It was DeJa Freese all over again… sort of

David Freese
June18/ 2017

Same Busch Stadium. Same local boy from nearby Wildwood. Same late inning heroics. But it is doubtful the 47,000+ in Busch Stadium last night will remember last night forever and ever. It was DeJa Freese all over again almost. David Freese that is.

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Not nearly the tension and pressure this time as it was back in October 2011. It seems like yesterday. For every St. Louis Cardinals fan on this planet and really for every casual baseball fan who was tuned in that fateful night, it will forever simply be “Game Six”.

One can’t say “Game Six” without including the name David Freese in close proximity. If you are compelled to add the phrase “maybe, just maybe THE most exciting baseball game EVER” you get no argument from me, no siree.

I put Game Seven 1960 World Series Pirates vs Yankees…. The Bill Mazeroski Walk-off a frog hair behind Game Six 2016. Bill Mazeroski was not “a local boy”. David Freese was.

Game Six – 1985 Royals versus Cardinals – 1985 a/k/a Don Denlkinger’s Blown Call is in my Top Five All Time too. Not in Whitey Herzog’s however.

That October 2011 night, St. Louis’ very own David Freese fulfilled every kid’s wiffle ball dream. It still sends goosebumps all over this correspondent’s body. David Freese’s HOLIEST of COWs moment was as good as baseball can get.

Last night was one game in a season not going particularly well for either club. The NL Central rivals play nineteen times. I don’t know how they stand so far this season.

“How the Cardinals lost last night” was kind of typical because they did lose in the last three innings which they do a lot this season.

Jose Martinez and Paul DeJong hit “dingers” to excite the 47,000+… but alas and alack ‘tweren’t enough to prevent Living Legend David Freese and a pony-tailed hippie dude named John Jaso from spoiling the night for the local ball club…. Final Score: Pitts – 5 / Our Guys – 4.

Jaso hit the winning homer in the top of the 9th off Cards closer Seung- hwan Oh. Jaso was not the first opponent to do that this year off Oh, for those of you keeping stats on such things.

This being Oh’s free agent year, one assumes Oh’s agent muttered an invective… as did a lot of Cardinals fans.

It was Living Legend David Freese who tied it up for the visiting Corsairs in the 8th off Trevor Rosenthal. Baseball is “a game of inches” as are a lot of sports. Golf in particular. Rosenthal did not “get the call” on a very very close pitch prior to Freese lacing a single to right to tie it up.

Will David Freese ALWAYS be a hero to Cardinal fans? He sure will be to this Cardinals fan.

But 11:00 PM EDT last night I, and you too probably, muttered an invective along with Oh’s agent. It was Deja Freese all over again sort of…


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