Bandwagon jumpers missed a good’un

June18/ 2017

It’s no secret, this summer of 2017 is, so far, a frustrating one for “The Greatest Fans in Baseball.” St. Louis Cardinals fans are just a tad discontented. But, if you jumped off the bandwagon before last night… you missed a good one.

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Actually, if you jumped off the St. Louis Cardinals wagon then you might have missed the last two nights “in Philadelphia,” but last night especially. The phrase “in Philadelphia” is noted. Yes, our boys are currently playing “the hapless Phillies.” The “hapless Phillies” are by five losses the 30th of 30 teams in MLB. OUCH.

Two straight Ws over “the hapless Phillies” has no one saying “finally, we have turned it around… look out NL-Central here we come!” I am certainly not saying that.

I watch baseball because “I like baseball.” I like each game for the nine innings of competitive drama. My preferred outcome is that “my team (the Cardinals)” is victorious, but my personal happiness in the moment and beyond is never at risk.

It is damn tough playing 162 games against the 700 best baseball players on the planet. The last thing any Cardinal needs right now is the extra burden of BobLee’s happiness.

You might consider unburdening them of yours too. Just a thought.

If Tommy Pham WAS thinking about my happiness last night, he delivered.Tommy Pham

His game stats showed two HRs and two outfield assists including nailing the potential winning run at the plate in the bottom of the ninth.

Tommy was PHAMULOUS!

Tommy Pham had “a career game” last night in Citizens Bank Park… against “the hapless Phillies.”  Our boys won in the 10th 7-6 to stretch this current win streak to two.

However you run the numbers and “slash line,” Tommy Pham has been a highly-productive performer since his call-up a month ago. Dr. Miles has concerns about Tommy’s injury history. He seemed pretty healthy last night.

Professional baseball is a highly-competitive business. Maybe more than any other professional sport. Numbers don’t lie. Produce or you get replaced. There are only nine spaces on a line-up card.

Tommy Pham replaced Randal Grichuk when Grichuk failed to produce. Whatever improvement Grichuk might be making in the minors, he has never had the sustained success that Tommy Pham is enjoying.
Wonder what emotions Randal Grichuk experienced as he watched or read about Pham’s Big Night last night?

I’m sure Randal is happy for his teammates/friends on the St. Louis Cardinals, but his own career as a professional baseball player is his #1 concern, or should be.

The Wally Pipp/Lou Gehrig analogy is stretching it a bit here… but two ballplayers (Randal and Tommy) futures are in play. The Baseball Gods give… and they take away.


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