What The Best Fans in Baseball are up to

June19/ 2017

45,000 St. Louis Cardinals fans filled Busch Stadium to watch “their Cardinals” play the lowly Redlegs. It was the fourth straight home game. It was a mid-afternoon (3:00 PM) game. The weather was “iffy”. The Cards won impressively in front of 45,000 LOYAL fans.. Meanwhile on Twitter…

BL on Baseball

I did a recent column about blind men examining an elephant. If those blind men examined Busch Stadium and/or St. Louis Cardinals twitter gaggles, what must they think about The Best Fans in Baseball?

The noted anthropologist Jane Goodall studied the chimpanzees of Tanzania. I, the noted Internet Legend BobLee, study sports fans.  I envy Jane. Her subjects were of a higher emotional and intellectual level than (some of) mine.

45,000 in Busch under gloomy skies at 3 PM on a Monday watching two struggling teams as .500 begins to slip away… and having a very fine time. God bless’em every one!.

Were they there to see Joey Votto (one of my favorites) or Luke Voit a.k.a the latest Lafayette High School alumnus to wear the sacred birds on the bat?

Were they there because they love St. Louis Cardinals baseball?… Why ever… they were enjoying themselves.

Mad Monkey

Meanwhile in the dark gloomy world of Twitter Hell where the sun never shines… where every glass is always empty… and where no one EVER “lives happily ever after”, the twitter monkeys were snacking on body lice, cussing all authority figures and bashing Randal Grichuk.

BobLee, why were they bashing Randal Grichuk? Didn’t he hit his second HR in two days?

That question indicates a lack of understanding of twitter monkeys. Once twitter monkeys decide to “hate” someone; be he player, coach, team executive or owner that’s it. That person is exiled to the Island of The Damned. No reprieve from the governor.

Yesterday I observed Cardinal twitter monkeys across three websites plus those who follow Post-Dispatch Cardinals beat writer Derrick Goold. It was scarier than a Whoopi Goldberg Playboy pictorial.Eads Bridge

If my life was as depressing as those sad souls’, I would consider a swan dive off the Eads Bridge with bowling balls tied to each ankle.

Meanwhile in Busch Stadium III, 45,000 of The Best Fans in Baseball were having a very fine time. …

Let me root root for the Cardinals
If they don’t win it’s a shame
Cause its one – two –three strikes you’re out
At the old ball game… GO CARDINALS!”

Tommy Pham put on a one-Tommy show in the first inning. Then Jedd Gyorko “went yard” with Stephen Piscotty on board.

As Jedd circled the bases, the camera pulled back to show the grandstands and glorious panorama of Busch Stadium

I wondered… could ANYTHING be cooler than circling the bases in Busch Stadium… in front of The Best Fans in Baseball.

Meanwhile in Twitter Hell, the monkeys were throwing feces at one another. I clicked out of Twitter Hell and watched Luke Voit’s daddy and grandmother cheer Luke’s first Big League hit.

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