Rabid American Left’s latest Joan Of Arc

Joan of Arc
June04/ 2017

So this “Rapper” on The View said…. 


How can you resist a line like that one? It conjurs up all sorts of YEEE HAA possibilities, doesn’t it.  You cannot wait for me to share this newsy little bon bon can you?

In a week where we watched a potty-mouthed skank / B-list comic become The Rabid American Left’s latest Joan Of Arc, can anything top that?

So this “rapper” named Chance The Rapper (catchy name, huh?) goes on The View… Chance and Whoopiintroduced by none other than that notorious heroine of The Rabid American Left Whoopi Goldberg.

“… on The View” is another strong hint where this is going.

Chance The Rapper proceeds to BLAME DONALD TRUMP for all the crime and violence that plagued CHICAGO (a/k/a Obama-ville) every day of Barack Obama’s eight-year iron-fisted stranglehold on America.  That Obama (and his stooge Mayor Rahm Emmanuel) did absolutely NOTHING about… completely ignoring it.

Chance The Rapper said it is all Donald Trump’s fault as Whoopi and The View-etttes and the braindead human flotsam in their audience whooped and snorted.

Here’s the LINK.

Moving on to that afore-mentioned “Latest Joan of Arc” of The Rabid American Left – one lovely little piece of human detritus – Miss Kathy Griffin.

Kathy Griffin

Raise your hand if you had ever heard of Kathy Griffin before this past week. I see about 15% hands out there. I HAD heard of her because I have to keep abreast of such moronic crap in order to tell you what to think about it. She is a potty-mouthed skank / stand-up comic..

In that genre niche of “potty-mouthed skank / stand-up comics” she is probably in the top ten… before this past week. Imagine what the second 10 of that top 100 must be like. Imagine how pathetic #1 must be.

Please do not mention Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers in any list that includes Kathy Griffin.

Surely you know this past week she held up a simulated “bloody decapitated head of Donald Trump”. “America” went OMG OMG OMG for about an hour. During that “for about an hour” she was admonished even by “her own kind”. Imagine being the same “kind” as Kathy Griffin? Then…

NOTE: Yes.  I know what she did pales beside a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask a few years back.  The Left demanded the rodeo clown be drawn & quartered as you may recall. It dominated The Media for a week.

The “Then…” may have caught YOU by surprise. Not me. “Then… her own kind regrouped and began cheering her actions.  The inevitable martyrdom commenced.

Jim Carrey who you might “like” for whatever reason said she did not go far enough. YEEEE-HAA! That comedians are the last line of defense against Donald Trump destroying America. This was BEFORE The Paris Accord stuff. Do you still like Jim Carrey? Hollywood / Show business rallied behind poor little Kathy Griffin.

Before you ask for the umpteenth time – “Are these people THAT CRAZY?”. YES YES YES… when are you going to “get it”? We have not seen HOW CRAZY these humanoids really are yet.

The Chinese military has a saying: “We have more bodies than they have bullets.” The “they” are “us”.

That means in a land war they can simply throw enough Chinese at us that when we are out of bullets they will still have plenty of Chinese to win the war. Sleep well tonight with that thought.

Lives mean nothing to the Chi-Comms.  Like “babies in utero” are not really humans.  Where have you heard that one?

The Rabid American Left has an endless supply of Kathy Griffins and Chance The Rappers. EVERY WEEK for the next four years they will vomit out another one or two humanoids to do something outrageous insulting President Donald Trump and all of us who voted for and support him.

Their Media Luftwaffe will, of course, glorify each one as brave martyrs. You will continue to be shocked UNTIL you realize what these people are.

They are NOT simply “people like you and I but with different political points-of-view”.

Maybe they are “like you”. Not me. I have nothing in common with these hydrophobic sub-humans but a pair of opposable thumbs.

The Rabid American Left is The Marianas Trench of Humanity.  No one has ever been to that depth of human depravity.

You can “be nice” and try to win’em over with patience and friendship. While you are it… take a sack of seeds and spread them over a Wal-Mart parking lot. Water, fertilize and show patience and friendship to those seeds and let me know how many sprout.

Seeds will not grow on an asphalt parking lot. You will not find “common ground” with The Rabid American Left.

This ain’t your granddaddy’s version of political debate.


My SaidWhatMedia amigo – BobLee – has done gone BIG TIME.  His St. Louis Cardinals columns (LINKS) are all the rage of Major League Baseball. I can say “I knew him when….”.  BL is kicking’ butt!  Could not happen to a more deserving Internet Legend.

MORE AgentPierce HERE…. LINK


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