-eyed left-wing lunatic. American Left

By 9:00 AM the world knew he was #3 – a goggle-eyed left-wing lunatic.

The “where this is going” was easy to predict. EVERYTHING that is going on these days is easy to predict.

I said to Mrs AgentPierce – “They” will make that goggle-eyed lunatic a martyr by 3:00 PM. “They” being their left-wing media Luftwaffe. I was slightly off. “They” had elevated the cross-eyed lunatic to martyr by noon.

REMINDER: There is no such thing as Mainstream Media because there is no longer “a mainstream” in America. “The media” is simply a vital component of The Left-wing war machine as the Luftwaffe was part of the Nazi war machine,

The babbling disjointed media rhetoric justifying his martyrdom was disseminated within minutes and the blah blah yadda yadda machine was set on full automatic… including the part where

“It is Congressman Scalise “fault” he was shot because he chose to be a Republican”.

Did you say or even think “OMG I can’t believe they can twist this so!” If so…

You are still naively aiding and abetting the enemy.

Just like if you still subscribe to a McClatchy newspaper or watch CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN.

Have a nice day…

MORE AgentPierce HERE…. LINK


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